assembly line medicine…

Ok…I’m gonna go a bit morbid here, but watching Hunger Games 2, Catching Fire…..the scene where the Morphling gave herself to the baboons to save the guy…then he’s holding her in the ocean and she’s dying and he says…look up…..have you ever seen so many colors? She looks up into the sky…at the beautiful colorful cloud scene God has painted….and she dies. Reminds me of when my daughter was born. One …well…the only really…of the tricks taught in Lamaze class was… have someone hold up 5 fingers…you breathe that many times….they keep changing the amount of fingers they’re holding up and you have to breathe that many times. It is a focus distraction. Yup…double duty….a twin tool. Heheheeee. Focus and distraction. Well….bottom lineing it….I want someone to be there…to be able to give me a fresh and beautiful and pretty new focus and distraction. When I die that is. Ya. I said morbid. I called my mom tonight to tell her. Told her I thought she should know. She cried and said she didn’t know what to say. I said…there is nothing to say…I just wanted you to know. I of course told her I would beat it down like the bug it is. Speaking of bugs……..the liver….when so full of poisons and chemicals, will allow an infection to spring forth…(HEPC for one)…..and that new virus then helps defeat the heavy metals….and chemicals. So…the virus is actually your ally. Funny, eh? OH my…….thunder!!!! Summer is out giving bottle. She said the tiny trailer rocked and rolled in the last storm. Ah……before I got that sentence finished…she returned. See….the shearing just waits and waits. Gotta try to go to the gallery and TSC tomorrow again but storms are predicted then and Wednesday when we go to Austin for the new Doc. I don’t like to drive in the rain. Need the rain…but not while I’m driving please. Thankyou. Have a surprise 50th birthday party to go to next weekend so I asked if she liked any animal. I was told…baby animals. So…I created a small painting of a brand newly born baby owlet….in a nest, with another baby on a branch nearby. I 3D’d it, so it’s kinda cute. It worked out cuz I needed a break from the totem painting.

Hubby heard me say I needed to wash some clothes and the washer was always busy. Next thing I know….he’s in my dirty clothes hamper which holds winter and summer always. He began pulling them out into piles. And washing them. So…now I pulled the winter clothes outta my drawers….and put summer clothes in. Ha…Summer laughed….you’re 52!!!! Learning that now, eh? Not finished…will take a friggin while…..that I didn’t sign up for…but whatever. Ha. Summer said…shouldn’t you get to wear what you want to wear if you’re not gonna be here long? See…the mentality here has changed. It is now…mama’s dying…go from there. So…she ordered me some colorful yoga pants with pockets……that don’t have superman or batman or stewie for Gods sakes. They might be here tomorrow. Pray they work Sheri!!! Summer laughs at me. I call myself Sheri when I’m doing things. Now Sheri….don’t do that, etc. Not typical, eh? Ok…night night for BOnzo!!! 3:44am Hello Angels!!!! = 11 = Master Number!!! Night!

Well…………….went to that town to get wormer and met with the gallery lady too. Rainy. On the way home….the tree by the porch fell…onto a power line! Summer was home alone. Scary. I’m off to the Doc tomorrow and there is more to the liver cleanse than I first realized. You gotta clean the colon first. Either the Doc way or by drinking a quart of saltwater!!! A quart??? I don’t drink water period. Goodness. $10,000 is what we calculated we’d need to go to Peru for healing. I say we cuz of 2 things. I won’t go there alone!!!!! AND….my daughter needs healing herself. Not mine to discuss. Hubby decided to take me to the Doc…which changed the girls day out plans but that’s ok….he wants to help. I’ll take it. Put a recorder app on my phone so I can help Summer hear what the Doc said. Don’t wanna be overly influenced by the western medical mentality…which I personally despise. Ok…bedtime for this one! Night night folkies. 3:48am = 6 = EARTH. Love ya Mama! Hehe…we tryin to connect!

Uggh. Doctors. I have no more information now than before I went. Not only that, but I got whisked along….and am now set up for a procedure we don’t even know if I need. Im gonna insist on a sonogram or ultrasound…same thing? Different? Want that first. THEN….I’ll have the other thing if needed. Put me to sleep without knowing the need? Yikes! Gonna call Doc. Felt like I was on an assembly line. It’s a gastro clinic. I’m not a gastro….I’m me. Yes people….I’m stubborn. There were many things I didn’t like. He insulted my art for one…..and you wanna be my Doctor? Not. Gonna call my Doc and have her set up a sonogram here local I think. Haven’t told hubby yet but when we came inside, he told Summer……I thought it went well, but she’s pissed. I want diagnosed. I shall decide the treatment once I’ve been properly diagnosed and won’t be bullied into anything!!! Aho!

Ever heard of bad side effects for the sleep drug Ambien? I have…for years now and when he wrote out a scipt…I mentioned it. He had no clue of any side effects!!!! What? How could you onot have heard the stories of the people found standing on the highways while asleep or walking their neighborhood while asleep. How come I know about it and the specialty Doc doesn’t? Top it off…Summer just read me the recommended foods for prep to have the test I don’t know if I need. They have all the healthy foods listed as Don’t eat and the non foods as the good stuff. What????? Enough of that.

Babies are all getting their mohair…some slower than others. Some are maturing fast…some not. Flutterbug is getting her mohair and she’s on powdered milk!!! Loveys curls were crap…musta just been him. She is getting cuter everyday! Flower did it again yesterday….got her head stuck while on tippytoes…same place! Crazy goat. Oh gosh…….I gotta fix them some dinner! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch! 6:37pm














3 thoughts on “assembly line medicine…

  1. I had crazy things happen when prescribed Ambien. I would rearrange my house. And make peanut butter and tuna fish sandwiches (together, at the same time, like a PB&J). Nothing dangerous, just very odd.

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