what your DOCTOR never told you…..

Not my blogging day but stuff is on my mind. Summer looked up to the sky for the meteors…saw none…but asked a question about my health that she’d just been researching. Iboga. The one for addictions…remember? I wanted it not only for my addictions but also cuz it can remove your unjustified fears. Thing is….it’s THE most powerful hallucinogenic on the planet. At least from what I know. Even my daughter is somewhat scared of it. As I told you the first time….the way I understood it from the videos we watched….3 days of hell. If you can tolerate 3 days of hell….you come out clean….and fresh and wow. But as a person who felt every single second of a 16 hour acid trip once…….that scares me a bit. Anyway…here’s the deal. Iboga is an Amazonian plant medicine. She was researching it…..asked….Ibogaine? And a shooting star flew across the sky. The only one…in a supposed meteor shower. So……thing is…..in the research…she discovered…it’s particularly useful for HepC!!!. So. Scary……but might save my life. Hmmm. How brave am I???? Still plan on doing the Dr thing first. Don’t worry. I will do what I can and more. I am a Reiki Master after all. And a child of God who can do anything, right? We are after all made in His image? And Jesus came to show us the way? Show us how to create with our minds? How else did He heal? How else did he make bread and fish whatevers multiply? With his mind folks, with his mind. He was a teacher sent to teach and show. The church perverted. Teacher. Better way to see him….and us. We are all teachers by our example. Regardless how good or bad….that’s what we are. Please read my past blogs. Especially the first year. That first year….I poured all my wisdom out. Bled it. It will always be there….don’t even know if I could delete it if I wanted, lol. I don’t want. Ya, there’s some embarrassing ones…but who cares. I am what I am and I’m honest. Honest to the friggin core. I hate lies. (written Friday night!)

As for the goats…I’m gonna keep the colors I need for my paintings and the rest need to find new homes. How awful. They are all a family. I hate this. I’ve already sold so many. Ya…I screwed up by breeding all the girls…but I was caught up in the…they want pintos thing. So, I had 17 babies born. There went my smallish herd. I always planned on selling most of the babies…but thought I would keep the mama’s. Things have changed. And of course…there are my favorites on top of that….my friends! My babies. It will be hard to choose who will stay and who will go. Yukky topic.

Ok. New knowledge. Please…stay with me. The topic may be weird and sound boring but trust me…..just hang in for a bit and you’ll understand. It turns out…the LIVER….does more work in the body than anything else. If the liver is not well….the body finds a way to say so. It tells you….by giving you a disease. A dis- ease………there is dis ease in the liver. No ease. It’s plugged. Alzeimers, CANCER, HepC, nearly if not all ailments of the body can be cleared UP by cleaning the liver. How simple is that? Why do I just now know this at age 52???? Why wasn’t it taught in kindergarten????? Arthritis!!!! Overweight?????!!!!!! Folks…me thinks they don’t want us to know…..then we wouldn’t need the Dr’s!!! Solution? A cleanse. Yuk! I’ve been hearing about these cleanses for years and saw no need to torture myself like that. I’ve had a change of heart. I’m not gonna say I look forward to it…..but I shall indeed do it. It’s a few days or more of drinking apple juice (along with your other food) throughout your day until actual cleanse day. It’s just ONE DAY!!! Ya, not pleasant, but its just one day. I’ll get you the recipe, but it involves Epson salts and olive oil. By doing this……and don’t do it without the specific instructions…..by doing this…you will pass tiny stones. Many many tiny stones. Will most likely need to do it a few more times. Not immediately I don’t think. Anyway, you just repeat the cleanse until no more stones come out. Then simple maintenance of maybe yearly, I dunno that part yet. The guy who discovered it….had to do it 12 times, but his body was wracked with dis-ease since childhood. So……how simple is this? How angry does it make you? Ha….me none…..it’s too late for that…..I’ll just fix me now….thankyou very much. So…any of you out there who have any illnesses…..if you wanna clear them up along with me…..we can do this together!!! Yay!!!

I’m plugging away on the totem painting. It’s turning out surprisingly well! I astound myself. I did that? Wow. Me, really? Hehe. It’s for Summer and is personal for her so I’ll probably not show it when completed. You’ll have to wait for the next one but the next one since I don’t have one commissioned…will be mine. I will show mine. Have the totems listed but not sketched yet. Still working this one. Nearly done. Might be able to show you tiny blippets from it. Oh….I can show you!!!! But ya…..going well. Was supposed to run to the gallery today but it stormed bigtime. Tracked down some goat wormer in that town…where the gallery is. Crazy how I have been trying to get this wormer for 3 weeks! Simple cydectin for cattle. So I’ll try again tomorrow….then Wednesday is the gastro Doc in Austin. I wonder if my mom has seen any of these posts? Wonder if she knows? Maybe I should give her a heads up. Courtesies. How common are they really!!!!

Goat catchup….well, not much new. A few girls have pale eyelids, so I’m really needing that wormer. And it rained today and you know what that means in the goat world…worms!!! The skin flakes seem to be cured now with the wheatgerm. No issues I can see, and the 3rd lice treatment will be in a few days. Now if only we could do something about these fleas!!!! Hehe. Ok…..guess that’s it for now. All caught up and a miracle cure given as a gift to y’all!!! Go for it…..I know I shall. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!


















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