…in a different world now

I now live in a different world. When something happens…..when our world shifts….we find ourselves in a new place, with new thoughts and new dreams. My every moment now is colored with the knowledge that I may not get to stay on planet very long. Ironic….that I now wish to stay. I woke up crying. Then put my mind to good use…saw myself in Peru getting healed and when I saw myself with no fiber or foam to paint with there….I cried harder. Lol. A month without painting? Cannot be. I have this urgency now. This mad rush to spill myself all over the world before I go. To create as much art and as many words of wisdom as I can. I went through a lot in this life…..and I share that, to help others. I don’t want that helping to stop even if I stop. I always thought words were my legacy…but now I think it’s 3 things I leave…well…more. Writings, paintings, wisdom….and my children who will contribute to the planet in their own ways. I need. I need to paint more…faster!!! Faster!!! Digging into the Peru info. Peru! I always wanted to go to Peru!!! I thought it was off the table cuz I smoke and wasn’t willing to be on a plane that long. Well….I think I’ll live. Hahaha. I think I might just get to do it! What a dream! The Amazon people!!!! I just wrote that fairy story about saving the Amazon!!! Haha….and instead of the Bingle tree to heal…lol, my word….I will be using ayahuasca. Hopefully. Hopefully it’s allowed with hepc people. All this stuff has to be sorted but nothing can really be done till after the liver sonogram to see how far gone it is. My mind is going 90 to nothing and believe you me….it’s hard to keep mundane things in order. Hard to remember the little things I need to do.

Hubby took half day off and wanted to meet me for lunch. Then he took me into a few galleries and got me signed up as member of the Bastrop Fine Art Guild and haha…I can now display 2 paintings there! All for the low low price of 50 bucks! Lol. Oh….I didn’t tell you the best part of the gallery I’m in!!! She doesn’t want me to frame it!!!!! Ha! Ya!!! She will sew tubes on the back by hand…..then dowel rod…then hand done finials of tree limbs etc. Just for display cuz she wants the buyer to frame it the way they prefer. Ha…the way I wanted it! Grabbed me some colored wool batts on the way home, fed the goats and gave bottle. Itchin to paint, so this will be a short blog. Also….very few read on Friday, so…short blog. We may get rain cuz it’s really been rather dark here the past few days. Tonight is that new meteor shower…excited. We are passing through a broken comet that we’ve never passed through before. Hope none land on anyones goats!!! Hehe. Ok…..well…have a great weekend folks! Have some fun! Live like you’re dyin!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!














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