rough moments…..

Guess who has a bucket list now? Life is so funny. I just left 9 paintings in an unfinished building…with no paperwork or anything to say I did that. I just listened to my daughter say goodbye to her beloved dog Indigo, who she has had since he was a wee pup 14 years ago. I said goodbye to him myself. One way or another….tomorrow he will be existing on a pain free realm, full of vigor. God I love that dog. He lived with us for around 8 months then she came back for him and we didn’t wanna let him go. Broke our hearts. I love you Indigo. My doctor had news too. So…I now have 3 items on my bucketlist. Need more. Here’s the deal. I’ve had HepC for some years now but I do not give energy to illnesses these days. I ignore them. It worked. It slept. For some reason….hehe…cuz God says so, it has woken up. It has damaged my liver and the numbers are very high…in the millions if that means anything. She says….if I go to the GI doc and my liver isn’t too far gone….I can take an IV treatment that will kill the virus. If it is too far gone…hmmmm. ……………………………I was all for it till I just wrote these words. Hmmmm. No. It’s a vaccine. I hate vaccines and won’t give any to my animals…why would I take one???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? UGGGGH! Crap! DAMNIT! In the meantime….guess who is still an alcoholic? Guess who still drinks beer at night to get to sleep? Damnit…this is gonna take some doin. Peru might have to come before Costa Rica…but I wanna go to the Costa Rica when all of Summers family is going! They heard I was going! Shoot……I’ll sell so many paintings….I’ll be able to afford to do both! I’m so sick of LACK mentality! I suffer from it worse than my poor liver. So there. Have that universal grid! I will have enough money from the many and wonderfully high priced paintings! Hehe….sure hope the Gallery was for real! LOL…surely it was. Must be cuz my babies are there. But ya…I’m being positive and visualizing so ya….the gallery is real and the buyers are real and the money is real and it’s in my hands and I am in Peru and I am in Costa RICA baby!!!!! Helluva night folks…helluva night. I need to check on my daughter…my precious. Ok…night has done and gone. Talk to ya tomorrow. 2:36am = 11 = Master number. Master of what? We shall see. She said my body is using all it’s strength to keep me alive…thus my exhaustion. Blueberries to the rescue I hear. Yay. Night.

I’ve made the appointment for Wednesday with the GI Doc. I’ll do the sonogram and hear about the treatment and decide from there my plan of attack. It’s such a sad day here. Indigo was finally released from his suffering early this afternoon so we have mixed emotions. My poor baby…lost her baby. So very sad. I’ve been doing tiny loose end thingies all day. Heard from the gallery and have some paperwork now! Lol….!

As you all know….I’ve been getting my colored curls from Kai Mohair. I now have someone dying my own curls and the first samples arrived today. Just beautiful!!! And….it’s my Milky!!! I like that. I like knowing which goat is in the shawl or in the painting. I will still get some curls from Lisa, I’m sure! She has a treasure trove of colors! Well….we let the geese out today. Wasn’t easy…but they finally left. It was time…we hope. So protective of their tiny Miracle Johnny Five. Lots of hissing if you get anywhere near. Prayers for that little family! I worked on the white buffalo that you know nothing about…and also Mother Mary. Nearly finished!!! Nearly ready to show!

I’m not sure what to think of Doc’s words. There were quite a few. None good really. I finally said…so, oh gosh….my daughter was right? I’m dying? She said yes. But if the liver still has a chance…..then we would go for it. I’m not very trusting of western medicine so I’m not sure what I’ll do. It will be a process….I will let you know as I go. Tonight is NamasteFarms Blogtalk with Natalie Redding. The topic is Be More Successful! Boy….I need that! Man howdy do I need that. So….my positive vibes are on…my little girl freedoms are up and at’em and I feel good about things. It’lll all be ok. No matter what. If I don’t get healed…..I had a blast! If I do get healed….I’ll share so you or someone you love can too! Loving you guys. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh…and I chickened out on telling my secret but if it looks like I’m losing the battle….I’ll go ahead and share. By then…it won’t matter what you think of me once I tell. Ya, it’s a helluva secret. Haha….and no…I’m not a man! Later gater.

















5 thoughts on “rough moments…..

  1. Sheri, here at PaintedSkye ranch we are pulling for you to return to health. I’m sure you know not to eat junk. There is nothing wrong with beer, heck it gives mama’s great milk. Just be careful how much. However, I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. Maybe on your bucket list you should put down “Learn to make my own organic beer” 😀
    Always be positive, and look for the good. I have some of the same stuff going on as you do. That comment….always be positive, used to be followed up by ” ya…positive things will go wrong!” I’m a work in progress I think it’s time for our ship to come in!!! (((Hugs)))

  2. Love you, It will all be fine, these trials are here for a reason and we learn and move on. I will be thinking of you as you have your ultrasound. I used to do those tests and I really hope yours comes out favorably. Biggest hugs

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