Lucy’s little miracles….

Have I mentioned my mother issues? Haha…ya, that’s a joke. Maybe that’s why I’m called Mama. Gotta have a mama somewhere!!! Have you ever heard of Amma? She is the woman from India who gives mother love hugs. People wait in line for hours and hours for one of her hugs. I wanted to go last year I think it was…when she was in San Francisco, but I chickened out. My daughter has seen her several times and received many hugs. She says Amma is the incarnation of Mother Mary. Summer thinks, and I have to agree…the Mother Mary painting I am doing….does resemble the shape of Amma. Also, there is an elephant in the painting and she loves elephants. Elephants…a mother essence. Wise. Anyway….Amma will be in Dallas in June! Not just any day in June mind you….on Solstice! I’m thinking perhaps it will help me with my mother issues. I can’t seem to relate to the mother/female spiritual aspect. Probably why I’m doing the Mary painting. I’m trying so hard to connect. Also, the Grandmother….ayahuasca….also a female spiritual figure. Need to connect. NEED to connect.

Ok…so….low blood pressure was present…very odd. Gave 6 viles of my blood…ya, that’s a lot. Wednesday will get the results. The rest of the day was spent tying up loose ends. I don’t like loose ends. I tend to lose them. The babies are so big! Some are still as I expect them to be…but others…I look out my window and see large babies. WOW….they grew so fast. It’s only been 3 months for the eldest…other than Sochi. 2 months for the majority….yet….they seem so big. So tall. Squirrel is steady trying to jump up…and I have to knee him. He and Flutterbug are really the only ones that try. I still have the occasional baby on my shoulders when I’m squatting down…either giving bottle or just chattin. They’re all too old for that, so luckily it only happens once every great while. Flutterbug is on bottle, therefore she didn’t get wormer thru her mothers milk. I had planned to give her some…but she needed it sooner. The bottles began to return fuller and fuller until she wouldn’t take it. In a 24 hour period. So….gave her 2cc’s of wormer(purple) and she’s right as rain. I’m watching Zeus. Everyone else says he’s fine….I’m watching Zeus.

Well….I finished that owl. Kids kept saying more color…add more color. In the end….I don’t like it much. I’m in an art dump again. Kids said…post it….people will love it. Not really. Not many comments, that’s a sign. Still in a colored wool shortage here….but that’s no excuse. It feels like it’s left me….my ability to paint well. I haven’t been happy with one in so long. Ya…in a funk…again. And been ordering tiny things on Etsy…..half or more of the time…we are disappointed. Got a package today. Not blended AT ALL!!! AT ALL!!!!!! Very upsetting. But ya deal. Not supposed to be so difficult to buy the same damn thing….repeated. Gonna want it again and again……..but jeesh……..not if it’s this hard. Maybe a phone call is in order. Hate texting. Damn…I’m in a bad mood I think. But on a business note……shouldn’t the item with a certain name….be the same or close……each time it is bought? Uggggh! The last batch was not blended well either so….who knows. May have lost a client….either that or we gotta do it custom…which in my mind….shouldn’t be necessary. Case you think I go on and on………..the difference is complete. The original bag of fiber was all mixed up…all blended. This new bag of the same stuff….is individual colors…sitting together in the bag. Sure if I had carders….easy peasy….I don’t. Sorry…had to rant.

So…..we are still making steps toward getting my/our stuff out there….it feels overwhelming to me. Trying to locate festivals…markets. Doesn’t help that I feel useless as an artist at the moment either. Summer says…make one of these……(the new thing)….I say…….won’t help. If I’m feeling bad about my art….creating something that Spirit creates for me…and I finish up….doesn’t help. There’s a lot on my mind and very little shows up here these days.

OH!!!! I have news!!! LUCY…is a mommy! After her 6 years of attempting to hatch goslings…….and putting eggs under her that were fertile……she finally finally has her babies. It’s precious. There are 5 eggs. 4 have hatched. She is sitting on them all….while trying to hatch the last one. Poor suffocating babies. Hope it hatches soon! Saw one under her that wasn’t necessarily moving. Oh man, lol. Hope this works. Hope her mommy instincts kick in and she knows what to do! All I know is…..I’m happy about it. I have cried for Lucy several times and now….I helped give her some new life. Feels good. Good job Lucy!!! So dedicated.

My son is creating new music upstairs. Its loud. It repeats. It really really repeats. Love the end result…he’s getting really good…..just don’t love the repeats while making. Like water dripping. Summers plans are still unknown. Waiting for certain things. For sure she’s waiting for the Doc results. Couldn’t believe it when she said that. Ya, sure, it entered my mind when I saw that I was steadily losing weight week after week….but to hear her say it….are you dying? Wow. Lol. Now instead of having the Doc’s words of….you have………??? IN my mind to combat……lol…now I have….Summer thinks I’m dying. Haha…so now my body hears…..I’m dying, I’m dying. Hurry up test results! Doc did extra ones…not typical ones and the nurse had to look up their numbers to write down. Highly unusual. So…we wait. Not sure about Austin now….turns out there is nothing in the museum at this time. We shall figure it out….and might go to a meeting in Austin Wednesday night…see what help we can get from the Austin fiber community!!! Framing help……marketing help…exposure, shoot…..just plain help to sell them! Help to find the market for them. Wish us luck! Ok……well….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch as I go check to see if Johnny 5 has hatched yet! No…haven’t named the others yet, but they will be tv names and Johnny 5 seems appropriate for the 5th and last egg! Later!!!!Ps….at this moment….3 are hatched….one has been rolled out and one more still in the nest unhatched.













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