art has Angst….

I’m supposed to be blogging. Done painting. Summer has finished early for the night and I should be blogging, but I keep jumping up and going across the room to change things. To add things. To tweak things. These all natural…from the photo paintings are hard on the being. Nothing like the lighthearted do as you will things we’ve been doing lately. Summer got bored doing the owl. The plain ole natural color…brown, black, white, tan…owl. Hehehe. I know. Yup… does get tedious doing all the detail work…not the freeflowing sacred art we’ve gotten used to. It took me a minute…well, ok…a second…to adjust. Do you get bored hearing about the art? I have no idea. Ok…an hour later….I’m baaaack!!!! Gosh the vacuum suck power of this art!!!! It sucks you in and there is almost no escape. It takes strength!!! Ultimate strength to pull yourself away from the intensity of the focus. I did indeed add in color…as planned…but in the end…completely spontaneously. I came to a point where I nearly added too much and it was a very fine line. We weren’t sure so I sat it away….and yup…it was good from a distance!!!

Oh LOrdie….it’s bedtime and I turned off the movie…but found something to fill in till I actually pull my bed down and turn down the covers…say night night to Blue….etc….and it’s ……Woodstock!!! I turn it on and its of all things…………………………………….Janis. Love me some Janice!!!! Joplin, that is!!! Tomorrow is a mail day. That alone takes about an hour….at the least. For some reason…when I have to leave the farm….it zaps the strength outta the day. Strange, I know. Does everybody realize…realeyes….that we have to help each other…in order to succeed? The planet cannot be sustained…without loving and helping each other. Reliability is hard when people live in the moment…..but it all ends up as Gods plan. Roll with it baby!!! Night night! 4:43am = dang…= 11 = God…= Master number!!! 11:11…ever see it??? Night night sweet people of the blog! Lol…night night Ernie peacock…he hears thoughts and words. So he just called out to say night. NIGHT!!!

Gonna sound funny, but I felt smaller today…so I weighed myself. I have lost 3 more pounds. Guess I’m gonna have to break down and go get some bloodwork done. Hate that, cuz then they might tell me something is wrong and I don’t want that in my belief field. Already my belief field is telling me that dropping this much weight this fast is not good. And that’s plenty negative. Had jackbox for lunch and a smoothie from my smoothie credit card hubby got me for mothers day. Got some things mailed….forgot one….put off a few. Day is smooth gone now. I am so tired. Just no energy, so I guess it’s good the day is gone.

Jesse looked at my owl painting this morning. He has the eye to tell me what is wrong compared to the photo, so I usually ask. Today he said…move that beak over about an eighth of an inch. That’s all I can see wrong. Hehe. I was concerned, cuz I added color…..was afraid it was too much color…but when I set it away from me….the color is barely visible. Just what I wanted. Man It’s 4:20 and I haven’t even seen my goats yet today. Sucky. Oh….and wow……how much fleece can fit in a medium flat rate priority box? 6 ¼ pounds…that’s how much!!! Had to tape it closed though. Also…I made a small painting for a friend….mailed it out today too. When we got home….Summer had cleaned off the window bench area of the kitchen….it’s not really a bench…it is…but no cushions. It has been loaded with unused stuff since day one. Clean now! I shudder to think of where all the STUFF went! LOL. Ok…gonna go see the goats now. Maybe there will be more to write then. Well….I went and fed but didn’t get enough good photos so dang…I had to go back out there again and hang out with the girls and babies. Jeesh….what a hard life. Lol. Emma spent time with me tonight….Etta’s twin. It’s usually Squirrel that hangs with me, never her. Moonbaby is getting his mohair curls in so I took quite a few photos of him trying to capture that. So pretty. He has to be the prettiest goat ever!!! Then there’s his sister Rainbow. She has some mighty odd markings on her face. So many marks on these two. Neither are extra friendly with me…but they will come to me. Erbie hung out too of course…my sweet one. All the while…my sweet daughter was playing her guitar and singing in the background.

Ha…forgot to start the dinner on time…so in order to avoid having to chunk $25 of meat……we will be eating late tonight. I seem to be fudging a lot of things lately. Ah well…all I wanna do is paint anyways. Summer hears the grunts and heavy sighs as I work…and she wonders where the fun is. What is the part I enjoy? Easy……the ones that come out and I say….Dang….I DID THAT!!!????!!!!! Or…the recent new kind where its so fun that I say all night….this is soooo fun! But the everyday paintings of the animals from photos…is a very long process. There is much angst during the creation. It’s not going right. Uggh…I gotta take that eye off AGAIN!!! The looking and knowing…oh my….there is soooooo much more to do. Ya…’s not all peaches and cream, but what is? Believe me…there is joy. Like right now….I’m still digging the owl and so anxious to get back to it….but dinner. Dinner and blogging are not done. Well…the blog part is nearly…..cuz it’s time to say….Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….but now to add in the photos and get it on the web. Takes awhile. See ya!!!
















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