sometimes teacher…sometimes student…

Been working on owl all night…showing Summer my special ways. Leaving it up to her but showing her what I do. This teaching is odd. Jesse remarked…saying we are like antagonists. Lol. I explain, she knows. Then she asks when she needs to. It’s a fine line dance. She probably doesn’t need any teaching now….but she wants to remain humble. Always the student. I like to be both. Maybe it’s ego. Probably is, but it too is a fine line I think. I think it’s sometimes teacher, sometimes student. Not always student. That is one area we differ. Speaking of that. This idea that we are all one. We talk about it all the time. What does it mean????? They say….when I look into anothers eyes….I see myself. I once read a Native American belief that there are only 2-3 people on the planet at any given moment. I’m trying to make sense of this. We are all one. Only one person is experiencing….everyone and everything. Hmmm. That’s a hard one for me. Maybe after I drink from Grandmother ayahuasca I’ll understand. Also wanting that IBOGA plant medicine stuff…that eliminates addictions…and FEAR! Wanting that now. These damn fears. I’m so sick of them. Summer and I were discussing festivals. All I could think was…who will drive? She can’t do ALL the driving???!!! Also…finding a festival that is accepting vendor applications is proving a challenge. Plus…we’re not ready. Thing is….I have things I need to buy and hubby can’t buy it all….and I don’t wanna ask him to. So many things. All small, but add up. Need pain meds now. That’s a fast 200 bucks. Need more base fiber(plain ole ordinary white and brown wool batts)….more colored wool….gosh, now the brain isn’t working to remember. Needs. My new challenge is to cease living in the LACK mentality. I have all the money I need… to do what I need to do. Ya.

The main and only real issue with my daughter being here…is lack of sleep. I’m trying to find a way for us to start earlier in the evening so she doesn’t leave my room at 4am…which then takes me 2 more hours to wind down. 5-6 hours sleep is proving rather hard. I can do it….but should I? With my weight issues? Meaning…I have no weight. I dunnno. Shoot…I said I was tired all the time….BEFORE I was staying up this late. Right now it is 4:23am. I’m digging this owl. I musta said digging around 6 times tonight. I’m digging this owl, this wing, this whatever. I was just digging everything. Damn spell check keeps adding a G. Diggin!!! BabyGirl was playing tonight!!! Romping and prancing and prancing along with us as we walked with a huge smile on her face. Sooooo happy!!! Thank you God and all who prayed!!! Love you BabyGirl!!!! Lucy still no hatching eggs…but Summer counted 5 under her. Not your everyday egg hatch story mind you. Most of you know……5 years. 5 years of trying….of sitting on forks and whatnots for months on end in heat galore. We have placed fertile eggs under her. Down to 5 from 9…..but hey…5!!!! 3 snake incidents. I saw each one. Of course. Ok….gotta wind down!!!! Night night sweet ones. 4:29am = 6 = earth. OH ya….tonight is Buddha’s birthday and a full moon! The full moon he was enlightened under!!! I prayed an unusual prayer….that’s all I’m sayin. Night.

Ok…..deloused the girls again. Man, between 2 doses of this and the wormers….I’d say it’s too much chemicals….but since the world is opposed to lice in the fiber. Lice are no biggie…they fall out. The eggs are a bit worse…they don’t really come out…and you gotta throw those pieces away. No biggie either. But hay…..they also bite!!!! Still, it doesn’t ever feel right when doing it. Nasty chemicals. I told Mimi…who I had to coerce…….told her hey….at least it doesn’t go in your mouth like the wormer! I squatted and inched my way closer…got a dab on her backend…then in the end……of course…she has been deloused. Visitors came over today. Cathy and a friend of Summers. Got to pull out the paintings from the containers and they ooh’d and ahh’d. It’s a treat for me too cuz I rarely see them after I complete them. They either go into a container or onto the ever growing stack. You aren’t gonna believe this……guess who did it AGAIN??? Yes!!! That silly Flower got her head stuck again, 7am…..but this time…even higher on her tippy toes…which meant…ya…near death. Near hanging/choking. Good thing Summer was out in that trailer or she’d be a goner. So…Summer saved her first goat today. Yay Summer! Since I don’t know now how long Summer is staying….I can no longer put off the shearing. So….next week….back at it. Good thing the weather is weird!!! Still cool.

I received some free fleece in the mail yesterday. Yay! It was somewhat felted on the goat, so was offered free…as is….pay shipping. It is quite nice. A great color, muchly needed and not in that bad of condition for being free fiber. Thank you Red Falcon Ranch. I’m really enjoying doing this owl. It’s large…I like large. It’s an owl. I like owl. It’s natural color and I like that too. It’s an old fashioned painting….lol…..I only started last summer. Like I said last night…I’m diggin it!!! I texted the guy doing my truck. My 55 chevy. I asked him if the truck was ready. Kinda a joke. He said he’s waiting on parts. I told hubby…..didn’t y’all know 3 years ago that it would need door handles???? Things like that??????????? Ya…..frustrating out the wazoo. A 3 year remodel. In 2 weeks…it will be 3 years since hubby bought it and had it taken there. 3 friggin years. OH well…in Gods good timing. Hmmm, guess that’s it for today. Someone new read my blog and said she was happy to see someone as random as her. Hehe…I laughed. Ya….I’m random…my brain goes and goes. Now it’s going to the kitchen…lol. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!! Ps….TOnight…Natalie’s show on Blogtalk radio…is about the breedbox. Martin Dally will be the guest. Hoping I get to make it there. I think she’s not feeling well, so kudos to her for going ahead with it. And….PSS…..Summer wants it clarified….she hopes to always keep the student mind… ego doesn’t get involved….and so she can continue to learn. Hehe…Love this girl. Night!!!
















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