safe….isn’t always safe

Y’all are gonna giggle at me, but last night when Babygirl got snakebit….I kept thinking….that poor baby, walking into the water, the safe safe water of home….as she’s done a gazillion times….so innocently….and she experiences pain. Big pain. Things like that horrify me. A boyfriend….2 year old Jesse….Jesse innocently sets his chin on the guys knee and looks up adoringly at him….guy slaps him on the head…hard. He bit his tongue and cried for hours. That devastated me. This morning, I woke….put my mug of water in the microwave, put teabag in, swished it as normal and safe….picked up the sugar jar as normal and safe….and cut my thumb. Blood immediately pooled. Bright red, first thing in the morning, lol….my mornings are at noon thirty now. There is a message here. Beware of the safe and normal…it too can hurt. The good news is…I know now that the sun always rises and life always gets good. Moments. Good moments, bad moments, fun moments, crazy moments, jealous moments, angry moments, delicious moments, torturous moments……and loving moments. So many things happen…..we say we’re happy…or we say we’re sad. In fact…we are many things in between that we don’t count. We skip it….bypass it…living only in the present moment as they suggest. That moment of pain. It takes a snap. A different moment…a different kind of moment…to whisk us into the next better moment.

Ok….huge switch in topic. I like Tori Spelling. I can’t resist her in fact. I’d wandered away or she and her show wandered away, either way, I found her new show…True Tori. If you’re a fan, let me say….this girl is smart. She has herself rather together and doesn’t even realize it. Realeyes. Lets just say…I admire her. Been watching her for years, first in 90210 and then her own show. Painful topic in this new show, adultery. Hmmm, familiar with it. I used to find lipstick cigarettes in the car ashtray, long brown hairs wrapped around his hmmm….was about to be kind and call it manhood….but there was nothing manly about his hood. There….its a hood. Long brown hairs wrapped around his hood. Yuk. That life is so far away….so distant now that I’m surprised I can even remember it anymore. Once, after a fight….no doubt instigated…..I went home and found him in bed with a woman. I left. I sat in a field in my car and contemplated……ya. And life….death and life. Did I want to live? No. Well, ya. No. Well ya. I went back. I had a shotgun but left it in the car. I woke them. Scared the crap outta her. Told him….I just wanted you to see me….seeing you. Then I left. Her shoes rode around in the back window of his car for a week until I burned them. Heheeee. Memory lane. And…..teeeeee heeeee. Tonight, I hee hee’d while laughing. It was so funny and felt so good, that Summer and I then laughed more and forced them into hee hee’s. The more we did it the more we laughed. I told her we were training our new laughs and she said she wasn’t sure she wanted to heheheeeee all the time. Soon though…she was heee heeeing again!!!

This girl is so special, I do not know how to convey. I’m 52. I’ve met a lot of people in my day. None like this. She is a sacred special being. Hehe….and I’m her mom!!! Hehe. Ok…time for this one to sleep. It’s been raining all night again, which is good in drought….but still a hindrance. Fact of life. Ok…..night night sweet ones. 4:43am…so close….= 11 = Master NUMBER.

Looked at eyelids today. Some good, some not so good. Tomorrow we delice again, then some will probably be wormed. Yuk, hate giving them chemicals to drink but I gotta. I’ve received word of a blue buck available at market price. I might have to save him. The logistics are not so great. I’d have to store the buck somewhere while I had him tested before I could bring him here. Maybe Cathy could store him that long. That may sound bad…but I can’t risk my herd by just sticking an unknown goat in. And no…..he’s not completely unknown. I’ll see what hubby says. Ha. While typing this…I heard an unnatural cry from the L. Go….hear foro sure it’s a bad cry and run full tilt. Then nothing. Summer says…what’s that goat doin over there. Ahh, that’s just Flower eating from the fence. I walked down and yup, it was her that had been crying. An exact replica of an event from last year. Same spot even!!! Flower…on her tippy toes with her head stuck in the tiny square. Goofynutjob!!! Only last year, she was a baby and it was over 100 degrees…stuck on tippytoes…cant breathe otherwise. It was hours last year….mere minutes this time.

Gonna have shrimp scampi tonight. Guess I’ll reiki it before I eat it so as to nullify the radioactive crap. Anyone talking about it? Ha…NOPE. Topic seems to have slidden down a mud bank. Fukashima how far has your footprint traveled? Been looking at festivals all day. Who knows. Well….guess that’s it for today. Planning on that owl or the totem painting tonight. It’s my turn with the good foam…cuz my painting will be quite large and will need that size foam. Been letting her use the good one. Ya, I’m a mommy. The other one sucks like a baby on a teat! Hehehe. Ok ok….i gotta go. See ya! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















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