The heavens opened up….but left BabyGirl with us

Haha……Summer wanted to do Fox. She’s been wanting to do fox since day one. Well, tonight was fox night. Ha. I began and was way way into the painting when Summer kept saying how cute he was. I giggled to myself, thinking she is looking at it from a sideways angle and ya…I bet he does look cute from there. Hehehe. Finally….I got up and sat the painting up across the room. A new thing….to stare at and see what’s wrong…or what it needs. What ensued….was a belly laugh so hard it hurt. We apparently both needed it. Yup…that was one bad fox. Summer was just starting the same fox….and she said earlier….I’m copying your ears. While we laughed, I reminded her she copied my ears. In the end….her fox is cute as can be…unfinished but so cute. I took my background and flipped it all the ways. Settled on upside down cuz I saw a tree. Ya…..somehow, I saw a tree. I threw in gold to separate it from the nothing. Threw in some large mushrooms. In my defense…I did indeed see large mushrooms today. Very large. Like huge! On FB, of course….in some other country. Well….then I decided to put in a fawn. Which then became a baby goat and then in the end…a fox. Hahahahahaaaa. We see many more mushrooms that just need highlighting. Yup…apparently the fairies are at work! See what happens when your daughter crowns you with a plant crown on Mothers Day?????

Daughter dear is very unsure of her next moves. Several options….and several ideas. Not sure how it will go….or how long she will be here. Spirit tells all…in its own good time. Speaking of Spirit… has decided that tonight is the time for the rain. We are in drought. The drought hasn’t ever ended…for years….and oh shit. Rain means worms!!!! Crapola!!! Don’t know how Babygirl is……hubby came home and enticed her out from under the shed with the offer of a cookie! She was still messed up but her eyes were bright. I had put in a prayer request at the Tootsie Healing Circle….and over a hundred people are praying for her! I could tell it was working. Then the thunder started and she went back under the shed. How messed up you ask???? She stood up….and fell down. I decided to forgo the baby bottle tonight. The rain is intense and every time I enter their domain when it’s raining, it shifts the energy and the queens bully everyone and shoo them out and butt them. I hate it. Flutterbug is old enough to survive the night. She eats grass all day and grain as well. Oh…now the wind is picking up. Ok…well, I better wind down now. Night night my dears. 5:25am = 3 = Trinity!!! Mmmmm, painting idea. Heart you all.

Well…..those over a hundred peoples prayers…….worked like Godly Magic. BabyGIrl is ok! She’s walking ok now…no more falling over!!! Her eyes look alert and she’s good! Not very active yet…but good. Yay oh yay. Wow did it rain last night. At least 2 inches and a lot of lightning and thunder. I’ll be watching my goats closely. Crystal is looking good! She has actual ringlet curls! And they look like mohair! That’s a good thing. The wheat germ also is doing its job well. Star had the flakes worst and she is shaping up real nice. Georgia too. The vm of the day…is once again….the tiny fuzzy balls. I’m constantly picking them off…then the babies…and moms….get irritated and walk away. It pulls their hair and they don’t like it. It’s only been a few days but I believe my study work has paid off. I think….think….I could name every white baby and black babys for sure…..even without mommies present. The blacks are easier. It’s all a matter of where the white is on their legs. The whites…yikes! But I think I got it. Horn size is key. Also if it’s an older baby…the spiral curls will be more pronounced. Diplo and Sasha are so close in looks its ridiculous….one born a month before the other….and one a boy! Hehe. Her topknot curls are how ya tell them apart.

We’ve been painting today again. Well, it’s very dreary outside. I’m going to do that owl I told you about, that I did in bright colors….. now I’m gonna do it the normal way, yet I may add a touch of color. Hope it turns out. That fox sure made me doubt my skills! Summer said it’s not my totem, ya, but I’ve done plenty that aren’t my totem. I think the issue was I didn’t have enough colors that easily blended together. I used Buffy(mea) abnd if that color alone was right…no problem….but foxes are reddish and finding several red shades to blend…hmmm. An issue. So, at least the Buffy didn’t go to waste. She is now in a fairy scene with a nice tree, some mushrooms and a tiny fairy fox…he’s so small he’s under the mushrooms.

I’ve been eating tiny snacks lately. Not sure if it’s adding any weight to me, but I’m eating it. I had to crop out my body from the vine crown photo of Mothers Day cuz I was just too skinny to show. Might be doing the smoothie thing all day soon…here, made by me. I have the machine…just need to get the ingredients and actually use them before they die. Summer has convinced me of the need….as well as that horrible photo. I feel like I have too many things in the air and I’m not remembering them all….not completing them all. If I’ve forgotten something I told you I’d do…please, remind me. Hehe….heard from one of the gals who bought my fiber recently. She’s in love. Gonna trade curls for dyed curls. WOwza….ya. I love my colored curls from Kai Mohair….but this way….I can use some of my own goats for the color splashes!!! I’m sure there will be colors only Lisa can do for me, so don’t you worry. Seriously…she’s been doing these colorways a long time and she knows the recipe and I know the colors. Ok….I’m just going on and on. Hehe. More rain tonight on the schedule. Telling Lucy…..any day now Lucy….we will have Lucy babies!!!!! Yay! Soon! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….geese bite and I really don’t need more….but a mama understands that need to have a baby, so….babies for Lucy it is…after all….5 years of unsuccessful trying…is long enough.Later!!!
















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