Babygirl… best pup

This may sound trivial, but I had dinner out tonight for Mothers Day…with BOTH of my children!!! I just was feeling like the day wasn’t special enough so I told hubby….if you’re not planning to take me out for dinner, I’m making steak and sweet potatoes and corn on the cob….like last week. He said…I thought your kids were taking you out! I said…only with your money! Hehehe….. So…off we went to Jaliscos Mexican restaurant. Hubby had said there wasn’t a restaurant available that both my kids would eat. Hehe. He was fairly right. It took so long to tell the waitress to cook mushrooms with the green peppers and onions to make a mushroom fajita….for a vegetarian. Jeesh….and lol. Afterwards, we went to the LAKE. Never been there and lived here 13 years! We went to watch the sunset. We walked the trail and found a spot fairly private. Summer crowned me with a ring of ivy on my head…which she had just French braided before we left! It was like a fairy coronation!!! She opened my car door for me….what?????? Jesse offered and rolled me a doobie, and he came to dinner after just eating. Hubby gave me a credit card for SMOOTHIES……and Summer already gave me the precious tiny paintings. 2 of them. All in all…a great day!!! I even told my mom happy moms day.

I’m watching my new favorite movie….EPIC….a hummingbird movie….I just adore it. I also adore getting to see the hummingbirds in so many flying positions. It teaches me. I also found a maptype thing at the grocery store checkout aisle….it’s just like one of those plastic coated maps….but it has hummingbirds of North America…each bird, is shown in it’s different seasons…and a few different positions. Really cool. I did however….make a hummingbird tonight…with it sitting right next to me….and freestyled it. Couldn’t find one in the position I needed, so I just lol…winged it. I went to the yarnorama for spider web yarn and Susan showed me silk hankies. Wala….hummingbirds. Hehe. Sounds funny, eh???? I’m quite happy with tonights painting although it’s not completely done and the fixes, are not needled in…which came about by me standing at the painting….while Summer sat in her chair and told me where to pull or push! Heheheheeee. Sometimes it goes that way! I brought the hankie home instead of the web and she was disappointed, so I played with it after she went to bed and did a hummingbird head…quite Spirit led…..and it’s evolving… usual. I look at the beginning paintings we did…I did…and the escalation is staggering. You guys haven’t seen any….but trust me…..they are evolving…as I AM. 444 words. Hello Angels!!!! Ayahuasca is still on my mind folks…..still evolving as well. Told hubby…just cuz I don’t talk about it…doesn’t mean I’ve changed my mind. Must sell. Must become entrepreneur……to achieve desires. Either that…or do the……..will he or won’t he say ok and agree to go, or to fund the endeavor. Nah. Too stressful. I will succeed with my art. I will sell my art and I will go to Costa Rica and drink from the Grandmother. I will. I AM. So be it. It is spoken. Hehehe….night night sweet folk. Love ya!!! Ya…and you too. 4:05am = endings. Hmmm. Which means…Beginnings! Night.

Painting and goat pen cleaning has been on todays agenda. Ran outta trash bags mid process though….jeesh!!! While doing that….apparently BabyGIrl was snake bit at the pond there. She has gone under the shed. Not good. Couldn’t find the bite…but she was walking all staggered like she was drunk. Sending reiki and prayers. Rainstorms are on the way but not here yet so I’m thinkin she’s under there for healing or to die. That would be devastating. That’s a loss I don’t even wanna think about. Can’t think clearly so this is it. Pray please for my BabyGirl. I’ll put a photo in so you can see her to pray. God can do all things. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















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