pulling a Tree totem out of the cobwebs……

It’s too late to tell you about tonight. I’m too tired and ready for bed. I learned about another plant medicine and all I can say at this moment is…..legalize it for Gods sakes!!! A cure for addiction? That only takes 3 days?????? Heroin???? Crack??? Meth??? Fear!!!!! Oh my goodness! 3 days of hell and you are free! Not legal here. We watched a movie about it and it was a real trip in itself. They portrayed both angles….the African tribe giving Rite of Passage to a young mother….and a young heroin addict in the US. Huge difference. The guy lay on a cot/bed and was checked on periodically…wearing a sleep eye mask….with a heart monitor. The woman in Africa was first immersed in water and bopped on the head with a basket…then she ate the medicine. The entire tribe was there for her in every way and it was a beautiful thing to witness. Every member….surrounding her, encouraging her, helping her. Supporting her day. Her initiation into knowledge of self. Enlightenment in its highest form. That and ayahuasca…of course. And I’m sure there are many others. This one however, is considered like cannabis/marijuana/pot. As a Schedule 1 drug. Which means…that it has absolutely no healing properties whatsoever. Ya right. Get your eyes on people!!! Money is at the crux. Screw the crux. Find your cure and do it. Period.

Tonight…we are watching a movie so special….so perfect for me that it’s plum ridiculous. It’s got hummingbirds as the main characters!!! Movements galore…fairy scenes galore! Trees galore! Inspiration galore. Have I said galore enough????? I’m ready to go big in paintings again. The small is fun and awesome but I need shifts…changes…challenges……Big…let’s face it…I need big. I do big. Ha…but I also do small!!! MY skills have grown by leaps and bounds in the month that my daughter has been here. And no…..I’m no longer jealous at all. Now I’m like…teach me!!! Oh be still my heart…close ups of the flying hummingbirds with wee ones on their backs. Movement ideas!!!! Oh man…night night!!!! 4:56AM = 6 = Earth!!!!! Night night sweet folkie olkies!!!

Another rainy day, which means….ART DAY!!! Hehe. Like I, we…need an excuse! Went big as predicted. Summer is teaching me her method of doing a tree. Fairyish. We are both doing large ones today. After this tree….I plan on trying another and maybe another. Got to get it down cuz trees are so so important to me and I’ve been drawing them since a child….but my ego or something gets in the way and they come out like crap. SO…….a tree study is in order. Like I did with the hummingbirds. The chaos of my room is gone now. Since she cleaned and organized it….we can find things. Believe it or not…everything has a place. It may not appear so to a visitor, but it is indeed organized. I know just where to reach for things. Most awesome. Thank you Baby!!!!

Today was Crystals last day of the Corrid meds and some ran out her mouth but I can’t tell how much so gonna call it completed. Now we just wait and see if she improves. The babies are hilarious these days. So much mock fighting and headbutting. If one gets up high on something…another has to come and knock it off. There are no hard feelings in the goat world. I think they live in the moment as we are supposed to. It’s like they don’t hang onto memories. Erbie climbed in my lap this morning. Half in. He doesn’t care. My little love. I’m going to try something different this year. When I move the wee boys….I’m going to put them with the bigboys. See what happens. I highly doubt they would hurt them and might even bond with them and help them. Main reason…..trashed coats from being in the tiny pen, which is what’s happened with last years boys. I don’t even like going over to that pen cuz I get so upset when I see them.

Oh…back to the painting of the tree. Just to let you know….I didn’t get it. Oh, I have somewhat of the makings of a tree like hers…but I just didn’t comprehend and so mine…while not necessarily being wrong….is not necessarily right. I’ll see what I can do with it and try another one later. After I try the new style a tree out back told me to try. Yup…I see lots of tree paintings in the future. Hehe…IF I can get it down pat that is. If not….shucks….I’ll just keep trying. My tree of life is fairly cool, but ya…..need more trees! Summer did the most beautiful tree last night with a lion and a lamb. She did a brilliant job. My son just played me a new beat he’s just made and it’s his BEST EVER!!!!! Ya….there be talent genes in the family!!! Who knew???? Hehehe. Lovin you guys…prayin for some…..thinking of others. Have a glorious weekend my friends!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















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