Frog medicine……and a tarot reader

A friend of Summers was robbed in Mexico City. Everything gone. She was a traveler here, and all of her belongings and her work…taken. She does frog medicine. I now know a bit more about it. It is essentially….a vaccine. ONLY….the natural GOD made kind…not the human made kind. Malaria and other jungle illnesses have a vaccine in the frog. A tree frog. No frogs die in the use of their medicine. So…the irony. God made a critter that can kill you….and can also cure you. Anyway…that’s the medicine and lifes work of this lady and even her alter cloths are gone. So….I did a painting for her alter. Summer wired her some money and hopefully others are chipping in as well for her. Of course….I did the frog. I added a nest of eggs as well, and found the perfect fiber for it when my brain remembered the raw wools Natalie sent me months ago…waiting for a wash. Perfect for the egg sack/nest….although the web says this frog makes leaf nests. No photos available, so…basic tree frog nest it is. I think she’ll like it.

My daughter is so excelling at this art. She read last nights blog/todays….and the part about the jealousy bothered her a bit. I didn’t word it right. It’s not really there now. It is a flinge…..when I think….that’s the kind I can’t do. But she’s teaching me. The thing is…it’s my imagination that’s at issue. It is lacking. She suggested doing more guided visualization journeys. Point is….when I get the feeling in my gut…oh crap….I can’t do that….it instantly transforms into….a soft feeling. It’s easier, that’s the best way to put it. Ok….sleepy gal here. Remember, I went to bed at 8am and woke4 hours later at noon. That’s what time my brain knows to wake me. So….night night before I nod off. Sleep well!!! 5:33am = 11 = Master Number.

Hehe….I’m on a mushroom kick. I go through these kicks…..3 paintings so far. In todays, I ended up putting frog in too. Of course, it’s the hardest pose….the frog is laying on his back…on top of a mushroom. Hehe….too cute. Mushrooms are so fun to paint. They too are a medicine. Just so you’ll know….once upon a time….I was extremely into herbs and healing with herbs. I was a healer as a child, till it got poo poo’d right outta me. I took Reiki to the Master level. As you can see….I’m about healing. I’d really only studied the medicinal plants from America though so this is phenomenal for me. In Gods perfect timing….I’m now learning about the plant medicines from around the world. I’ve learned about a few more but obviously they didn’t sink in cuz I can’t remember to tell you about them. I hope you’re liking this new section of my life…..cuz it’s fascinating to me and I wanna share. Of course I wanna share. I want everyone healed. I have talked about cannabis till I’m blue in the face….hehe….psylicibin mushrooms are the medicine of choice of the BLUE dieties in history. Krishna is depicted as a blue being/God. Did you know there is such a thing as the Tree of Life….Plant???? It’s extremely rare….but those who know how to find it…do. I believe it is used in the form of whats called….Dieta. Dieta is diet…..meaning… You take these foods/plants as your food…isolated from media……cut out all spices… simple foods…then take the plant medicines as food. Purifying your body……and the plant spirit comes to you in your dreamtime and can even be your ally that you can call on. This morning….as I woke….I asked Grandmother Ayahuasca to come to me…teach me….as I prepare to meet her in person. I want her to assist me along the way. The moment I asked her to come be with me…..she brought in hummingbird. (the hummingbird was the next picture in my mind). I’m confident that she and hummingbird will indeed be with me in the coming months.

Erbie has a bum leg. Not sure how it happened but he’s limping. A back leg but he can get around and he can run and jump. He is the sweetest soul. Kya like. He’s the most precious of the new babies this year. He reminds me of Buddha…how peaceful and loving and gentle….that these beings can be. I mean my Buddha yearling goat. Erbie is the one who just walks over and steps into my lap to take a nap. Besides that….he comes when I’m giving the bottle or other times…just to be touched. He loves it, and he loves to snuggle into me. My precious. This is day 4 for Crystals Corrid meds and I’m probably imagining it but her coat seems better already. Maybe I just want her to be a regular goat. I don’t mind her small size…I love small, but I want her healthy and she didn’t ever seem so. Her last coat was horrible….like wool but not. Fingers crossed…haha, ya right. I don’t believe in that. Prayers said and intentions set and visualization in place.

Ok….tonight on Natalies Namaste Farms Blogtalk…is a lady who is an intuitive…and a tarot reader. Right up my alley! This should be fun. I’m not always enjoying the shows with this much enthusiasm…usually cuz it’s about the breedbox which I didn’t buy and don’t have in front of me during the show. Not much fun for me. So….I’m excited about tonights!!!!!! Join in, eh???? It’s easy. Here….I won’t even put in a link. Just go to Blogtalk radio. Then in the search bar, click Namaste farms. It starts at 8pm central…..and if it’s not on yet….click on UPCOMING shows. That will take you to the page and you can sign in…I just do the FB one. And you’re in!!! No excuses now! My daughter is painting as I type and she makes the cutest little sounds when something either works or doesn’t work…but especially the WORK ones. My son is upstairs creating music with his friend who is staying here temporarily. It’s a creative house!!! Wonder what I will paint tonight???? Lovin you guys. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…..Natalie said…..there is MORE THAN HOPE….where a show is concerned….good news, eh????















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