the blur of Color…and the cry of a goat

The days are a blur. So many days, so many paintings….color, blending and blurring. I just counted up some of the completed small paintings. 28. Some still beyond that that are unfinished…and then there’s the larger ones as well. It is a storm of color. The jealousy issue is resolving. If it’s that special…I just tell her I want it! And vice versa. I worked until 8am on the Mother Mary painting. Wowza…was in the flow so decided not to stop till I was at a stopping point…jeeze….that was hard to find! All that remains is the halo details and anything I may want to do around the edges. Thrilled with it…I AM. In essence….it’s my first TOTEM painting. Mine….I suppose, except I need to see why Orca is in there!!! Whale, yes…but Orca? Maybe cuz of Jesse, and the movie Free Willy. We watched it so many times when he was little and the character is named Jesse. Wow…looked it up….means more than I can relay here. Better looks at another site. Wow. Creator of the cosmos. Ability to convert raw matter into stars planets, etc. Assisting humans in finding their soul song…to name a few. Goodness. Good energy this. And after reading this and talking with Summer…I realized….I have no real connection to any other kind of whale…only Orca. Ha. I have painted them with oils before.

Yesterday I did experiment number 2 with the mushroom medicine. More this time…yet I guess my body knew what to expect and this time there was very little physical and actually….I didn’t wanna go within, so I didn’t close my eyes and didn’t see rainbows. We walked to the swampy pond and I was fascinated with the water ripples with the sun….and the movement of the water…and the sun on the water. Many colors of dragonflies… who apparently followed me all the way home….and my favorite part….the mama cardinal, taking a bath in the pond. She lay right on the edge…part dirt, part water and splashed water on herself, ducked under….ruffled her wings….a beautiful thing to witness. Hehe…the goats seem to tune in….and they flock to me. Literally. If I’m on the mushrooms….and I’m in the L….it looks like a big ball of goats, with me in the center. Where I move…they move. Very interesting. When we were walking to the swampy pond in the woods….Flower followed us along the fenceline…running after us and crying. She’s needy lately. I’m her only mommy and she’s been hovering. Then I came inside to paint and I dug and dug till I found the Mary painting. Worked on it till Summer came then she suggested I start something new to take advantage of the mushroom. I did. Way cool. It wasn’t till after 3am when Summer went to bed that I pulled it back out again and…well….5 hours later, I went to sleep. So, I’m running on 4 hours sleep.

Not an extremely productive day due to the dragging body….and had to run Jesse and his friend somewhere. The dude is staying here a few days, since the ass who bought the bar….has evicted the family living in the trailer and running the bar. They had just moved in. Judge was upset but by law, not much she could do, so I’m helping out in tiny ways. I observed something yesterday in the goat pen at feeding time. Oops…2 days ago. I was running lice meds down their backs while they were eating and saw something I’ve NEVER seen before. A white baby…lol, dunno who…..was going from doe to doe….suckling…while the ladies ate and for a minute, they didn’t know….thought it was their own baby….and that sneaky bugger got some until the mom figured it out then on to the next set of teats. WOWWWWWW. Brave baby!!! Today, after I fed the girls and Flutterbug…went to feed the yearling boys. Tossed the bottle on the ground until I was done as usual. Went to retrieve it and gone. Said…..where’s the bottle? A few times….then I see Geeze come out from behind the hay bale. Yup….he had stashed it. Coulda been disastrous! Ya, I know…need more than one bottle but my daughter just cleaned the kitchen and we threw away a lot of stuff. She’s been here a month!!!! WOW! Had the trailer moved into the shade so she’s not so hot. She’s a very private girl. She likes nobody being able to see it now. Man, I’m ready to get to painting but still got stuff to do. Finish the spaghetti and meatballs….give Crystal her Corrid….give a bottle…do photos for blog. Ya. That. Still no idea whats bothering Flower. Jesse noticed it too. She’s healthy…just follows us when we leave the L now….crying….instead of eating before the others eat it all up…no, she’s following me to the gate! The wheat germ is still going in the feed and they seem to like it. I also put in a sulphur block to help with lice and they love it!!! Well….better get goin….ya ya, I’m itchin to paint. :=) Holler at ya soon!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.












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