….a long WAIT

Honest to goodness….I am planning a trip to Costa Rica next winter. Yup….I am. Hubby isn’t poo pooing it but not saying yes either, so….I will earn my own way there if need be. I will drink the ayahuasca. I’m very brave, eh??? I remember hearing about the experience a few years ago. I said….oh no…and oh hell no!!! Look at me now. Time changes us. Especially when we are quickening. I am definitely in quickening mode right now. I can literally recognize when an old thought pattern is being replaced. Recognize the non reaction when days ago….there would have been a reaction for sure. When I’m quickening….there is usually a mad dash to learn something….something I could have learned any time I wanted…but yet….all of a sudden…it’s a must! Learn learn learn….not enough. Where can I find out more???? Mostly the learning has been about the mind and the plant medicines. As I just said…I’ll go to Costa Rica, but I surely do feel a pull to the shipebo people in Peru. Their songs make me smile and even giggle. I’m not up for that far a trip, so it’s off the table for me, but there is a chance that I can at least hear some of the singing when I’m there, cuz there is a lady who comes in February to the Costa Rica place. I’ve even checked…..there is a timeshare resort 30 minutes away…so hubby can come vacation with me after my time there is done. However long that may be….unknown as of yet. Cathy is all for it so has agreed to goatsit. My issue with it all is…..damn….that’s a loooong time to wait!!!

Is it driving you nuts? It’s driving me nuts. All this talk…every day I tell you we’ve been painting….yet you see nothing. We are keeping this new kind under wraps for the moment. Can’t show you. This new thing has upped my painting skills by a ton!!! I’m now studying the objects….to see how they work, how they move. I’m doing some of the same animal in multiple paintings, and improving I hope every time. I can also now do scenes. Not that I couldn’t before, I just didn’t really try. I can do scenes now. I am improving by leaps and bounds and my daughter…wow….she sure has her mama in her. Hers is just as beautiful as mine and sometimes more so. She has a youthful…childishness she adds….course she has been hanging out with little children….playing fairy games with them and all sorts…so she is in the childhood wave. The innocence energy field….and sometimes her paintings reflect that. Frilly, girly, adorable.

I attempted…and completed…a large scale version of the new art last night. As large as one I would normally do…but done the different way. It worked. I’ve always wanted to paint something like it….colorful…..but when I tried…it was too hard. I told Summer….it’s really hard to do…she said….Mama…..What have you been doing all week?????? Hehe….yup. SO….it’s done. Gonna try another way tonight I think. Kinda half and half old and new. A blend. Oh….and remember when I told you Summer wanted to do a hummingbird….and I told her it was too hard….that I hadn’t even tried one yet. WELL……………I’ve done as gazillion now…so has she. Hehe…oh ya…real hard. :=) Hubby got tired of hearing us say we were outta colored curls, so he let us go to Lisa Shell’s Kai Mohair. Love going to her place….way out in the country like me….but all the fine fine curls and the boxes and boxes of colors…even roving but I never get that. I’m a curl girl. So….Summer got her own bag of curls to take back with her and we’ll play with and use mine while she’s here. One painting…I was digging and digging…needed one more turquoise curl. Found one!!! Ya…it’s that bad. So now we have the stash built back up some. Shoulda done the half ounce of each box thing…I get more colors that way….but I did the…..I’m out of this and this and this.

Mundane stuff but the dishwasher has been on the fritz for months….finally figured out it wasn’t the soap….about 3 weeks ago. So….new one has been installed today and gosh….clean dishes!!! Actually clean!!! Astounding! The kitchen is so out of hand right now cuz I rarely ran it so the counters are/were overflowing with dirty dishes. Nearly gone now…yay oh yay. As you guessed….Summer did indeed extend her stay. Hasn’t even bought a ticket yet….course not….she lost $160 in the process of cancelling the last one. She’s been helping with the bottle baby and taking that off my hands sometimes. The house is cleaner than it’s been in ages. Yay! She’s such a bright light. Shines for all who need her.

Pirouette. Haha. Man, never seen anything like it. She keeps losing those twins!!! 3am, she was hollerin away…..cuz Luna was missing. Not really….just still sleeping in the last place they had laid down before the herd moved. I scanned the field with my trusty Iphone light….but she found her before I did. Zeus doesn’t even come over at bottle time anymore. No more signs of being too familiar with a human from him….another yay!!! I counted the whites. There are 5. It shouldn’t be so difficult to know who is who…but it is this time. Thing is….The last baby born is the same size as the 2nd baby born………..and they are both white. Then….Maya’s Princess is the same size as Ettas Squirrel and Emma, so yikes. I’m seeking tiny differences so I can nip this in the bud. I hate not knowing their name. 5, there are only 5. Jeesh!!!! Well…………guess I better get to checking that dinner! Oh…update…Lucy still has 4 or so eggs under her. Guess the snakes have been busy but there’s still hope. Come on LucyGoose!!! Ok…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















2 thoughts on “….a long WAIT

  1. Too funny, I have a couple who are always sure their babies are lost and they scream and scream and when I go to find out what is wrong they look at me like I have them. I will go walking around and find them then call Mom and she looks at me like why did you put my baby there. Silly mama’s. This is why I like having a baby area where the babies go and the mama’s know they are. Yup screamers

    • My whole herd moves at will. The baby area could be anywhere! Pens…tree…tree, other tree, pond. Yup. Pirouette asks me for help but I’ve had others who thought I had the babies!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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