Enlightenment…hummingbirds and elephants…everything and everything

It’s epiphany night…right now this second. I remember as a child….loving plants. All plants. Especially tiny ones. Miniature terrariums were my favorite. Flowers, roses, weeds, coming the woods for violets for my mom and seeing the british soldiers on the moss. I adored the woods and the plant life both. Somehow I veered from that. I was very into herbs in my early 20’s, started writing a book and quit. Threw it away years later. Started to try to acquire my green thumb so many times here…each year actually. With little success. Been trying to free my brain from the world conditioning that says that Fairies aren’t real too. The fairies are connected to the plant world. I’ve written fairy tales. Literally…..fairy. And now….now I’m beginning to understand the connection and the depth. I’ve been learning about ayahuasca medicine. I tried the DMT, which is in the Ayahuasca, but is delivered to the system in minutes where the other takes all night and into the day.

I watched so many videos and listened to my daughter share her stories of the medicine. It is legal in the US within the church of Santo Diame. It is actually two plants. The vine of one and the leaf of another. Together, they teach you about yourself and the world around you. Awareness and enlightenment. It should never be taken without ceremony. Summer explained the plant world like this. GrandMother Ayahuasca….Grandfather Peyote. Then there’s Mother Cannabis and Father Tobacco. And let’s not forget the children. The Mushroom Children. What a delightful way to look at it and very spiritual as well…deep to the bone people. Deep to the bone. Mother Cannabis…is Mother Mary. So is the Ayahuasca. It’s all designed to give inner knowledge. To help one realize their path.

Now, I’m pretty sure about my path, but I do desire further enlightenment, and in that vein…I shall be ingesting mushrooms. The children. This is religion, in a way. I despise religion….but the word should help you. Spiritual is my preferred word. Highly spiritual seeking. Understanding. Knowledge. Connection. Should I ever have the chance…I will most likely do Grandfather Peyote instead of Grandmother…..due to my age. Grandfather is more gentle. You see…I’m just now remembering my connection to the plants. I had forgotten. Completely forgotten. My childhood knowings, yearnings, delights….all plants…all in the woods. And fire, don’t forget…I used to have tiny fires, and I called it fireside. Don’t know how I didn’t burn the neighborhood down! I was truly just a child. 7-14. And babysbreath. Oh how I love that flower, even though I haven’t seen it in years. I went through a stage where I refused to grow a flower that didn’t have a purpose. A use….other than being pretty. I even cut myself off from lambsear….what a shame cuz it can be used as bandages!!! I love it and it’s so so soft. My garden is so huge it’s overwhelming. I think I’ll create myself a tiny space. A tiny garden. Near a tree…cuz I so love trees too!!!! Gosh!!! How did I forget??? Doesn’t matter. Thank me for remembering!!! Yay! Ok….night night folks…oh ya…I’m on a hummingbird ayahuasca kick. See yah! 4:37am = 5 = cHANGE!!!!

Oh my. I am indeed under the influence of the mushroom children. It’s been about 5 hours now and it’s still here in a small way. My body is dragging and has been heavy for hours. I probably needed a larger dose but she wanted to start small with me for my first time. I could have asked for more. The physical sensations were so strong though that I didn’t want more. Hehe….but I needed more. We sat with the goats. Ha. That became too much with all the head butting and everyone wanted my juice. I moved to another tree but the whole herd followed me. Finally, Georgia got my juice…then they all left us in peace. Eventually, I felt the need to come inside and do art and Summer remained with the plant people outside. I did prayer flags. Not done yet though. There were 7….but I may add one more. My favorite is the elephant. Summer likes him too. These are all Santo Daime flags/art. In their art….and beliefs….there is the star of david and the cross with the double line. Also the ayahuasca vine is highly important. This is sacred art. Hehe…I’m doing sacred art. LOVE IT. Rainbows just everywhere folks!!! And my friend…….sent me one. A rainbow…just a few minutes ago as I was finally able to read the words on my Iphone, so I picked it up. Before that, they were too tiny to see.

Goats are all fed….babies all accounted for….water given and laps slept in. Dinner could be interesting…flames ye know…..but I’m gonna call this a success. Sacred art…..and rainbows….can’t call it anything but. Oh….and Luna was walking on me while I was first tripping. Hehe. Usually its talk of men walking on the moon. Nope…here at the YeeHaw Rainbow Ranch….we have the Luna walking on man. Or should I say…the Mama. I will be finishing up these flags tonight while I’m still in the flow. Left to finish are…the moon….snake and I can’t remember. Ya…..still swirling. So….my endeavors to further enlighten myself….have further enlightened me. Yay! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch Rainbow Haven for seekers of enlightenment….and all things rainbow road.














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