unUsed Thoughts…..

Did you guys know that if you have a thought….a creation thought….it goes into the universe if you don’t pursue it. It goes out and floats like a bubble around imaginative creative people and waits to be popped. It’s happened to me several times…but right now, I’m thinking of the large rubber coated twisty ties. A few years back, I needed something like that. I searched the internet and the hardware stores….to no avail. I was gonna make some. I didn’t. It went out and someone else caught that bubble and did it. And then others followed. The reason it’s even on my mind is cuz as I mentioned, I’m looking for a holder to hold my iphone while I livestream. It occurred to me tonight…well, I’d already thought of using the rubber twisties, but tonight, I thought of joining the twisties…and wala….a spider holder…possibly cheaper than the original. Hehe……back in the 80’s, I wanted to do…Mama’s Poundcake Cupcakes….which came to me in a dream, wrapper design and all. See….I was Mama even then. Sara Lee did it cuz I didn’t. Hehe, as a real bad excuse, my family poo poo’d the idea.

At one point tonight…I threw my baby deer aside. To try again another day…when whim captured me. But in the end….I did work on it. I was cold. I needed something for my lap, so I grabbed it. While looking at it on my lap, of course I saw many flaws. It still doesn’t look like a young baby but it’s certainly a decent young deer. Uggh….irks me to no end that I can’t get it right. Summer did. Of course, hers is all baby. Uggh. I gotta reconcile myself to that. I can and I will. It’s not the easiest thing though. She told me tonight that she used to watch her friend Laurelsong paint. This woman was a phenomenal painter and artist and human. She painted lots of animals. No wonder Summer is so good….she’s seen it in action with oils!!! Bless you Laurelsong, and thank you for any light from heaven.

I need to go small. That’s the ticket maybe…while not stopping the large. Small sometimes takes as long as large…haha…that’s one issue…plus….what the f Sheri. You have done small your whole life. Tiny. Tiny mushrooms with an elf laying on top as a small child, along with a vessel…basket in look but made from mud. Tiny babies made from polymer clay and regular clay but never fired and thrown away. Tiny Thanksgiving plates for the troops …..which I never heard if they got or not. Tiny food. Maybe I should go tiny. I dunno. Just talking out loud late at night. It is after 3 after all. I was up till after 6 last night, with the birth. Whhhhhhhhooooooeeeeewwww. Damn. That coulda been bad had I not gone to do bottle at that hour. Thank YOU GOD. And thank you Sheri for listening…..!!! Ok…night nighters folks. 3:14am = 8 = infinity!!! 3:14…isn’t that a bible verse? Hmmmm….press on for theh proze which God has set aside. Yum. Love you Father. Love you guys. Night.

When I wormed the bigboys the other day….apparently all the whipping of my wrists when I grab the huge horns…then they twist to get away…well, that’s hell on tendonitis of the wrists. It took days for the injury to announce itself, so I have one wrist wrapped. They should both be wrapped but that’s just too much. So…I’m limited in what I can do. Or should do. I probably shouldn’t be painting and so we did very little last night, but I did work some on the fawn. It’s a good lookin young deer, just not sure it looks like a fawn. I dunno. Pirouette is still under the tree. She was spotted by Cathy this morning….making a mad dash to the pond. I took her some water and wormed her. Yay. Done. Little cuties are doing well. Small ones. I bet tomorrow she takes them out walkin. Such a smart and good mom. Very good purchase!!!

All the babies are eating greenies now. Bigtime. I love seeing a baby with a big weed hanging out of their mouth…..lets me know they’re filling their bellies. I’m fixing to go hang out with them for awhile. Can’t do much else with these wrists but I can do that!!! Ha. Fun times. Flutterbug was sunning herself with some other babies and didn’t get up for bottle. She knew it was there too!!!! Gave water to Pirouette, then fed. Not enough feed in the bin so I snatched some from another spot and gave her her food then poured piles across the pasture fo the others who were still hungry. It’s not easy getting feed to the L anymore. What with the babies romping everywhere. Don’t wanna run anyone over. Kinda takes at least 2 people….so I just filled a bucket and took it over. These two new babies…what is so different about their faces??? I dunno….but I can’t stop taking photos of their faces. They captivate me. One closeup revealed a huge eye. I blew it up even bigger…man there’s a whole world in there! No….I’m not posting the blown up one…blurry to go that close. Ha…I’m hearing baby goats cry…no Sheri….it’s on tv, not the pasture.

Summer ran to Austin for her organic food and brought Jesse home first…to help me not have to do it. Sweet girl. I’m watching Larger than Life….about the guy who inherits an elephant. It is so speaking to me. During my recent DMT experiment….I saw many many elephants behind my eyes. I would never have guessed an elephant totem, but there were so many. One especially who stood out. Beautiful girl. Thinkin I’ll be doing an elephant soon. Ya…I’m stalling on Summers totem painting…but that’s cuz good grief…12 totems???? A little overwhelming. I know, I know…one totem at a time, but still!!! Think I’ll have a limit. Say…5. Oh….and that’s not counting the totem type things that are not animals!!! Like the plant spirits, there are 3. Maybe I’ll wait till after she leaves, when I have the big foam again. Ya…I’m a sweet Mama and letting her use the good one. She let me use the big one last night and discovered how icky the small one is. Ha….months and months I used that…not knowing how bad it was till I got the better stuff. Then I found the even better stuff but we’re still working on getting it in large pieces. Wow. Time flies. Gots to go!!! See ya! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

















2 thoughts on “unUsed Thoughts…..

    • Ya. I know and I love it there. Had people suggesting I move the babies but nah…..it’s such a sweet spot! :)) huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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