……oooooh….a color for my paintings!!!!!

While it’s still fresh on my brain….here’s what happened. I went out 3 extra times to check on Pirouette…had a feeling. At the 2am bottle…we had decided to stop painting for the night and I went to give bottle. Summer was a straggler. When she came out…I said…hmmm. Could be…..she just poo’d then pushed. I went in the house to get warmer clothes on and get a beer. It quickly became apparent to me that there was a problem, but Summer was in the….awwwe, natural childbirth bliss stage. Quit cussing around her Mama. Summer……Damnit is the appropriate word right now!!!. I knew it. So….I went to get the 2 100 ft electrical cords and stretch them out to the alley. I also took a bag of peanuts. My plan was to lull them all to the pen with peanuts….and if the herd moved….maybe she would move. Lotta work! Heavy kind. Pulling, dragging. 200 ft! I was seconds from hooking the light up when Summer yelled that her water broke. Ok. So…no lights. She had a miners lamp on her head and I had a flashlight. I hurried there and………it’s a knowing thing I guess. I’m telling ya….I want my MIDWIFE CREDENTIALS!!!!! She laid down and pushed more…still nothing. Then the bag came out…with nothing in it but fluid. Oh crap! Just like Georgia!!!! So…I gloved up and she let me go in…..She knew! She knew it was wrong. I knew it was wrong. In I went and yup. Found the head right off….had to go fishing for the feet. Found one. Found another. Pulled and shifted till they were in the canal. Then one went back in. Got the one out…went back for the other. Then the head too. Then I pulled. Tiny thing!!! Knew it as I pulled it! Gaia!!!! Red! Yay! Tossed her to her mom and watched again.

Within 5 minutes, she was pushing again. Hmmm. They usually just come right out! Glove number 3 went on….and a shift and a wiggle and out slid the 2nd tiny baby! At first we thought she too was dark red. But I don’t know now. Dark. Not black. But dark. Light around the eyes of both…and lips. So curious!!! Such a good mommy. I mean really….a really good mommy. An exceptional one, I’d say. Like my Donna…I told you…she’s so like my Donna. Y’all probably saw her long ago in my photos. Anyway……awesome. Summer got to witness the sacredness of birth….even while I drank beer and smoked cigarettes and cussed…and saved 3 lives. Ya. That’s how we roll here. I so wanted new life right now….after the death. Well….Gaia and Luna…..welcome to Earth babies!!!! It’s hard to wind down when you have a birth at 3am!!! Hehe…a multiple birth. Summer asked if there could ba any more babies. Well….here was my answer. She is passing the placenta now. It’s a long string with bobbles sometimes…hanging down after they give birth. I have never had a baby come after that happens. So….we left them to themselves. Oh ya….during the beginning and middle…..babies were coming to us….therefore near her. Not great. Ha…then when I went to their pens to fix the lights….and Summer yelled the water had broken…well, when I was running back….the herd was coming to me…as planned….but without Pirouette. So, they follow me…all the way to her….thinking I have a treat. Summer and I had to make a barricade with our bodies. Hehe. Not the ideal birth. Kept telling Summer that…need to move them to the pens. Need to move them before she goes further. OH well….it worked out and we have 2 new beautiful girls. I checked at least twice…still does. Ok. Night night from YeeHaw Ranch on the last kidding night. All done and proud. I helped birth many and they are healthy and blooming. Night night. 4:59am = 9 = endings. Heheheheheheeeeee.

I’m tired. I’m sure getting my exercise taking water and sugar water to Pirouette…lol, don’t let me fool ya…I’m also in it for the babies!!! Heheee..Love to look at them. The last of the tinys. I’m absorbing all the goodness I can get. She was crying and I decided she was thirsty, so I got some molasses water and she drank it up! She’s under the same tree she gave birth under with no access to water, so….I’m carting it out to her. Also brought her food to her. Summer had her camera so I may get some rare photos of me with the goats. Also…Cathy woke up to a baby mule…they’ve only been trying for 5 years. Named her Miracle. There was a snake in Lucy’s nest but I think he couldn’t fit the eggs in his mouth cuz when Cathy’s hubby arrived…it was gone and she was back on the nest. Yay Lucy babies!!!

So….Summer had just finished her fawn last night and had put away her stuff so I could wind down…when we went to do bottle. I am far from finishing mine. Hers is adorable, of course. Mine is getting there. Summers new system on my bed is working wonderfully. Hehe…back to the babies. Sorry. I tried to get Pirouette to bring the babies to the pens, at feeding time. I called her and even woke one up…but no. She wouldn’t leave. Last night, the herd moved, and she cried. She doesn’t like to be alone over there. Such a sweetheart. Her teats are very long and sideways so the babies are still having a very hard time getting them…but they are getting them. That’s what matters. Nice big stretches upon waking. That’s what we want. Decided to wait one more day to worm Pirouette. Let the babies get their colostrum first…before I go putting chemicals in their milk. Gosh….big day here. Long day here. So glad I’m a night owl and needed to give a bottle at 2am….so I could help with this birth!!!! Scary. Oh ya…..Eggie hasn’t gone inside the fairy house…but she is sleeping on top. Awwwe. A touch of home. Ok…well, it’s time to say Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Sleepiness. PS…forgot to tell ya…the color of Luna…is….scrumptious. A shade of brown I’ve never had….maybe a mocha and will be awesome for my paintings. I literally bought Pirouette….for the paintings….so these babies are NOT FOR SALE. Many will be. Stay tuned.















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