sorrow….uplifted by Blessings

I hate it when I’m so busy that my blogs aren’t writing…but simply telling updates. Simply telling you what’s going on. Oh well. Everyone looks good today. Even thought maybe Pirouette would go today…was hoping….still am. Wanna name the baby Gaia. It’s Earth Day!!! The storms never materialized last night, thank goodness. Poor Eggie….scared in her new home. I did some more research and I do believe I have identified her correctly. She’s small. Really small. My Flutterby. While doing research, it occurred to me what would make her feel more secure out there. So….Cathy and I went a huntin in the woods. Looking for an appropriate home…that was tiny enough for a fairy…..but big enough to move around in….and small enough to go through the cage door. Found one!!! Spent an hour or so with my dremmel tool…making it even more perfect for her. Hehe…wish I didn’t have to be so clandestine about it. Wish I could just show you photos!!! Nope. I dare not. But….I’m thinking this is as close to home as I can provide. I was so concerned for her last night, I considered letting the experts finish her care. But now that I have the fairy house for her….I think she’ll like that. I’ll let ya know.

Ok. I could be wrong….but I’m thinking I didn’t tell y’all about Shear Madness last week. I might have and if I did…oops. But here’s the deal. It did NOT make it to season 2. She said the ratings were great…it wasn’t that. She alludes that possibly one day she’ll tell the real scoop, but not now. She says she has other people wanting do do a show with her, so don’t panic!!! I dunno. I was and am pretty upset about it. To me…..when I see all the hype the Yukon Vet is getting….buddying her up with Dr Pol……talk shows……..extra commercials…..extra ads…..ya. It ticks me off right good. They didn’t give Natalie’s show nearly that much coverage and arrrrgh. So….it’s done. People are still interested though. Remember the fan page that Natalie asked me to unpublish until season2??? I did unpublish it….but somehow…they are still finding it!!! Amazing…and Natalie…wish you would understand that the time is now….take advantage of the Shear Madness umffff and ride that wave!!! All the way to your next show!!! That remains my wish however, cuz it’s not like we’re best friends and I can just say that!!! She’s really sweet though guys. She heard about my goat crisis and offered to expedite some certain meds to me that are hard to get. That’s heart.

I want to tell you about my daughter. Or at least a tiny portion of her. She has this ability. She even considered a career doing it…but couldn’t figure out how to market her skill. Here it is. She can walk into your house…no matter the mess…and reorg it for you….to make it more useable for your needs. Not just that. She then goes through the house and moves things. She sets up the sweetest altars…nothing harmful…just pretty and spiritual items grouped together. She thinks about it first. She scopes the house…her mind is working working. Might be days before she’s ready, but man….the result is awesome and uplifting. That’s my girl. She has worked wonders here. My fiber is now in bins…on my bed. Ya…it’s still on the bed…where I need it!!! But all organized. My specials, my color locks, color wool, alpaca, rovings, foams….all organized and take up the other half of my bed like before, but with pizazz!!! And ease! Ease of finding what is needed. Didn’t find the dang silk sliver though. Was really wanting to have some again. Don’t wanna order any unless I’m positive it’s the short short staple silk. Anyone know of any true SLIVER available in white silk??? Also….we think we may have located the good foam… the original use factory. In other words….not the needlefelting store!!! Going to order a piece to see if it’s the right stuff and if it is…yay o yay…bigger pieces…and will even be able to have large ones…and can cut it to size. Oh I hope it is…I hope it is!!!

We are doing a baby fawn now. It’s a closeup of the head in the grass. Hard one….but my daughter breezed right through it like it was water. We’re not done yet though. I started a panda the other day but haven’t finished it. I do that. Haven’t worked on the horse again either. I will. At the right moment! Whenever that might be.

The babies are all so healthy and heavy!!! Getting strong and growing up. Heavy on my back…sharp hooves now too…..ya…getting too painful for Mama to be a rock much longer. Flutterbug is taking every drop of the bottle these days….and ha….I saw Heaven running from Zeus today! Hehe…he musta wanted milk when she didn’t wanna give it! Flutterbugs belly goes wide after the bottle but she then looks like a regular goatie later. And no diarrhea!!! Musta just been Lovey…I thought it was the powdered milk replacer causing it. Well…just remembered the girls need more water and it’s nearly dinnertime…so. Ya….until next time folks. I’m feeling better. Nobody looks sick and I’m breathing easier. Hurry up Pirouette so I can give you your wormer!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!













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