everything will be OK…

Lifes surprises are just that. Lifes surprises. Good ones, bad ones, horrible ones, sweet ones, beloved ones. The bittersweet. I’ve recently been introduced to ceremonial cocao. Taken alone….the bitter is wretched…but if combined with sweet, they sing each others praises. Life reminds me of that. The bitter……overshadowed by the sweet. Last night, I had a very special moment. 2am or thereabouts, it’s bottle time. I’m looking at Flutterbug take the bottle…way out there in the pasture….and next thing I know…I see babies…babies inching toward me in the dark, from every direction. Babies normally with their moms…are coming to see me. To smell me, check me out. Inquisitive beings. All of them. Every baby was within inches of me….surrounding me. That….while the process of death was happening a couple hundred yards away. The bitter and the sweet.

My son is here to help carry the death away. At the same time….we’ve been gifted with about 8 ready to hatch goose eggs. A pen has been made around Lucy and she will finally finally finally be a mama. Long road this has been. I used gloves and placed the eggs in her nest…beside the mud dawber wasp rock she had been sitting on. She had gone for a quick swim…after watching hubby mow around her nest and put up the fencing. She saw the eggs….rolled them and sat…nope…not right…roll them more…sit. Ahhhh. Yes. Lucy is happy.

Jesse is outside setting up a butterfly cage. I know, I know…but until she’s healed….it’ll do. Better than the box. And yes…Eggie is still alive! Pretty miraculous. Isa kitty accidentally gell through the top….and neither one freaked out…all was fine and I scooped her out. The only time I hear movement in the box…is when I stop talking to her and put the cover back on. I think she likes hanging out with the humans….how is she gonna react to living outside…without me? Ok…cage all assembled and now it’s just a matter of Mama relinquishing the nearness. Not today. Nope, not today.

Oh gee….it occurs to me that I haven’t blogged about what has happened. Cathy and I sheared Edo the other day. He didn’t wanna stand, but we’ve had that happen before. Within a few hours….several were down and not getting up. Also, the yearling, Khalifa…that I sheared this week…now has fluid buildup. And top it off….Billy is now reacting to being wormed. 2 are dead, one is dying and at least 2 are having issues. WORMS. Barberpole to be exact. Someone asked me what the symptoms were. Well…here, it’s usually death. Then others start dropping. They can have a fluid sack at the breast where it meets the legs. If they have a full coat on…you won’t see it. They don’t all get the fluid though. Neither Edo or Darwin did. Needless to say…it’s been panicsville here. I’ve cried a lot and I’m heartbroken but the saving grace is that none of the girls or babies are affected. Thank the heavens for that. And yes…if I had wormed them last week…this might not be happening. Should have done them immediately after the girls…but I didn’t know. Didn’t know. Shoulda woulda coulda. I’ve been painting Healing Flowers this weekend. They are blue. Came outta the blue and they are blue. 2 so far. Nearly finished with horse….thought I was, but hahaha….posted it and saw all the flaws.

I received the most awesome package of brown fibers from Mea. WOW!!! She sent me a bunch of the color I needed, Buffy…then some Buffy baby….and some buffalo and some wools and alpaca…browns!!! Yay oh yay!!! Now I gotta get to Lisas for some bright colors. Just about outta greens, blues and purples….shoot, and reds, oranges and yellows! Hehehe. For those who don’t know…Lisa Shell, with Kai Mohair…sells colored locks. Many many colors. It will wait though.

Well….pretty much have goats on the brain so I guess I’ll end this. Thought we’d be outta the woods today but no. Maybe Billy is just having a hard time with the chemicals. But he usually doesn’t. I’ll give him more tomorrow if he’s still acting off. Been working on lots of paintings, well, it seems that way anyway. Summer and I are having such a good time and I’m blessed she is here. She doesn’t wanna leave….but she has the beginnings of a life happening in California so she thinks she’ll go back. Work, place to live, area she likes….ya. She should go back. I will miss her. Sounds like it’s gonna be sooner than I like though. Oh well…lotsa cryin goin on here. One of my local friends, Joyce…sent me some money to help medicine costs. That was so sweet. Had to give her a shoutout and say…thank you my dear!!! Joyce makes the felted critters and flowers. Ok….well…here’s to a healthy herd again. Pirouette still not yet, but due date is 23rd. OK…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps………I’m not letting myself to there. Yes….sometimes these things wipe out a whole herd, but I refuse it!!! It will be ok. PSS…Kitchie has crossed the rainbow bridge. And Billy is eating.


















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