Rainbow trippin….yup

Well….turns out….horse….is just as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe I doomed myself with my thoughts. Ya…I did. It’s coming along, but I haven’t put any darks in yet. I realized right quick that based on the background, I needed to go really small. Yuk. Then, I found myself working the base to death. Very different way to begin a painting…that’s for sure. Summer chose to go a bit bigger. Hehe. Stubborn girl. And she’s doing a fine job at that. We’ve worked on this for hours…and Jesse came and we jammed to music…some of Summers choice…and some of jesse’s making. Someone said I looked really happy in my braids…that’s cuz I actually felt pretty. I like the braids. She says she does it to herself…hmmm…not sure my arms can handle it…remember trying in olden days. Oh my golly…guess what. Little to most…huge to me. It came time for the late night bottle. I told Jesse it was a dream of mine that since I taught both my children how to make a bottle….that they would surprise me once…and without saying a word…making and giving the bottle. What do ya know….it spurred something and Jesse made the bottle and Summer fed the bottle. HA!!!!! I didn’t have to do the late night bottle!!!! WOW WOW WOW. First time. Felt so good. Wow. Yes, I miss the baby…but it still feels good.

Ye know…I don’t talk about em much…but I’ve got some really cool cats. Smooch. Smooch is fairly laid back and likes to curl up in the teeniest tiny ball….to my right….on my bed. She picks the tiniest of spaces to place herself, then goes as small as she can go. She’s a good girl and I trust her. Sneezy….loves to be petted on the head and to lay with mama, but I don’t trust him not to potty where he’s not supposed to. Same with Isa…cept, Isa rarely comes to lay with me. But I don’t trust her. I love her though. Pele…gosh…needy out the wazoo. Paws and claws in your face to say I love you. How far up your body can I get….to show you how much I love you??? Gucchi…..lives outside mostly now but follows and usually on the way back to the house….she will weave in front of Blue…which means he can’t walk right. Liberty…the outside kitty…who now hangs out with the goats…and of course…..my Pretty Kitty…….GYPSY. The first…of these kittys. Others before but deceased. So…Gypsy is the key and first kitty…who now feels like we don’t want her and we want all these other cats. Poor dear. Love my Gyps. Ok….it’s late. 3:26am= 11 = Master Number!!! Night night.

Wow…interesting day. Cathy came over but once again we couldn’t shear. It was misting. Wet fleeces and shearing do NOT mix. The last one…a pinto fleece…was left outside to dry, seemingly out of pup reach…hmmm…nope. One pinto fleece trashed. So…instead…I did what all spiritual and intelligent 52 year old women do with a free day. I did DMT. Heheheheheeee. Yes, it’s a drug. The kind that your body releases to send you into deep REM sleep. It was gifted to me several weeks ago but I wanted to try it while Summer was here so she could watch over me. She’s had lots of experience with the plant medicines…but not the extracted by man kind. I recorded it…I mean how often does an elder lady do such things? You know how I love the groupings of the number 4? I say it’s the angels….well….my video is 44:44 long! They said it would last 5-10 minutes. It wasn’t until I closed my eyes that I had any kind of mind thing….before that…it was all body sensation. I didn’t get a big enough dose to ”break through” as they call it…where you go to another dimension. I did see many faces, animals and rainbows. Like a road. A rainbow road, that was all hills and dips. When my daughter suggested I see whats down the road…I discovered it was connected and became like a rollercoaster….or a ball of yarn…but all connected. Also….when I was seeing the animals….I realized that I could see one….and be seeing another because they were the same….one in front of another like an accordion….but all one…all the same…but which card do you have up front? Like…if you’re looking at a cat….the card you have in front…says you’re looking at and experiencing a cat. But if your mind then says nope…it’s an octopus….then wala…you perceive an octopus. Perception baby…perception. It was interesting. I still feel the effects a tiny bit in my body but nothing horrible. Mostly a heaviness about the head. Ya….I’d like to try it again with a larger dose…to see if I can do it right. The dose available was questionable…sizewise. So…..how odd was that? Well…it can get odder. I’ve also been gifted with some shrooms. One day soon maybe.

Hey Mea!!!! Guess what came in the mail today???? Yup a big old package. Can’t open it yet….waiting till Summer and I are both available to oooh and ahhhh and giggle sufficiently….i mean, it’s a package of fiber! Isn’t that what all people do when they receive a box of fiber in the mail? Squeal with delight and turn it into a party??? Ya….I thought so. Oh ya….hehe…I put the roast in the oven at 3…right before we began….at 5 when I went to do give bottle…I see that I forgot to turn the oven ON!!! Ya. I did that. And ya…..I just did DMT. LOL. While wearing braids!!! Horse. We will finish up horse tonight I hope. Rains are expected. Oh…but all these luscious brown colors still hiding in the box. Hurry up Summer…I wanna see inside the box!!! Ok…well…..guess I’ll let ya know tomorrow what goodies I find inside. Ha……continuing on with this day…into evening. Ha! LOL. Oh ya….Namaste Farms Blogtalk……Star of Shear Madness…the sheep one. Not the hair one. Tonight…9/8c. Join in as Martin Dally shares his knowledge of luscious fibers. Ok…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















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