braided with prayer…..

Ahhhh. What a night. I was stuck. Didn’t know what to paint. Told Summer we would do Bear together since she was struggling with her bear…like the one I did on tshirt. BUT…bear wasn’t on the agenda. Tried fox. Nope. Lynx. Nope. Bunny, deer, baby birds….nope. IN the end…she worked on her bear and I sketched out a totem painting for Summer. A tryout of what I said I wanted to do. Beautiful. I love it and so does she. A few twitches and flibbits there and I think it’ll work the way we both now envision. Wow. See…movement. I knew she would bring movement. She always does. My little hummingbird. In the end…her drawing has…11 animals and…3 plant species. Ya…the girl has a lot of totems. So do I. Speaking of that. The painting I showed on FB last night as my new logo…sorry…forgot to post it here……is not right. It is a jumble of …me and not me. It needs redone. Wolf is not enough of a totem for me…and the bird looks more like an eagle…where mine is hawk. Other than that…it’s me. It was an experiment…therefore the yarn. Oh boy is it late…..4:37am = 5 = change…well, ya!!!! Night night sweet ones. Oh ya…Mea has predicted Pirouette’s birthing on Friday. A week early according to Angela’s timechart. Mea is good at sensing things so we shall see. Night.

Today we have beautiful weather with a good bit of wind. We don’t shear in the wind…and it’s also a non Cathy day, so…no shearing. This morning, my daughter braided my hair. Not just the braids…but some of her handspun yarn made from one of my goaties…..that she had held during ceremony so it’s been heavily prayed over, and it is now in my hair!!! Even the goaties were curious. I went out for a photo session and had a blast…but NOT as big a blast as yesterday. Not sure why I didn’t tell ya then…full blog, I guess. Anyways….I was out visiting and they were down by the pond. The babies were all up on the steep side of the pond where they were playing and learning to balance. They tried the hardest twists and jumps…while on that extreme angle. It was a massive grouping doing it, so they were falling all over each other. Lots of wipeouts. So dang cute. I did nothing but giggle!!! And Giggle loudly!!! Then I noticed Smurf and Sochi….at first I thought they were playing. Romping up and down the pond side…head butting, jump on mom…head butt….jump on mom. Then I thought oh crap…is he trying to feed and she’s trying to wean him and is he gonna get a broke leg like Khalifa? I kept watching. Nope. No!!! She was well and truly playing with her son and teaching him. Wow. Awesome. As I was leaving, Summer and I passed each other and I told her she was in for a rare treat. She was. Her bit of fun included some of the same…but mostly babies racing round and round the pond. It’s scary but exciting. So far…none have landed in it. …but they go so fast!!!!! They are growing so fast!!! Little horn buds popping up everywhere and tiny bits of mohair growing. Mostly still just babycoat.

Right now, Summer is cleaning my room. I asked her for help with the overwhelmingness…and she has been doing just that since she got here. So my room is in chaos…lol, even more so. Then, tonights plan is to paint a horse, as practice for the unicorn on Summer’s totem painting. I haven’t done horse yet. It’s difficult in my mind and have avoided it…telling myself I’m waiting for the right photo. Well…this photo was found based on the totem sketch. A fairly white horse with some black and gray mottle. But I like it. In the sketch, it will just be the head/torso portion but I may as well do the whole horse while learning. Horse tonight, ya. Hehe…now I’m excited. Of all things….the thing that excites me most…is the wobble bobbles on the legs. Hehe….I’m silly.

Oh my word…my room is indeed chaos. I’m not freaking out yet. I probably should be. Finding things is the real issue. I’m one of those who know just where something is…in the chaos. But when it gets moved…yikes. Hmmm…..bottle time will de-stress me. Ya. And it did….till I broke a bad egg over my meatloaf fixins!!! Hubby…geeze. Honestly….he hadn’t gotten eggs in weeks…then I see a huge pile in the kitchen. I wondered where they went….INTO MY FRIDGE!!! Oh…..if he was a child I would really let him have it. I now reek of rotten egg too. What a strange day. My hair is all braided up….my room is being cleaned….and my room is different, as I am.

My Eggie is doing well. Still no healing has transpired, but in all honesty…with the injury such that it is…it seems that regrowth of something is necessary…that’s all. No ointments or bandages needed…just time. Time, patience and love. I hesitate to free her without the regrowth taking place. I was pondering whether I did the right thing…even though it was so dang obvious that I was supposed to….but I got to thinkin and when I said something to Summer…she had been thinkin that same thing. When Eggie was found…it was 2am and if Eggie was 2 ft down the fenceline in either direction….we wouldn’t have seen her and she’d be dead. We have miles of fenceline. Only one place….where I go through a gate to get to my girls. Right there, Eggie was. Divinely guided. Divinely placed. Divinely found.

Well……with my room strewn about….I’m hoping we do get to paint tonight. We. Hehehe. We paint. She’ll leave soon and it’ll be just me again. Well…hubby is on his way home and I should finish up with dinner. Y’all be good! Hehe.. ..ok….DO good then. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!


















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