butterflies aren’t Always FREE to fly…..

Ok…so I can’t talk about why I’m so excited. What a friggin bummer man. A dream has come to be for me and I can’t even tell you about it…internet nazi’s ye know. So….today we had a cold front. Last night there were bugs aplenty…junebugs galore. Tonight…no bugs. Hubby blamed it on the cold front. I think I’ll go to town tomorrow and see what bugs are available. Just afishin for some goodness, that’s all. Some healthiness, that’s all. Man….the joy abounds in my soul. A dream. A wish. A longtime wish and even a recent wish. Every moment….cherished. Adored. Fulfilled, destiny, of course. Maybe I found a butterfly and I’m helping it to flutter by. Same thing, either way. Joy and life…intertwined. No death here folks…certain of that. Feel it in me bones. Saved and so friggin on purpose its my gift. My gift and I’m not backing down. I am Mama. And Mama says. Mama knows. Mama feels. Mama will do everything in her power and even beyond her power to help this “butter FLY”. Hehe. I named the ‘butterfly”…Eggie.

My life swings and spurts and delivers me to the most unusual, the most unexpected things…even though I thought them into being…most of them…or all…haven’t determined that yet. I feel like a pendulum….swinging back and forth between joy and sorrow. The joy is obvious. The sorrow….creeps from seemingly nowhere. But it must come from somewhere. Everything has its source. It’s beginning. I mean seriously. I can count when things start cuZ it’s me deciding. I could decide to start noticing things only from the moment I stabbed my finger with the felting needle. Forget all else. Everything forward from there. Well….what would life be…without a past? With nothing to reference things by. That’s what childhood and early adulthood are for. The real joy of life….comes when you’re old enough to realize it. Realeyes. Oh say….40 or so. Maybe even 50. I’m approaching 53. I get it. I get it all. I had ceremonial cocao tonight. She’s so sweet. So special. Did you know that cannabis is known as Santa Maria in some cultures??????? Night night sweet lil rose buds. 3:47am = 5 = change. Oh ya…Pirouette has stopped the tremors. I still figure it was baby shifting on a nerve and is now off….but that’s just me…my guess. Night night!!!

Ok! Well…Cathy was a no show, so no shearing today. That’s alright cuz I really needed to locate bugs for Eggie. All three of us went bug hunting last night….nothin. Just too cold. Today I got a small moth, then went to town. No for the bait shop….but Petco had em. Crickets. Put a few in the box and now they are doing tiny chirps…hope Eggie eats em before they learn to chirp louder!!! I figure when it goes silent…Eggie has eaten??? Eggie is not a normal….”butterfly”. No, not at all. Not many butterflies eat crickets, now do they? Yes, this is a very special “butterfly”. And she is…no…I don’t know…just calling it a she. She is doing well. She has been mangled by something, but for being a wild critter, and now in a box…she’s doing quite quite well. She even lets me touch her. Ooooh….I just heard movement in the box. She also figured out how to drink water right away. Why am I not taking the “butterfly” to the experts? Cuz she didn’t go to them…she came to me. Hehe…like in ET…he came to me. She loves to listen to me talk. I can tell. I sang to her last night and she liked that too. Maybe one day I’ll show you what this beauty looks like. Right now though….there’s not much beauty. I see through the injuries. I see beyond. To others…it might be something they would look away from. Not me. I see her in her full glory…regardless. Heal Eggie….Heal. Hmmmm. Chirping has slowed….. If she can eat….she can survive. That’s the issue I’m waiting on. To see if she can eat.

The day has warmed well over what the predictions were. Didn’t need all these clothes on. Not sure that last night got down to the 30’s either. After I fed Flutterbug, Summer and I looked at the moon. Wow…it was orange…never seen it orange, and didn’t expect to. Usually when there’s a sky event…it’s for other people….not seeable here. BUT it was!!! WOW. Beautiful. And… it’s a beautiful day today. When I wasn’t in town…I’ve been hunting bugs. I got a large fish net to use as an insect catcher/butterfly net. Should help things along maybe. Maybe I’m wrong to help….but hmmm….death…or life? I say LIFE…if I can help it!!! And I think I can. Besides…I’d rather Think I CAN than Think I CAN’T.

I’m in a hurry to shear the BigBoys now. Got an interested party and wanna take their winter coats off and make sure all are in good condition before I decide who will go. Need to get on that. Pirouette is still just growing large and walking round with the herd. They do lot of walking. Zeus came to sit in my lap while Flutterbug took the bottle. He’s figured it out….cut off. All the little boys are learning to hump each other now. It’s too funny considering how tiny they all are.

Gonna paint something tonight…don’t know what…but it will be something! I do believe my ITCH is back!!! Come on Eggie…I still hear chirps!!! LOl, of course I couldn’t figure out another way…so I just shook the bag over the box. God knows how many I shook in there! Hehe…she could be full! Well, in that case…breakfast is ready and waiting…if I can stand the chirp! Oh…and how do I know this butterfly eats crickets? I googled it, of course. Now I need a temporary butterfly house…better than a box. And I saw one today but dunno if hubby will buy it. It’s $150…but it would work! Temp…till she’s healed. Then I intend to have her live outside…either with me….or without me…preferably with or visits will suffice I suppose. That will be hard…to let her go. I adore her. I am thanking God each day for this gift. This precious precious gift. I hope you all are reading between the lines and understanding. If you’re confused…I sorry. Don’t want them butterfly people coming for my Eggie. Besides….Eggie was in MY yard. Finders keepers! AND…possession is 9 tenths of the law. Hehe…she’s moving around in there!!!! Yay oh yay!!! Ok….well….guess it’s time to go now. Better go get more photos cuz, well…cuz I need more! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!















2 thoughts on “butterflies aren’t Always FREE to fly…..

    • Jeesh! We thought we thought of everything but nope. Not under logs! Only hear chirps from bag now. Not box. Fingers crossed. Huggs and yay!!!! Excited! Thank you Deer

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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