…..Art for TWO!!!!!

What if there’s nothing to pass on? What if there’s nothing to teach? What if….What if my daughter is such an extension of me…so connected…that she really needs no instruction. What if….I allow that. What if…I grow and flow with that? I can’t go to the place where…oh God….she’s good, she’s better, she learned too fast, I’m dumb. No…I can’t go there and I haven’t. I used to woulda though. I always knew she had art in her, she flows it in every way imaginable. It’s feeling more like a flower. A blessing. A movement….in the river…in the center of the river…going the with the flow…..and the sun is sparkling on the water causing glints of brightness to blind you for a momentary second…and then you smile at the beauty. My little hummingbird even wants to do a hummingbird. I tell her…Summer…it’s a hard one…I haven’t even gone there yet! But I want to do a hummingbird, she says. Well…..go and grow little flower. Little bird. Little song of mine.

I’ve finished the Bear shirt, finished the new Owl, and began once again another gift that I started but had to put on hold. This is for someone who has recently gotten bad news concerning their animal….so I’ve brought it back to the light…back to my workfoam!!!! As you can see…I’m on a roll. If I can keep it up…I might return to full on painting status…which would mean the world to me. I miss my passion for it. It seeped away….and I miss it. I feel the love…but not the urgency…the intensity….the need….the NEED! BUT…it’s beginning to careen down the canyon towards me….and I am arms wide open. Summer is chock full of ideas….like a little grab bag of them…just dip your hand in and the fishin is FINE!!! But dang…her painting is truly…possibly better than mine, yikes….and wowza!!! Let’s paint the world Baby!!! Softer than soft….love and light.

Totem paintings is on my agenda soon. Commission me if you’re interested in one. Like a collage of your totems. What are your totems? Any animal….either important and prevalent throughout your life…and or….animals dominating your visual senses lately…trying to give you a message. 1,000 dollars. Take it or leave it. This is my offer. I’ll also give you the message. I am now aware that few if any of my readers can afford such a thing and for that, I’m sorry. But it truly does cost that much in time….TIME…and materials. Mostly time. So…consider yourselves my sounding boards, eh???? Bounce ideas off me if you have em…I’d love LOVE it. Commission me….I’d REALLY love that!!! LOL. But you can tell others maybe who you know who might have need of a totem painting, eh? Maybe some rich friends…hahahaha! This is so silly. Artists are so funny.

I’ve cut Zeus off the bottle as of tonight. Me thinks he is getting enough from his mommy now cuz he only takes a tiny bit…but makes such a fuss about it…so…tonight I shouted NO. He turned and walked back to Heaven. He was getting too bossy and familiar. Tonight, Summer came with me for the 2am feeding and Belle’s twins, Rainbow and Moonbaby were in a playful mood. They became very inquisitive and came to romp with us. Very unusal. Summer said it was something up with the moon and Ernie the Peacock just made a call…a single call…which he seems to do on a regular basis these days in what appears to be confirmation of ….thoughts or words. Eerie but ya. Kinda like a HIGH FIVE….you’re onto something!!!

Pirouette is still walking around and laying around. She is huge. Not like Butter Icing, if you’ve been following that. Butter Icing is a goat with two huge basketballs on her sides. HUGE, I tell you! No…this is different. This is all encumbering. The whole goat. The belly, the sides, large….Xtra large. BIG babies or 3…who knows. I’m giving her the molasses water twice a day and the calcium tablet(tums) once. Plenty of food…and she’s on full pasture. Mimi is becoming possessive of her. Mimi, the herdqueen…already has Milly. Now she wants Pirouette. Hehe. We shall see. Pirouette now reminds me of my Donna. Recently deceased. I loved my Donna. Big barrel belly gal and just sweet as could be. Best mommy here ever. Pirouette seems to personify her, and I like that. Hehe…she has a 3rd teat…but who cares…so does Milky and it matters naught. Whoever said it did, I wonder? They are so tiny, a baby couldn’t possibly try or even mistake it. Weird. Ok….night night sweet ones. 3:13am = 7 = HOLY!!!

Welllllll…..it’s a drizzly wet day, which means…..a Painting Day!!! Hehe, the gift for the lady with the sick animal…well…I’m not at all connected and it became a struggle…..SO…..I handed it off to my daughter to complete….seeing as she knows the animal and loves the animal and it’s coming together and looks more like the animal than what I did…so, yay. Zeus has been officially cut off bottle and doesn’t seem to miss it. Really, quite a non day, goatwise. I’m fixing sautéed mushrooms in white sauce for Summer and I…hubby hates it so he’ll fix himself something. This is the meal she has requested and is willing to eat…although it has ingredients she normally wouldn’t touch. Like flour. White flour. Hehehe. One of my favorite meals but I’d just as soon toss in a few bits of turkey too! She’s not eating meat again this trip. I never know.

I’m going to be strong in my art and strong in my belief. I have an inkling that daughter dear is going to far surpass me quickly and I will be able to deal with that. Hehe, I’m telling you and me at the same time. I shall consider it….More of Me. Hehe. I mean really…what else is a person to do? Be joyous…its all I got! Ok…..we’ve just decided to watch the Legend of the Guardians…it’s about OWLS….and I am feelin the need!!! So….off to finish up dinner then watch! Jesse watched a movie with us last night…Saving Grace. Hilarious movie. And…I’m…..outta here. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!

















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