a sick goat??? Not sure yet…

With children…and any human for that matter…it’s not all peaches and cream. Summer went to Austin saying she’d be back in 4 hours. Well. 7 hours later she came home and now at the 8th hour…she is still in the kitchen doing whatever it is that she does…with her spices and herbs and strange strange food. I am still sitting here…ready to paint…….Waiting. Frustrates the bejeezers outta me. Yup….it’s 11:11 right now. She just waltzed in and said she’s finishing her dinner and is excited. Oi ve. Ok….get your paint on Sheri Lee! Hmmm. We shall see. Guess I’ll push the pause Button on this….oops…no…she’s still eating. PAUSE:::

Well….after finally deciding what to paint…we began. We chose an owl that she liked and we each had our own setups and each did our own painting. It went really slow, so this will take awhile. BUT…it was fun! More tonight, I would hope!!! Ok….on with the day. Well….the previous owner of Pirouette thinks she has toxemia and is dying. SO…..I’m giving her molasses water in a syringe and will be giving her tums when hubby brings some home….I also separated her at feeding time and gave her her own scoop of feed. According to Angela…..with toxemia…the first sign is rapid blinking of the eyes…soon followed by body tremors….then death. She says the babies are draining her of all her sugars and they have to be replaced. Also, that they will act like they are in early labor….which she did act like. I’m still not entirely convinced that’s what is wrong with her or that there is something wrong…but on the chance….I’m treating her as if she does have it. Never had it before….not sure how or why it comes. Another less threatening possibility…is she has a few flies on her back. She was just sheared and is bare skinned…guessing that’s why she is the only goat with flies on her back. Literally, like 3-4……but maybe they’re the biting kind or they just feel funny. Or maybe the babies are pinching a nerve. I dunno. Obviously I don’t want it to be toxemia….we shall see how she does. She’s acting normal. Well….we wormed all the girls today…cept her, and Crystal who I did the other day. Yay…..big relief off my heart. BUT….when we got down there, a fence hole was revealed. Between my land and Cathy’s…there is my fence and her fence…with about a foot between them….well, puppies have obviously dug and I found baby Peaches in that inbetween area. Uggh! In the end….I hollered food to get the herd to move to the house and it worked….out she came and back into the L. We stuck one of those big blue barrels in front of the hole. Hope that works.

At worming….Cathy is always amazed that I know who has been done and who still needs done. She has to look at the purple mouth….me…..I just know. Got em!!! So relieved!!! Using the Cydectin 5cc’s for all, even Crystal and Flower. Babies will get it through mommies milk. Hehe…they might be thinking….jeeze Mom…the milk tastes bad today!!! But hey…it has to be done. They’ve been on grass a week or two now…so many things, like rain…to get in the way. And the rain…to make it even more necessary, cuz the rain brings worms. I know, I know…wonderful topic! But….some who read are just beginners and I try to tell what I know. That’s why I shared about the toxemia…. I’m still very aggravated that Khalifa rammed me. It upsets me. Never ever before!!!! Has a goat rammed me. This buck was not a bottle baby but was overly familiar with humans cuz of the broken leg. I don’t know what to do about him though. I don’t trust him now. I’m still hurting from it. Ya…I’m just upset.

Tonight is Natalie’s Blogtalk Radio…every Thursday….8-10. When she posted the reminder…I had a talk with Summer. So she will cook and eat while Blogtalk is on then we’ll paint at 10 when its over. And…..long story short…I get Pizza tonight! NO cooking! Yay, only had to drive 40 miles for that to happen…but I’ll take it! Hehe….well, that’s gonna take cookin time, so bring me a pizza!!! Pirouette is doing great. Just walkin with the herd…still a bit of digging but not so much up and down. She’s quite large, but on FB…I’ve seen way bigger, so probably just twins….but maybe BIG ones??? My daughter is cleaning…hehe. Yay. She however…wants the cats to go! They already got into her special foods she just bought. She says they’ve taken over the house! True that. 3 more girls need fixed then I can start putting some out.

Well….this is a fairly boring blog today so I’ll end your misery early. Please…..listen in at Blogtalk Radio tonight. 8-10 central time. Chat with us girls while we listen to Natalie and Kimberly and the guest…which is a radio personality tonight. SO…join us!!! That’s it then….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!

















2 thoughts on “a sick goat??? Not sure yet…

  1. I’m glad you got the message about Pirouette. I had one die from it years ago, ever since then I have the all natural all stock molasses protein tubs out for them. They are like 200 lbs, I put one out in Nov and it lasts about 3 mths. I put it on it’s side so they don’t stand on it and poop, I learned that the hard way. I don’t know why some are more affected then others but with the tub, they all get to eat some. I am glad she is looking better. Hugs, two grown kids in the house, you are a very brave lady

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