Mama’s Eyes…..

I’m a storyteller. I’ve told this story here before but it’s been awhile and there are new folk….and she’s coming!!! By the time you read this…she will be nearly here. Summer…my daughter. So….it was 2007 I think…February. Cold. Friends…the Rainbow Gathering kind….showed up at my house saying they were hippynapping me to the Florida Regionals. They would tie my chair to the top of their rust bucket rv if need be but I was going. Well…they were very strong character beings…one who I miss dearly. Eagle Eye. Anyway….rush rush rush…go go go…you gotta go. So I did!!! Who knew it would be well below freeing in Florida? Not me! I had nothing. Was prepared in no way. All I did have…were a few joints…and a few clothes. Off we went. I’m a fearful car rider. Lots of rain…lots of prayer…blue skies and dry roads…repeat repeat. We arrive. My daughter is supposed to be there. I will be surprising her. Only now I realize…wow…this thing is huge…how will I ever find her? We follow a tiny path in the everglades for a few miles and all along the way…I’m hollering her name. Everyone we pass says…Lovin you! Lovin you too brother! My dog is pulling me, cuz he is terrified. It’s a swamp….deep deep in. A young man approaches us. Hello….I’m on missions to help now…what do you need? I tell him about my daughter. He says….I saw those eyes earlier! I’ll go find them again. What? He saw my daughters eyes in my eyes? And he could find her amongst the 5,000 or more people??? Ok. So…I continue on. Finally arriving at Main Circle. It’s approaching dark and getting chilly. A man offers me his coat. He turned out to be summers campmate. Problems are happening with Bluedog…he’s neutered and all the boy dogs wanna hump him and put him in his place…which terrified me and escalated things. I was getting scared. What have I done??? I’ll never find her with all these people…..when…….there she is!!! He found her! He found my eyes and brought them to me. Her mouth dropped so big. I shall see if I can find the photo. No bets tho. Ya baby…your mom is really at a rainbow gathering…in Florida!!!!! That was the gathering with the fire. A HUGE one. I contributed with a gallon of water and a run 2 miles to get my inhaler for someone in emergency need. Had an asthma attack myself…my lungs literally closed when I arrived at camp after running all that way….for a few moments…nothing. No breath. Scary. But breathe I did…so I ran back and saved that person. They later told me so. I’ve written about the fire too, separately…the bucket brigade…the absolute steadfast courage and strength of these people stunned me to the max. It was a serious fire folks. We were trapped. Admirable, just plain admirable. Ok….so they were lined up from the lake to the fire…literally…to the fire. Two lines……like a pathway. Each person then was handed a hat, a bucket, a pot, a jug, whatever…with water in it from the lake…passed down…all the way to the fire. Then…there was a person running water to pour in the mouths of those people in line…who ran down the middle of that path. Some people were naked in that line…covered in soot. Ya…rainbow people sometimes do that. In the end…the people who hippynapped me…ran out on me…so George and Amasa gave me a ride….ya… I know them too and they showed up at the same gathering! Oh…I forgot to tell you about the hissing! It was the gators! All around us! Around our camp and at night they hissed…spooky…and the temps dropped to the teens and we were frozen hippypops. The call of zuzu’s echos in my mind….ya it’s late and I got the munchies. Zuzu’s are battered and fried candybars or twinkies. MUNCHIES!

But ya…there’s some of that story! Isn’t that awesome? That guy finding my girl? AND…the guy giving me his coat…who was at my camp and I didn’t know it! And he didn’t know it! Ya….cool story. My daughter is so very different probably than anyone you’ve ever met. She’s hard to describe. She wears layers of odd but cool clothes and scarves. She cleanses and fasts and participates in sacred ceremonies. She sings to me…and to others. She is beautiful through and through…and I’m so honored to have her as my daughter. She prays so intently and so thoroughly that you feel so covered for everything…ready for life. She’s a very special soul. Hehe…and she’s mine!!! I get to pass on my art knowledge to her…well, fiber art that is….!!! Speaking of fiber art….I washed the tshirt with the pretty owl. Yup…washed in the machine…then dried in the dryer…with a full load of other clothes,,,,,inside out. Not a stitch came undone….well…cept a teeny portion of the signature…the bottom half of the S. Other than that…perfect! WOWza!!! Who woulda thunk?….hehe…I would!!! Ok…night night…3:32am = 8 = infinity! Hehe…and beyond!!!

Oh…I forgot to tell ya in the story….everything I went without??? People supplied. Gifted me. These are most awesome people, from all walks of life…Dr’s, lawyers, engineers…you name it…come together to be part of a society that rules itself and supplies itself. It’s a grand experience that we just don’t get here in the real world. Fun stuff. Ahhh….it’s a beautiful day but its chilly cuz the wind is raging. I’ve been so overwhelmed with what needed done before Summer arrived…that I’ve done nothing. And now the boy cant get a ride home…so I gotta go get him. UGGGH. What a useless day. Poor Summer…gonna come to a disaster! And it is what it is. If I was meant to clean…by George…it woulda happened! On the other hand…..she won’t be pleased with some things. Jesse was supposed to stay with his friends while she is here….but the friends have been evicted. The bar has been bought….by this rich old man who is buying up all the land here and splitting it up and selling. We all hate what he’s doing. Whats gonna happen with the bar? Who knows. The only local business except Post office, 2 gas stations and a yarnorama.

Oh Lordie Lordie. I just went to drive some feed over to the girls…and I ran over Bubba! He had escaped with the rest of the pups and been out all night and was in extreme pain and state of exhaustion… I guess he didn’t move and I heard a yelp…felt the lump…screamed and screamed…put it in park…got out and all 4 pups came from that spot…they heard his cry and ran there. He is fine…just maybe in even more pain. Poor Baby!!! He’s got hip pain as it is. How to choose from the photos today???? I dunno!!! Later!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….goin to get my baby tonight!!!
















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