….a Hodgepodge

Haha! This has been fun. I tag what I’m talking about…as well as general tags of course…in my blog when I go to post. You know…so people in google can find me when they search words…if I put the right tags in…they find ME!!!! Hooya!!! Like yesterdays tags included…soggy goats…lol. As most of you know…I’m very shy, so am reluctant to post my stuff. I post twice a night on FB…once as a post at 7, and once a link with a photo….at 9. That’s it. I don’t post it anywhere else. See……..I’m really bad at promoting myself. Anyways…….since I’ve been talking about Natalie and Shear Madness…I’ve been using those tags. For the longest time…I only got one view a day from that. Lately however…my stats are way way up. Kinda cool. But I either gotta quit tagging it….and her….or…I gotta keep talking about the show. We shall see. Heheheheeeee. What a fun conundrum. Ooooh and what a fun word! Ernie the peacock just went off…wonder what spooked him.

Man….the boy slept through his birthday then wanted to go to the movies. And I had committed to taking him on his birthday…so… Well….due to the time he said that and distance and bottle…that meant a 10:15 movie. YIKES and wow…do I love this boy cuz I did it. It went south at Jack in the Box, but we rose above it and on to the movies. Need for Speed! Not something I wanted to see but guess what….MamaSheri Movie Critic says…..go! It’s a fun thing to experience. It’s not 3D, but the car race scenes make it appear so many times. Wow…ya…I’ll give it a 4.5 out of 5. Yup…I am now a movie critic. Shoot….I do it often enough, why not call credit where its due? Heheheeee. Oh…and I loved the gal. Her smile. Great acting. Yup…go. So…we arrived home at 1:30am and I immediately made a bottle and Jesse came with me so I wouldn’t be alone. I hate doing the way late night ones alone. Thank you dude! Oh….Mickey Rooney…..go to the light hon!!!!

Ya…it’s 4 now and I’m still not ready for bed. Oh…and I still gotta make hubbys lunch. Instead of doing it for me…he stuck the whole huge pot in the fridge. Special. Shoot…and while I’m reviewing movies…I so dearly love the Thor series…but I just don’t understand why they kill someone off…then have them show up in the next movie. Go figure. I guess they’re immortal and can’t die? Then Mommy dear should be reappearing soon too! Shoot…I gotta make lunch. Night night sweet people!!! 4:03am = 7 = HOLY.

Not much has gone on today. The goats are too wet to shear and Cathy’s not here….so…nada happenin. 2 bottles down throats today….Crystal has a gash at a front armpit…Pirouette still just eating greenies with no signs of impending labor. Zeus had to be corrected today….I mean for bad behavior. I don’t allow any babies to push on me with their heads. If they persist…I lay them down and hold till they stop thrashing….when they stop…I release. Also…blowing in their face works…like it does with most cats. Hehe, I say most cuz we have Polo….lol. I ducked in for a break but have to go back to put purple stuff on Crystals wound and do waters…some are low. I’m still keeping the girls water at about 12 inches…then there’s a baby dish of water too in each pen. Noone has fallen in this year, well, cept Crystal….was pushed….and she’s a yearling. And boy does that baby have a wormload. Jeesh…how did I miss that? Well, I didn’t…I knew she needed wormed…but didn’t know how bad it was…till I was checking her wound. She has the damn floppy sack at her chest!!! It’s ok. 5cc’s of my wormer will knock it out. Worked on Kiwi so well last year. He’s looking great.

I’ve been feeling the painting itch the last few days. I wish the old itch was still around…where I painted every single night!!! Trying to decide whether to clean my room some cuz Summer is coming…or the kitchen…lol…or just paint. I know…I’m so bad. Today has been a banner day to get Twitter folllowers. No clue why…but they’re following so I keep posting cat retweets. You have no idea what I mean, eh? THE CAT…..does tweets……Retweet this if you Follow Back. And you retweet it and wala…they follow you. Lost track of todays scores. Remember the other day I was tryin to get to 5,000? Well, 5421 now. Doesn’t take much time and it’s my fun thing. I’m rather addicted.

We have a bit of a garden this year. Hubbys doing. Potatoes in trash cans, onions, tomatoes and some herbs. Just stuff we actually use this time, yay! Speaking of herbs….Charlene Mudd, sells essential oils and diffusers. I’m gonna get me some. Love that infuser. Hope I remember to put a link. Ha…grabbed it. https://us.nyrorganic.com/shop/charlenemudd/area/shop-online/ and her personal page…..if ya wanna…she’s really nice and we tag team to help Natalie. https://www.facebook.com/NYROCharleneMudd. Really awesome and organic stuff!!! I’ll need copal soon and always like to keep peppermint oil on hand for the sniffles…where I put it in water…simmer and breathe the steam. Also…just an fyi….it’s fun to put spices in a small pot to simmer….for the awesome smell it puts in your house…cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise…anything baking smell. Lol, but don’t expect to eat the goodies…it smells like you’re baking!!! Anyway…go check out her store and friend her if ya feel an inkling!

I’m gonna piss off hubby tonight. I’m making chili. Two kinds…his and mine. Thing is…he thinks of chili as a winter only meal…yet he eats spicy spicy stuff all year round. Makes no sense to me so I make it anyway…and I shall call it…meat and beans!!! Gosh, it’s making me hungrier just pondering it. Course I’m hungry…it’s 5:20 and not a bite of food has passed these lips. Oh….and since I’m all into honesty….I’ll fess up. One of the fleeces I sent out….was a washed one, that I had taken to Kid n Ewe…had some lice in it…SO….another fleece will be winging its way to her tomorrow! See…not a problem. Although…if I keep selling my own personal stash….Yikes! I need to sell some that are not in my special goat bin……and….since the price is so low….I don’t see why you wouldn’t be happy with it…even if you have to throw away some. Some probably have long locks!….just a bit of work. Hmmm, I just talked fleeces again, darnit! Ah well…don’t mind me….it’s just I have so many. Don’t wanna throw them away…just cuz I haven’t gone through yet and washed em yet. Who wants to take the chance on some probably awesome fiber that needs a bit of work???? Otherwise….I’m gonna start doing the trick I learned and then sell it by the ounce. YUK. WOuldn’t ya rather have pounds? Pounds for $50????? Even if you throw away half…you still come out ahead. I’m done…jeesh! And on that beseeching note…..lol…..I’m signing off at YeeHaw Ranch! Ps….for the first time ever….I was just rammed by one of my goats. A yearling buck. No fun. Damn….shoulda put him down right then…but I forgot…plus it really stung! Down as in…laid down. AND…..Crystal is wormed and all purpled up!!! Ok…later!















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