…….Next chapter?….Ready!!!

Ok wow. What a ride, the Shear Madness show has been. It’s over now…for now. I’m absolutely certain that there will be another season, although they have not been notified of that as of yet. I’m sure it’s coming…the ratings were good…the spreecast had more viewers each and every week, so…ya…I’m confident! And the finale show was awesome as usual. Then came Spreecast and that was a ride for me in itself. The subject of lice came up and I swear…it felt like the whole world was staring at me. I was mortified. I cried and cried. But I’m not that shallow. I can still rally for a friend. So I did. I made myself buck up and continued on with spreecast. And then…at the end…it went a complete 180. Natalies words made me go from feeling like dirt…to feeling like a queen! She praised my art so much that I was giddy! Then the chatroom agreed! I was smiling from ear to ear. Hehe…then someone put a link for Marie/Jill, and I said…hey…that’s my competition!!! Haha! Then I quick as a wink….plunked my fuzzzyart link in just before the chat shut down! Just in the nick of time! Ya….so….it was a whirlwind of emotions for me…on top of the fact that the show is now done. I will miss watching it, promoting it via twitter, FB and in person. Gosh….I will miss so much! The end of another segment of my life. So many endings…which btw, lead to….so many beginnings.

Hehe…Charlene and I decided there needed to be a Fan Page, so I said I would make one today, while sober. Hehe. So I was just about done when I decided…Sheri…at least find out if she wants one! So I asked and she said her Teeswater sheep page would do for that, so…lol, I just stopped working on it. Funny thing is…someone somehow found it…in it’s unfinished state…it’s not even a page..just the thought of creating a page, but it must’ve shown up somehow cuz someone liked it!!! How crazy is that? Oh…so after the spreecast, then I was in a mad dash to find painting photos not yet up on fuzzzyart. I found some. Not all. Too much housecleaning on my iphone man.

About the boy. In the end…I have no idea. I got him an extra 12 pk of beer, a BDay cake that I took to the bar and a hundred bucks. Plus the phone, which he already had. He said he had fun…in a text…but I don’t know. We were supposed to go to the movies today, which is his actual birthday but he hasn’t contacted me. Only this morning to say thank you and that he loves me. I felt like a failure over it all, but he said it was his fault cuz he didn’t know what he wanted and what he did know he wanted…he couldn’t have…..a party in Austin with all his friends there. I hope it was at least …Good.

Well, it’s a rainy day here. All the babies are wet and shivering. Zeus seems to have forgotten how to take the bottle and struggles so. Rainbow has recovered completely from her mishap…she got her leg caught in one of the plastic lawn chairs….and the other goats were stepping on the chair….very painful. I held her a good 20 minutes to calm her down till mommy went nuts not being able to see her. Then I put her down and she limped…front and back. It was heartbreaking. But a full 24 hours later, she was jumping in the pasture! I love my goats! I got some snow pea sprouts for Star, who has the skin flakes. Zinc….but if I could figure out where to buy wheatgerm….I’d get that instead. ¼ cup they say, mixed in the grain. We got some Eprinex at TSC yesterday…and it went up $40 a bottle!!!!! The small bottle!!! So….the $1,000 a year for lice treatment…just went way up. (What I have…is Blue Ivomec pour on and Cylence pour on…and I use them!!!! They just don’t work!!!) They also told me that all the feed went up. I didn’t wanna know…so I didn’t ask how much. Just sickening. Wonder if that includes all animals? Cuz I buy for birds, pups, cats, cows, and goats. Hubby made dinner, wowza! Chicken and dumplins…the dumplins were bad but the rest was great! So………..now……..my daughter is coming!!! Tuesday night…10pm I gotta pick her up at the airport….Did you know I’m scared of airports? Hehe, yup, well, driving in them anyways! Should be fun. But then…SUJMMER will be here! Yay! She said I must not believe she’s really coming cuz I haven’t told…my people…lol. So she sent me the ticket itinerary to prove it so…..Summer is coming!!!! Hehe…me thinks she has missed a blog or two cuz I’m pretty sure I already told ya. Think I did. Think I said we would do art together! She’s here to learn…and to visit cuz like she said….it’s been TWO YEARS!!! Love ya brown eyed girl!!! She will be the first person I’ve taught! Jesse knows a lot…but has no interest. Hmmm…maybe since I have such difficulty in selling my art…maybe I should just teach instead of being an artist. Eeek….that sounded awful fallin from my fingertips!!! LOL….guess that answers that!

Ok…..guess that’s about it….nothin goin on round here but soggy goats. Good thing I have lots of movies to choose from! Thank you all for helping support the Shear Madness show in any way you did!!! I appreciate it so. Here’s to Season 2!!! Ok…..thank you all for standing by me…even with the endless plea to watch the show! It’s spring…spring has sprung. New thing… onward and upward!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!! www.facebook.com/Mamasherisfuzzzyart yes…there are 3 z’s in there. PS…..for those searching Natalie’s name….She lives in California, has around 200 animals and yes, sometimes an animal has to be flipped…for it’s own good. Think they can wear all that fleece in extreme heat? NOT. Ok…thats all the answers I know for sure. Pss…the photos aren’t great due to rain. Psss…3 people found the unfinished page…so I went ahead and finished it. I dunno.









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