goat lice……..EWWWWWWWWWWWWE….not

When I originally sent in my Hoegger blog, it was about seller vs buyer…and the lack of information on how animals are raised. Then….I sent in the Shear Madness blog to run instead. I hope she runs the first blog too because it’s an important issue. It was discussed tonight on Natalie’s Namaste Farms Blogtalk radio. What I found interesting is that she kept saying that her fleeces had no VM. Well…honey…if you want that…don’t buy my fleeces. I’m not drylot. I have pasture goats…who also get hay that they lay in…and dirt that they roll in and trees they scratch on, vines they tangle in, burrs they get caught by, sticks that tangle in their curls and even wire or barbed wire pieces. No kidding. Hehe. I also find food in their fleeces and many times…bugs. The large kind…like junebugs or beatles. Oh…and poo beans!!! Hehe, at last nights bottle…a baby passed by me…a white one…who had about 20 beans on her back. Guessing mommy didn’t realize where baby was in relation to poo. I brushed as many as I could off as she breezed past. You cannot coat an angora goat. It would felt…or so they say. Maybe I should just try one. You know me…I like to push the…they says. Ha…they say not to give an angora goat a bath. I gave Lovey many. Course his fleece was a vm magnet and he was not a healthy goat, so I can’t say that’s an accurate experiment.

The last time I checked the length of my hair, it was still only halfway down my back. The other night…I checked. It was halfway down my butt at the longest piece…which unfortunately is not a very large piece, since my baby goats ate so much last year. This was before I realized that their teeny tiny itsy bitsy baby teeth could actually saw my hair right off my head. So…I have many staggered lengths. Oh gosh…that reminds me…I’ve committed to myself that I would share my big big secret on an anniversary of the thing…actually the half year anniversary. But dang…it’s coming fast and I’m getting reluctant. It’s so far out there….that I truly wonder how the world will react. I’m scared. May 20th. Will I have the courage? Ya ya ya….I wrote a blog once called…the last of my secrets…but I used to consider this…not a secret…but just something I just don’t tell. Now I think I should. It will take immense guts. But if anyone’s got em….I do. Well…for some things. But I gotta say again…the idea terrifies me. Will you treat me different? Will I then be trash? Or will…as I hope….you realize what I’m trying to teach. Will it reach through the plastic world we live in? I pray. Oooh man, gives me the heebejeebies!

And it’s time for a bottle. It is 12:32am = 8 = infinity….and I think I may be able to get to sleep somewhat early tonight so if I go feed now…I just might. It would be nice to get more sleep. Night night people sweets!!! Love ya!

Oh man. Well…….someone asked Natalie about lice…and she responded with a photo of dyed fiber with lice eggs also dyed and visible. Yes. True. The lice themselves aren’t usually in the fiber, just the eggs. Also…the eggs are not…NOT in every curl. So…if I have a fleece that has some eggs in it…I throw away the portions with eggs…as I notice it. It won’t hurt you. It’s not harmful. I saw that nearly all the reactions were….EWWWWWWEEEE!!! Why? It’s just protein. You eat eggs, you eat caviar. I like to take the fun side of things and call it texture. But…..since I know the reactions of people…I rarely sell my fleeces. One year…I was lice free. It was too expensive. But I guess we’re gonna go there again. 80 bucks per 15 goats…..every 2-3 months. I have around 50 goats. Do the math. SO……are my fleeces completely useless? NO. Not all have eggs….and not all have a lot of eggs. I sold my prime stuff the other day, so you shouldn’t have to worry. I’m not gonna shrink from this as if I’ve just been cut off at the knees. Nope. Besides….if there’s the possibility of lots of lice…I throw it away…..or….I won’t sell it. But I think most people can handle getting a really good price on a fleece…and possibly having to throw away a few bits………rather than pay oodles for an ounce….or a pound. Nothing wrong with that either…but all I’m sayin is….fleeces are many pounds…unless baby…..and the loss would be minimal and the PRICE…is wow. I think it’s a win win…but what do I know. Hehehe. In the meantime….I will be spending $$$ to make sure they will NOT be there in future. So please…don’t stop buying from me. If there’s something wrong with what I send you…I will make it right. Thank you.

Well….I’ve been gone most of the day. Gave the bottle, then Cathy and I sheared Pirouette, and for show…we put Mimi on the stanchion and sheared the stragglies that we missed for whatever reason…..also checking her udder to make sure one last time….and it worked beautifully. Nobody beat up Pirouette. Yay!!! Who was a glory on the stand btw. Then I ran to town to try to exchange Jesse’s broken phone. No go. Had to buy another. Then I went lookin for a gift that was not a replacement for a broken phone…not a fun gift…..but what I decided on…I didn’t have enough for. So….I shall be …well, hopefully selling fleeces to earn the rest. If anyone will buy them now, that is. I say…take a chance….the price is right.

Hmmm, well, the episode of Shear Madness with lil Roanie in it will replay tomorrow morning at 10amc…then the marathon starts at 2pmcentral….and the last episode at 10/9c with Spreecast to follow…and a giveaway there. Uggggh….I was in such a good mood earlier. I’ve been excitedly telling people that I finally started my fiber business. And telling them about the show. Got some new watchers set to watch tomorrow. Life. It is what it is. Smile Sheri. Ok….well….watch the show…watch the marathon…watch the spreecast and get the ratings up for season 2!!! Later gator. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….baby lambchop died this morning, but she had a full 24 hours of love that she wouldn’t have had otherwise before she died.













2 thoughts on “goat lice……..EWWWWWWWWWWWWE….not

    • Oh. That’s what you’re talkin about!! A lady showed up at my gate with a nearly dead lamb saying she needed a bottle. She lived 24 more hours with Love!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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