I saved a life today….well, I helped!!!

Time has gone by beyond when I had words to say! Interruptions…a part of life. It’s been a fun ride last night and tonight….sales! Woohoo! I finally bit the bullet and sold some fleece. Will they like it? I surely surely hope so. Feedback would be great. Really awesomely great…good or bad. It’s not something I often do. I figure if I’m not worthy…then my fleeces and goats aren’t either. But it’s really bad logic and I realize this. Really I do. VM happens. So does Lice. I’ve got fleeces…so many fleeces. I just want to offer it for sale…as is….for less cuz it’s not been gone through. It’s too hard on my lungs. Stickerburrs…occasionally….hay…always……lice eggs…sometimes. I try so hard…but it seems in order to try to eradicate it…it will cost me around $1,000 a year. Jeesh. Eprinex. So far, that’s the only thing that I’ve seen an improvement with. But it’s so expensive. I don’t know how all these people don’t also deal with lice…who sell fleece. Truly? You’ve wiped it out??? Please…enlighten me. Thank you so very much in advance!!!

I realized tonight, that due to my friendship with Natalie…my friends have expanded and therefore…..I noticed that all of the people who ordered fleece from me, were friends of Natalie. I pray they like them. I sold them my best. Really…..my best. The Hoegger blog came out tonight. Or at least that’s when I realized it should be out and I looked for it. It was! Lots of good reactions and even good conversations! http://hoeggerfarmyard.com/mama-sheri-on-shear-madness/ Well…it’s bedtime for this bonzo…..tired I am. Night night sweet ones! 2:46am = 3 = Trinity!!!

Uggh. Not much accomplished today. Ha….i just reread those words….seconds after typing them and…edit!!! Ok…so….about to walk out the door to take Jesse to work and go to the post office when Cathy says…someone is at the gate saying she needs a bottle for a baby. WHAT???? Ran out….it’s a 3 day old lamb…who is so weak it can barely stand. We rush to get her a bottle. Very little mouth action but some. Then I realized how cold the baby was. And thin…skin and bones! In the end…I told her the baby was shutting down. BUT…good news is….that milk must have given her some strength….cuz she was able to feed her more after she got back home! Yay!!! Go baby Lambchop!!! She sent me a photo of her standing! I’ll put it in the blog. Got the last package mailed, and Zeus appears to be getting enough milk now…he skipped 2 bottles last night and only took a sip this morning. Then the electric guy came to check the powerline areas to see what trees need to come down. Hmmm…the huge oak by the front porch. :=(( It’s only half dead! What a bummer. Ok…so what I meant was…not much accomplished with the goats today. I had plans…hopefully tomorrow. I plan to take a med bucket around and give meds. The girls have been on pasture a few days now and I wanna get them wormed…and give some shots to those who need it as well. Also…we need to shear Pirouette quick…her bag is big and I don’t think it’ll be 3 more weeks. Gotta get those curls off! Also, since she’s pregnant…and the only goat left to shear….I will probably put Mimi or someone like that and do a fake shear…so Pirouette is not the only one…therefore won’t be beat up so bad. Ya…I think of these things. Well, she’s got babies in the belly….doesn’t need to be rammed!

We are supposed to have storms tonight. Not great. The girls have decided they only like one pen. So…the entire herd now sleeps in the Girls pen and the Ladies pen lays empty. Surely they will go to the other pen and house if its storming????? Not enough room in there for all of them in the house. I just went to down to give the bottle…only made the one large this time…and of course, Zeus said he was hungry too…Well, he really wasn’t…just jealous. But when I couldn’t find Flutterbug….I was about to freak and go check the pond….when I hear her cry and come up over the hill from the pond! Rushed to her… while scolding the ladies….and discover a whole dang passel of babies down at the pond…alone…asleep. I told those ladies that’s not how we do things here. Hmmm. Hope they understood! Ye don’t leave babies unattended!!!

Hmmm…went out to do the rest of feeding and the watering and the girls were all hanging out at the house. Boring. It’s a very cloudy day, and so far…I have very few photos. May have to dig back and use some new to you…but not new. Wow. I feel good. Feel like I helped save a life today. I remember thinking while stroking that baby, that I get to grieve for a strangers baby and not just my own…cuz I had already fallen in love. Yup…I fall easy folks! And man oh man….lambs are sooooo much bigger than my goat babies! HUGE!!! Isn’t that funny though? To show up at my gate??? Hehe. She knows Jesse and therefore knows I have goats. I had just dumped an entire unused bottle….when she showed up and I made another. So…yay. Save a life! And….get a new friend. Pretty cool. I’m starving…so I’m gonna cook my dinner early. See ya next time. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. PS….Namaste Farms Blogtalk tonight! Martin Dally will discuss the breedbox and the different types of wool in them. Good info! 8pmcentral…..just go to blogtalk radio then search namaste farms.














2 thoughts on “I saved a life today….well, I helped!!!

    • Lol. There’s always Emmett….the Rambouillet wether who lives with the cows and hasn’t been sheared in 2-3 years!!!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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