An improper Plea? no

I upset some people tonight. I phrased my request in a way that…well, wasn’t flattering, I suppose. I can’t even pronounce the word Colleen used…and my daughter called me as well, quite upset. Look. It’s simple. I have low self esteem, I have ….oh man…….not so simple. I don’t think my stuff will sell…therefore it doesn’t…and I don’t try. Why? Cuz it’s mine. I hold myself to several standards. In some I am quite competent! IN others…I fail at everything. Bottom line….it’s my kids 21st birthday and after the life he’s had…and after he cried today about his loss of childhood…and the state of his life…and I had 27 dollars in the bank. My hubby bought him a gift…but in all reality…that gift was not bought cuz Jesse wanted it…or even needed it…it was bought so that our…mine and hubbys tools…could be brought back home and him not use them. I ain’t stupid. He doesn’t like my kids. It’s the hardest part of the marriage.

So….I said…who wants to take advantage of me in an extreme way? Who wants something I have? A painting…fleece…a goat? Wow! I got orders! I’ve probably sold about 10 max, doubt even that…fleeces in all the 5 ½ years of having goats. I also sold a painting! Not an expensive one…but it’s a painting! Why wasn’t it expensive? Heck if I know? Cuz it was a scene and not a large close up of an animal…lol who knows. I only showed it during the Kid n Ewe photos while hanging. It’s of the Napping Tree…in the L. The tree is in the center and some of the goats are either laying or walking. My goats. Georgia and Etta, Maya and Heaven…Milly, Crystal and Butters and a few more. While doing messaging….I ended up in a conversation that really helped me. I found myself telling her that I had lots of stories. As I said that…more crept in my brain….very special stories. I do have plenty!!! Which reminded me….of my worth. If God does/did that for me….who am I to say I’m no good? Shame on me! Proselytized. That’s the word Colleen used. Yay for spellcheck this time. But I told her….and my hubby….these are my kids. I will always help them as long as I’m alive.

So….I don’t know how y’all fiber sellers do it. Natalie…good GOD….hats off to ya. I only had 5 orders! It took me all night to gather info, gather fiber, etc. I have an offer of help tomorrow to walk me through…multi sale postage with paypal. Hehe…I’m so not a business person….if I was…I would be simply selling on a regular basis…instead of these panic sales…where I beg for help. Lol, not my first rodeo. Remember, I had to do it at Christmas after the scammer fell through on her order of 3 paintings. BTW….if anyone wants to know who the scammer is….I’ll be happy to inform you privately. Cuz she surely could be in your world and you not even know it. So…ya. I begged tonight. For my boy…I begged. For you…..I might beg too! Depends on the circumstances.

I thought tonight, I should write my stories. Now I’m stumped. How to write a book of stories about spiritual happenings…and have it make sense. These are separate stories. Some tiny, some long. Hmmm, I’ll ponder it…and y’all can pipe in if ya have an idea. Well….it’s 2:43am = 9 = endings…..Ending of this day for sure…getting sleepy. Tomorrow I’ll tell ya how the babies are. Night night.

Wow…woke up at 10am, early for me…and after giving bottles, immediately began packing boxes. Boxes were an issue. Who knew? Got nearly all completed…then it was time for my friend Ann to come. I called and she was willing to wait for me to go to the post office. Wait she did. I have one package left to mail tomorrow, cuz I’m a dummy. I forgot to take the fleece to see which box it would fit in…or….bring home some flat rate boxes to see. Forgot to tell ya…since I didn’t know the state of the other fleeces…..these all came from my own personal stash. :=)) Got back to the house at 2 and Ann was waiting. We chatted, then went to visit babies. She was in heaven and wants to take Zeus home. Or at least his fleece…I settled on half…cuz I need red. I even sold half of Opti’s baby fleece!!!!!! Can you imagine? Oh man…that should be one happy lady! First fleeces are important here…. But I sent 3 out today…without even taking a handful for the baby blanket of all the babies born here. I forgot….so if I ever finish the blanket…it will be minus 3. Not that big a deal.

So…..the babies. Hehe. Irresistible. All are well. All are growing and all are getting to go out on greenie rounds now. There’s usually a few who slept through and a babysitter or two is always there. Last year they didn’t always leave a babysitter…guess they knew I would do it. What fun though on the walk. The babies stayed close to moms unless we were near the pond. Then they grouped together and played…..and played hard. Headbutting, raring up, slams….and of course the gymnastical twists and leaps. Sochi is already wanting to make babies. Tried to get Crystal yesterday…and a baby today. Boys. Zeus let Ann give him the bottle then he laid in her lap. Erbie and Peaches are big enough now and get to go too. Growing fast! I see babies going from teat to teat….with a twin set…and I wonder if they are all making enough milk….but the babies all do stretches and seem very full of energy. As with each year…I have my favorites. The favorite fleece babies and the favorite cuz they touch my heart babies. I have 5 fleece favorites. Peaches, Erbie, Moonbaby, Rainbow and Rosie. My special heart babies are……Rainbow, Zeus, Flutterbug and Squirrel. OHHHHHH…and Erbie!!!!!! I despise putting words on my pretty photos….but I may occasionally so you will know who is who. If it’s a wild pattern with brown ears….it’s either Peaches or Erb. Same type coloring but no brown ears…then it’s either Rainbow or Moonbaby and Rainbow has a black backend. Rosie has a white fleece with many colors of patterns. The red baby without white…is Oceana….the red and white baby is Zeus. The blacks are difficult. Biggest is Sochi, then Sunshine, then Cookie and Thor. And then there’s the whites and I can’t help ya there. Lol. Oh, and the pale browns that I’m so curious about what they’ll do. Ha…don’t turn white!!! Hehe. I finally sat down at 6:30…to wolf some food down….and then I began typing. Now it’s time for a bottle again. I don’t ever catch up. Lovin me some baby goats though!!! Ahhh, time to go. Thank you all who helped me last night or offered to help. Blessings to you!!! Oh…no repeat of Shear Madness tonight…but they will be airing a marathon soon. Saturday is the last episode…and she said the ratings were good…so yay….hopefully a season 2. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


















4 thoughts on “An improper Plea? no

  1. Glad to be able to help you. I think it’s just the way artists and writers are made. It’s not easy for us to sell our works. Your goats are one of your works, and their fleeces are another key to your creativity. Don’t worry about how you phrased your request for a sale. You wrote what popped into your head at the time. I was not offended. I know what you meant and feel blessed and grateful to be able to work with one of your fleeces. (o:

    • Awwe that’s really sweet Traci. Yes…right down to the art…they’re my babies. Fleeces…my babies. Hehe. And of course the goats themselves!!! I sent you Kitchie. He’s the only black baby here that stayed black. Not a coal black but still black. He’s a sweet boy! Thank you again and I hope you enjoy spinning Kitchie. Please let me know if you like it or don’t like it!!! Please! Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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