seeking Inspiration…..

I wonder what it would take to stimulate me. It’s scary. Where is my inspiration? I tried to work on Mary tonight, for the first time since January…but no. Not into it. I started building an owl on a tshirt for in case I go to the last day of Sherwood Forest. But then, things happened. I was also trying to reach 5,000 on twitter, cuz I thought I could. And…I could have…but I lost 2 hours of time to do so. Yup…Jesse’s home now. AND…..I retweeted for Shear Madness. Between the two, I lost time. Silly, yes….when I reach 5,000…it will go back down to 495…but in a day…it will be well over. I don’t know why I have to collect these followers…I just do. I always JUST DO…..what is in my heart to DO. Silly stuff. Not important in the scheme of things to my known knowledge as of yet…so I do what I feel to do. Do YOU?

So…..Here’s the deal on the Shear Madness. I support it with all of me. I tweet it. I retweet it. I put my TV’s at the channel. And I watch…or at least have on….the DVR episodes. I, right now, am watching Hunger Games2, Girl on Fire…yet, my tv is playing Shear Madness. Earlier, I even put on the tv in the living room. Have I gone excessive? Or is this normal helping mode? Ya…pretty normal. It’s just me. I like to help. I got thanked on Twitter earlier for retweeting a song. I told them too…I like to help. This new Vet in the Yukon, or something…well… That’s right up my alley as well. Both need 2nd seasons…and I haven’t even seen the vet show…just a split second with an owl….but shoot…this vet isn’t like Dr Pol, she works on wildlife, as opposed to farm animals…for the most part I think.

Hubby is still in India. He will be home all too soon. I am enjoying not having to cook. Or bag lunches. But alas….life returns. Not all that different really…just not cooking. :=) Ok….so…Star is the biggest freaker outer when her baby goes out of bounds. Jeesh!!! Valey is letting me pet the big huge Diplo…who seems to have an interest in me. Some do…some don’t. Sasha and Sunshine have lost theirs, since the others have been born……just like Star did last year. Too much space between the births. Kinda good though cuz they were becoming painful on my back. But they’ve both been plenty touched!!! How will I sell them??? Goodness. Ok…well…yay, I got a blog out. Good for me. Heheheheeeeeeeeee. Night night sweeeeet ones. 2:43am = 9 = endings.

It’s a rainy day. Not heavy, just there. Went to go sit with the babies anyway, but Flutterbug wanted a bottle. Not time yet. Hmmm, I guess I have to only go down at bottle time??? Yikes. Won’t get much socializing done that way…but when she sees me…she then decides she’s hungry and since I won’t give her any, she tries from other mommies. Not good. Cute as the dickens though. I’ve worked on the owl some today….but put it up to go play, hmmm. Worked on it a bit more…then just went and fed. Bottle first, then girls…then play and socialize…take photos…then….off to feed the yearling boys…and the bigboys….then back to the girls to water and hay. Done now. Well, except for the 10:00pm bottle and the bedtime bottle. Tonight is Namaste Farms BlogTalk Radio…join in if you wish! Hope that link works…I just guessed. If not…just go to blogtalkradio and search Namaste farms. Natalie received the painting and said they all love it. Yay!!! She was kind enough to share a photo, lol, saying….the genius of MamaSheri. Hehehe. Two words I don’t usually see together! LOL. Oh…and about that Twitter. Did I make it? Well, no. I was 6 short at bedtime, but as of right now…..I have 5,059 twitter followers. I got some skills in this, eh??? Hehe…it’s just something fun for me to do. Like a treat. Ugggh, the video monitor is not working correctly today and makes this unnerving blip sound. Can’t figure out what changed. If I can’t figure it out…this sucker is comin out!!! About to drive me nuts. Not like I need to listen for labor sounds anymore though…just baby screams! :=)

Speaking of babies….Zeus has chosen me. He loves me. Hehe. He will come and do the face sniff lip thing, like Rainbow….but then he just steps into my lap and goes to sleep. Both are things that my Kya did every day. God, I adored that baby. More than any other before her. She was a twin…but I didn’t feel that way about her twin. You don’t choose who you love….and I guess the goats don’t either…it’s either in your heart…or it’s not. Squirrel. Squirrel comes to me….lets me touch him…but Emma won’t. Star snuck out for a second today…ha….right back in she went. Blip blip blip goes the monitor. I’m outta here folks. Have a great night. See your words on Blogtalk if you’re there and chattin!!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

















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