Impromptu rant…

I wasn’t planning on blogging today,and I’m not sure why I am now…but I just feel a bit sad. No, not my normal sad. I’m watching the last episode of Shear Madness on the tv, and Livestream Live….on my laptop and phone. Am I obsessed? Maybe. The show is on….for the ratings. The livestream is on…so I can watch! So what’s the problem? Hate mail. Trolls and hatemail. Natalie is experiencing excessive amounts of both. From my chair, it looks like the comments are very positive with the occasional hater. Obviously….my chair is giving a flawed perspective. I literally just heard Natalie say….”It’s not worth it”. Not worth the hell she’s going through. That my friends, is very sad. As a kind person my whole life….I just don’t understand that mentality. The….let’s be mean for something to do….something for me to get my rock off…mentality. I guess God had to put some balance in. If everyone was kind…..there would be no issues to experience. But man. TO be the recipient of those people….sucks. I have, in many ways at many times….haven’t we all. Ha…not even worth a question mark….cuz its not a question. It’s a statement. Haven’t we all. Yes. But unfortunately, these types of people seem to flock to the famous. Probably cuz they feel like a no one. So…..I just think it’s sad. She may not even want to do another season if the people are gonna be so cruel. Send her some love folks….send her some love.

Ok…well, since I’m here. An update. All babies have now been born. Unless Mimi and Milly are(need to triple check one last time)…and of course Pirouette in mid April. But ya….we be DONESKY!!! So. Etta had twins….one of each….by herself….both are pale brown and white, but very pale…pinto. Speaking of pale…..little Oceana was a very pale red and now she’s dark!!! Yay! Anyway….I thought they were pink! Hehe. Come daylight, it’s pale light brown. Then….Valey had hers also on her own, this was yesterday for both. Emma and Squirrel. Valey had a boy….much like Etta’s, only even paler. Diplo.(a rapper…guess who named him?) Thing about this one is…..Diplo is……the size of a ONE MONTH OLD!!! No wonder I thought she would twin. And no troubles getting him out, wow. Out of the batch of jumping beans….one……ONE, is a bottle baby. Flutterbug hears my voice and comes runnin! It wasn’t that we grew tired of forcing her to feed….she dried up her milk!!!!!! WHAT???? The baby still doesn’t understand, so I have to pry her mouth open….then once it’s in…she chugs away. She will eventually figure it out. I’m holding out as long as I/we can…before I release them into the L. Need more bonding time with me….and a few are still very small.

The new moms are finally starting to chill when a baby comes near…and there’s less and less head butting every day. THANK GOD. Last night I had to keep catching a crawling wet baby….to keep it away from the fence holes going into the non pregger pen. After moving Diplo 3 times and he made it around the entire pen….I finally put him in the house. He stayed there safely all night and she just now got him out and has his big self sunning. Hubby missed all of the births, but he don’t care. He is in INDIA right now. Left Saturday…home Saturday. Finished my tiny project. 4 oven mitts. Rushed to the Post Office today with them, before the clients festival this weekend…talk about the last minute! Also sent off a few more things. I had a request for a palmsize sample of fiber. Hehehe. What did the lovely lady get??? Well, a tiny bit of……..Picasso, Choxie, Valey, Star and Etta. Hahahahaaa. Decisions decisions. Ya. Not so good at those. Ok, so maybe it was an extra large palm size sample. Ok…..well, I guess that’s it. There goes Sochi….hollerin for the other kids to come out and play!!! The moms don’t like him much, lol. Ok…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















8 thoughts on “Impromptu rant…

  1. Beautiful babies!
    sad about the hate mail… it seems to be the inevitable cost of having a public life these days. ESPECIALLY if it has anything to do with animals! I have heard idiots promoting never shearing animals, never containing animals… the list goes on~

    • I know…it is crazy. Some chick on the natgeowild site said Natalie killed all those baby chicks then ostracized the whole herd dog USA people for buying out of country. Are you kidding me? Rediculous. Ya, thanks. Them babes are somethin else this year!! I want to keep them all!!! But I can’t. :((

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  2. The babies are absolutely gorgeous. I hope Natalie will reconsider. She has found a way to be sustainable and successful and is willing to share. That is what made her a target for the Trolls. I wonder how many people realize the trolls are paid to do what they do? Not long ago D at Removing the Shackles did an expose on them in her blog. That included the company paying them. They target those that can share information that is beneficial to others and can help them prosper. I’ll see if can find that on D’s blog again, so all can see how they do this and why.

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