a sprained FOOT…..and Baby LOVE

Well…there’s nothing lingering about Jesse. We go, we do, we get it over with. We just went to do the last feeding…it’s after 2am…and rush rush rush. I wanted to observe, see who was feeding who before we went there again, but no. Alas. But it’s ok. All are fed and have full bellies. A good feeling. Went to feed Erbie, but he wouldn’t take the teat. All I can guess from that is that he was either too sleepy…or he had already eaten. I felt his belly like I saw Natalie do…too late to look for a stretch…hey….it’s late, what can I say…big hard damn day. But….with the best prize. I now have 2 sets of spectacular twins. I told Cathy I need to call them by a group name…The spectaculars….and The Most awesomes!!! If they hadn’t been born……the others would have flowed my cup to China. These 2 twin sets…flowed me to the Pleiades. Wayyyyyy past the moon. My stomach hurts from the love. The absolute love. Pure and innocent. It tastes of amniotic fluid. And it reeks of…..the efforts of a midwife. I AM a midwife. I assist goats with their labor. Period. Debate me if you will. Todays ordeal with Georgia was due to inexperience. I have never gone in….and not found a leg or a head. Just a sack. I believe it was Mea’s trick that worked. We lifted Georgia’s back legs in the air…..to elevate…to let the babes slip back down…and be able to tumble again…to rearrange. YES. Good KNOWLEDGE.

Another thing I’m running into….the babies sleeping where they may…and the Queen goats blocking the way for the moms to get to the babies. Lots of noise. Lots of…..is it a goat in labor or is it a goat who can’t get to her baby or her baby is sheltered so well, she can’t find it. My heart is overflowing and I’m finding myself with a dilemma. Do I veer from my original plan? Do I sell a lot of these babies as people wish? Or do I do as my Master Plan went…and wait one more year. Confusing. Wish I could talk to someone business savvy about it.

Believe it or not…I’m going to veer from goats. HUNGER GAMES. Didn’t have plans to see it, no desire….but a friend suggested it so hubby bought 1 & 2.Holy toledo!!! Great movie…with a horrible plot…that just sucks you in so big. Where’s 3?????????????????? Hehehe. Ya, I’m a movie girl. Well….it’s that time. Time to stop talking. Time to try…ha…try…to wind down. I hear the goats on the monitor and have the days traumatic events seered and replaying in my memory…..so…unwind Sheri….unwind. Night night sweet sweet people. Wait till you see the new baby girl….Peaches…when she’s clean. I’m anticipating it with bated breath. Love you guys….Night night. 2:37am = 3 = HOLY TRINITY.

I woke in the night screaming with pain. Apparently when I fell while trying to catch Heaven…I sprained my foot. I wrapped it in an Acebandage and then I slipped it into my boot…..and ooooh…….the relief. All snug now, so less pain. Ok…..let’s see. Baby Erbie, so tiny, got milk on his own today!!! Happy didn’t stomp her foot and I just had my hand ready to grab it if she did…so…the whole feeding she simply stood…while Cathy held the horns and I helped steer Flutterbug. That baby did the whole….I’m gonna poke your udder to kingdom come…thing…several times…and not a flinch from Happy. We might…..might…be getting there. And Heaven. I haven’t seen Zeus eat yet, but I could just be missing it. I watched him just now walk right up to the teat…sniff around but not get a drink…and Heaven let him. So….we’ll see. He’s doing the cat stretch, so so far so good. And back to Georgia….Peaches. WOW. Those spots are so close together, like tiny speckles….and therefore…each curl on her body…is a candycane curl. Are you friggin kidding me?????? YES!!!! I mean NO!!!…lol.

Due to a lull…I did indeed mail Natalie’s package…but not the other cuz I couldn’t find the address. Then I came and just sat, played, held, kissed and observed. While sitting in the alley, next to the fence….Maya came over. Maya has NOTHING to do with me. She wanted to say hi. I held my hand partway towards her and let her come to it….things like that and we had fun. We played. Hehe, she’s like 3 or 4!!! I see a few babies that are similar in color that could cause a bit of headache telling them apart when they all join up as one herd soon. I’m trying to learn the tiny differences. And once they’re bigger….they’ll all blend together. Hehe. That would be Thor, Cookie, and Sunshine. All 3, black with white bellies and whisps up and down legs. Another dilemma. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Where Georgia and her babes are…is not covered. Still too tiny and weak to go to general population. Maybe I’ll cover it. I gotta figure something out….oh crap…right….hubby is now telling me I need to drive him to the airport tomorrow…2 does left……a drive that’s over 2 hours??????????? I dunno about all that. Damn….and if I do gotta…..shit. What to do, what to do.

The lady I get some fiber from, Camaj….had her FB page shutdown by FB for using it as a business. She lost everything…so is having to rebuild her clientele. Jeesh. So, Natalie was afraid it would happen to her so she changed her page to her name…then opened a few business pages. When she went to post today to tell the people that she had 365 friend requests…and she needed to selectively choose her friends….the people went nuts. I was driving home from the post office and when I got here…a message saying…Natalie is asking for your help in a post!!! Well. Not sure how much I helped…just told em to calm down and give the lady a break. She would share with the people any way she could. Can you imagine the headache? All the stress of the trolls…the ratings…and now this. Golly bum.

Oh shoot. Just looked at the weather app from in my room…and saw it better…the sun, jeesh….and it will rain at 3am. Damn. I gotta figure this out now. Add to that…Jesse left to go work at the bar. Says he’ll be back tonight…which means 1am or so….and I gotta feed maybe!!!! Damn, again. Ok…Cathy is coming over and we’ll move her back to her pen. I’m having flashbacks of baby Diamond who died during a bad storm and the Queens were in front and she couldn’t get to the baby. Oh man…my Erbie!!!! I have fallen hard for him! Well….gotta get to doin some of this. Have a great weekend y’all!!! Don’t forget to watch SHEAR MADNESS Saturday night 10/9c and then Spreecast after the show. Fun times!!! Ok…Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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