Lordie….what a DAY

The interesting situations with goats…when you get to sit with them or listen to them you realize what the sounds are that you hear on the monitor. See…here’s an example. Star. Low on the totem pole, first time mommy, loves her baby. LOVES her baby. Well, baby sleeps where baby wants to sleep. Being low on the totem pole……sometimes the baby sleeps in a spot where she can’t get to it. Today was a perfect example. The area behind and around the house is about 4 ft. There was a new mom on each end…and her baby was in the middle. This is exactly what happened to my most beautiful white baby ever, Diamond, although Flutterbug is running 2nd. The difference is….it happened to Diamond during a raging thunderstorm of unnatural proportions. A freak storm. Well, this year it’s Star. But her baby is strong now…been alive a few days. Diamond had just been born….too weak to survive the night without food and the cold and wet. Trapped…away from her mommy. So precious. So Precious.

Oh…and I had to use my left hand! I only cut the nails on the right hand in preparation. :=( BUT….I was very careful. Very careful. Gave Star a shot of LA 200 today, damn…I so hate that drug. Just in case. Kimberly suggested not pulling the head when presented without finding at least one leg. I think, I have a vague recollection that I did that….it’s just that there were so many births for me that day that they are all swimming together. I’m used to 2 a day at most giving birth. Not 5. NOT 5. And ALL….NEW mommies!!! Someone said they could do it with their hands tied behind their back……..Hmmm. I’m glad they have that much experience…I’m still at year 5. Oh gosh…tired. Runniing back and forth at every questionable cry. Just got Flutterbug fed and it’s 3:07 = 1 = HOLY….sweet babies! Night! Love you guys.

Oh what a DAY!!! 9am, Georgia was hollerin. Went down and all checked. A few minutes later, I checked again and the non pregger girls had busted outta their jail. Even Heaven somehow squeezed outta her gate. Munchin away on the greenies…which are very lush. After many hours….I call Jesse down to go inside Georgia. I look up…and Heaven is laying in the pasture. Run to her…yup….they both are in labor. She is not friendly. We ended up 3 of us…walking her, steering her to her pen. Yay. Went in. Too small to come out. Cathy even had to help. 3 people. While I pulled the legs, she loosened around the head. Finally…wooosh. A red and white boy named…Zeus. She is not feeding Zeus so is in a small enclosure. Back to Georgia. Went in. Felt liquid only. Called Mea. No answer, then Lisa, no answer. Greta helped on FB, then Mea answered. Did a lift hind legs in air thing…to shift baby. Felt like back or butt. Dilated her myself. After a few pushes…went in again and was able to find a leg…then another. And wooosh. Peaches!!!!! Good mommy! Started gathering stuff to go to the house for a bit to let them bond….when….I see a bag….then white…then woosh!!!! HERB!!! Herbie……pronounced…erbby….Peaches and Herb!!! So…….I’m pooped. Lots of pulling. Lots of stress. Making the pasture part sound easy. NOT. Can’t believe she fit through that gate. I came up to the house to take a break. Went to text hubby and it was 4pm!!! Started at 9!!! Just now sitting again at 6:30. Just got Peaches and Herb moved and fed…had to switch houses so could put in a stall. Baby Erbie…ya, easier to spell it like that….well, they area might tiny…and Erb kept crawling and crawling…it was getting dangerous. Pearl was threatening him. So, they are moved. Babies are weak…Erb especially, so I help them nurse. Georgia is a great mommy and is making a sad coo sound. Got Zeus fed again and decided to let her out to be with her mom and Maya may make her feed him. It’s a test. Then we got Flutterbug fed….harder and harder each time. Soon, the feedings should improve and dwindle.

So. Down to 2 left. Valey and Etta. I name my babies based on what their moms name is. Valey was named that cuz my sister asked. She is named for my sister. So…that means Valey’s baby will be named after a human. If it’s a girl….hmmm, gee….what human is significant in my life right now? Natalie!!! Hehehe. I’m all Shear Madness addicted and twitterpated…so….Natalie it is if she has a girl. I don’t choose boy names till I need em. Hehe…want GIRLS!!! Uggggh. This has been one long day. Didn’t make it to the post office yet…..got 2 paintings to mail. No, I haven’t sold any….one is for Natalie, I showed you and the other is just time for it to go home. See what tomorrow brings. Sure would like to get it sent off to Natalie though…she’s so dang stressed over the nasty commenters. People can be so cruel. Ok…well….I’m pooped. Gonna end early. Brain fried. Wait till you see these babies!!!!!!! YeeHaw!!!!! Signing off at YeeHaww Ranch! Ps…..they are still dirty! You can’t see their true colors yet in todays photos…but you’ll still like!!! PSS. Natalies Blogtalk radio show is tonight at 8pmc, at Blogtalk Radio….Namaste Farms. Join in!!!















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