the KIDDING storm…

I’m not sure anymore. About anything. Was a baby just born….? I just asked Jesse. He said yes. I said…anything since the brown one? No. Oh ya…we just fed the babies. Ya, see…I’m nearly delirious. Will I be able to differentiate the births? The memories, I mean. I think this happened somewhat last year but not like this. This is a kidding storm. 5 babies….to 5 mommies. Not only that…but when I suggested it was time we go check, as we were walking through the L to get to the pens…Jesse spotted something. It was either…coyote or fox. Not a cat. So…we let the pups in the L and at the end, we left Bubba in. But…we had to go back, see…cuz a baby was born and Bubba wanted out so now Baby Girl is in…and I told her to WORK. She’s my girl. I gotta brag. Gotta go there folks. Here come the birth stories!!! I think I told you about Rosie’s birth with the Grandma getting in the way and having to be moved, well, today..some more got moved. Mimi and Milly were fighting all over the pen while Mimi’s 2nd born had a minutes old baby there. So…ME, myself and I…got her, Milly, and Crystal…into the unused greeny filled pen directly attatched to them. Later, I even added Flower and Pirouette. But during the fox incident….Flower had escaped and was standing in the alley…free reign to the fox..!!!!!!!!! So…the non preggers are now in a separate pen. Except Joy. Joy is literally attatched to Petunia and Rosie like Velcro.

So…I woke at 5:30am to a holler. It was Milky and she had just had Tenshi…Angel, in Japanese. (subject to change for the…can’t remember the name aspect). She fed her all on her own. Then Cathy came over. She wanted to see a birth. Well, she got one big time. I guarantee her adrenaline is still runnin 90 to nothin. Star and Happy had both been hollering since the night before. As the night and day progressed it got louder. Long spurts inbetween. No goo. I called Jesse, woke him and asked him to come. A few hours later he did but not in time. For that one. Anyways……So…no goo. No goo. At least an hour of screaming, no goo. So…Cathy agreed…she hates this….to hold the goat. She held Star by the horns and I could only get 2 fingers in. Not dilated…but…I could feel…that baby was there…right there…like stuck. So…I went in…many many times….slowly. slowly stretching. Water would gush…again……stretching. Finally, the sack appeared. Hmmm. Supposed to see 2 white feet. Only one. First time ever. So I pushed the sack back in. Pulled out. She pushed. Nothing. So..back in. Found the foot again. Finally found another and pulled it in line with the first and pulled with all my might. Hard. Hardddddd pulls. Down. Then there was the head…with the tiny little tongue trapped out…hanging…..stuck. Push….nothin….Push…nothing…slid my fingers around the lip to stretch…stretch. Then……pull. PULLLLLLL! PULL DOWN! And woosh! Out came baby THOR. I got up…walked away…told Cathy to leave…went to the pen corner and cried. She fed her baby right off.

Jesse arrives. We go to see the babies, he hasn’t seen and there is Maya with baby Princess, just born. No sound. We were in my room with the monitor on. WOW. Then I see Happy is laying on her side. All day screaming…she is finally ready. I rush in. The head is out. Not going anywhere. No glove….I just pulled. Pulled that head and out that baby came. My new motto is just get it out. We watched Hunger Games 2, then went for a last check for him…he was going to bed. Ya right. Pearl. Pearl. I had to go in with Pearl too. She labored and labored with no progress. When that happens…my insight is to go in. Go in slowly and it opens things up…you dilate them and it starts the end process…the water gushes and you’re off. It’s late and dark, but I think that baby might be brown or red with a white head. Then…we latched Pearl and Oceana…got her fed for the night…then did the same for Happy and Flutterbug. See…when the doe doesn’t feed the baby…it’s hungry….it goes looking for food. That’s dangerous. Does can be very dangerous. Way more than bucks in my experience. It’s the girls that toss a baby in the air with their horns. Wow. I just covered 5 births in less than 750 words. Oops…752. The babies are all bonding and playing and I’ve been able to socialize them all from the start. All from this bumper crop will allow me to touch them. Takes work…time….play. LOVE. Hubby came down to the pens the other day….said…oh ya….you’re working. Ya dude, I am. If I don’t…I have goats that won’t come near me or other humans…bad scenario forever. Ya…man…I’m workin!!! I need to say night night…so I can try to wind down. Hrmmmphhhhh. 1:35am = 9 endings. Hmmm. Ya…the kidding storm nearly ends the births. Just in time for me to NOT go to Arizona. I realized recently that I can’t. I can’t leave it to anyone. Noone else can do it. Cathy is not into it enough to be able to grasp it. Neither is Jesse. Jesse would sleep. No. I can’t go…even though the universe did indeed provide. Night.

Sleep. I got some! About 6 hours!!! And no new babies today. Only 4 left…and Ineed them to go now. It’s getting mighty crowded in the pens and new mommies are protective and cranky. I’ve been sitting in the pens mostly…going from one to one…socializing and playing….and watching for signs. Belle’s babies have a really good spot to hide and sleep…and today she found em and tried to go in with em!!! Hehehe. Still working with Happy and Flutterbug. Thought we had it and I have a photo to prove it…but she just gets so agitated if baby goes to teat. Maybe there’s a problem. Not in my repertoire of experience. I just keep feeding the baby. Remember, last year she had a dead baby…birth…nothing to feed. The stress is catching up to me and I’m taking it out on Jesse. But DAMN…..! Ok….nerves are frayed……best go now. No idea how much of the stories I left out…they’re beginning to run together in my head. Tonight is Wednesday….which means….if you missed an episode of Shear Madness, it airs again. So…even if I was birthing a baby…I would have the show on…for the ratings. See ya. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. PS….I can’t ever remember Tenshi…so Milky’s baby has been renamed……Cookie. Cookie and Milky. :=)



















2 thoughts on “the KIDDING storm…

  1. ❤ pulling all my heart strings lady! I love these kids. Who's the little cream faced reddish one? And milk and cookies? You're killing me with adorableness.

    • That’s Oceana. :))) her mommy is Pearl. A bottle baby that came as a set with the rest of the pintos I bought. She and Georgia are like glue…as are Milky and Valey. Right now, milky and Valey are apart….but Georgia is now allowed into Pearls world since she had her baby and its been a day. Interesting stuff. :=)))

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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