Sleepless in Texas…

Ok, so I’m feelin kinda stupid right now. It’s ok though, cuz stupid is sometimes necessary. Here’s the deal. I’ll fess up for you. When I saw those babies…I saw this… stripes down both backs, black eyeliner and black lipstick. In my limited knowledge, that means….Blue. Then…they were pinto, which means an unduplicatable pattern. So…I thought I had gotten the blue pintos I had asked God for. Apparently not. But it’s ok cuz I think they are the most spectacular thing to ever be born here…at YeeHaw Ranch….except Kya….of course. Kya. Walked to me when born instead of her mother. Kissed me all day long. Oh…kiss really means…..they smell you…almost taste you. It’s the sweetest thing, to feel their lips on your face, tasting you. The innocence. The coyotes howl. I suppose they too are innocent, even though I carry resentment when they howl. They threaten my babies. But think of it. They are boys and girls too….making babies…and hungry. BUT…..YOU CAN”T eat my BABIES!!! My non Blue babies! Hehehe. Ya….well…what can I say. That’s what they look like to me…in fact…I took it one step further and decided that since Rainbow’s whole backend was black….that made her a peacock. A blue peacock pinto. See…I’m deranged I guess. So I looked up peacock briefly and it said tan. Nope…not tan. Oh well. And there seems to be no standard on the BLUES. Google it…go ahead. Nothing…nada. Heheheee…and then I woke up and remembered the main key ingredient in a Blue…..BLUE SKIN! Hehe…nope, pink….so more prayers for future breedings!!!

Did I tell you I made a painting of one of Natalie’s dogs? I can’t remember. Ha…thing is…I painted the photo that captured me. It just didn’t hit me that I wasn’t painting Lacy….her main dog. I was in fact, painting Lad…which I knew…confusing, I know….the dog that doesn’t listen to commands well. What can I say? I painted the dog that captured me with it’s life…movement…working. But still…I painted the wrong dog.I guess I’m on a stupid roll tonight but don’t worry…I’m ok. I miss the confident me of a few months ago. Come back sweetheart. Night night sweetheart, it’s time to go…3:48am = 6 = Earth. Hmmm.

3 hours sleep. Up at 7:30 , only to arrive a few seconds after the baby dropped. Petunia….the yearling…had a little girl. I named her Rosie. She is white, cream and silver. It was a long struggle after that. Petunia’s mom, Joy, was so into it that she was hovering…almost as if it were hers. She still has her fleece on and the baby kept thinking she was the mommy and going toward her. Cathy wasn’t home. Jesse couldn’t get a ride. Finally…I got Cathy’s hubby to come help me move her…right next door but separated by a wire fence. Oh my, you’da thought I killed them both. Jesse suggested the stanchion. In I drug it….and caught her…got her up….got the baby a couple sips….then let her down and took stanchion back out. Nope…didn’t understand. In comes the stanchion again…only this time…she keeps squirming out. Finally I flipped her. Got her down on her side, held her down and lay the baby at the teat. She drank her fill then slept. Upon wake….a few more steerings of Rosie in the right direction and wala…we have milk!!! It’s all good now, many feedings in at this time. I was in the pens for hours, socializing….and guess what…I was right…it IS Kya!!!!! She wakes and if she sees me…she walks to me…instead of mom…just like Kya. Then, she came and lay by me. I lay my hand on her and she put her head down and slept. Then I pulled her into my lap. She woke startled moments later so I cradled her to me and she slept again. Ahhhh, my Kya Rainbow. AND….she love LOVES me to pet her head. What gentle sweet soul. Pearl is grunting with every breath. Next up maybe???

Went to take a puff of my inhaler and it was empty. Here’s the deal. The gov insisted on changing the way inhalers are dispensed, so it’s a weird thingie that I twist and it advances a notch then it releases vapor. Turns out…that insisted on change…makes the inhaler now cost $270 and my copay has gone up $13. Are you kidding me? Well, at least I got a banana milkshake outta the deal. All was well when I returned…that’s when Pearl started her loudness. Pure misery for that one. Georgia is doing the opposite of goat behavior. Instead of becoming more friendly with me right before kidding…she is staying away from me now. So sad. My Georgia. On the other hand…we couldn’t have gotten closer, lol, maybe she had to change directions!!! Hehe. Ya, I’m silly. I’ve only had a few hours sleep each night for days now.

I now know what the sound is that sounds like a baby fell in the water. It’s a spooked flock of birds taking off en masse. But apparently I stressed it so much I created it. One of the queens threw little Crystal in the trough. Good thing I have it really low now. I was there, watched it. One screaming Mama for sure!!! Ahhh, Rosie’s awake. Love hearing them from my room. I love doing kidding season but it’s so hard sometimes. Being alone. Always doing it alone. No extra sets of hands for opening or closing of gates, holding of lights, holding still of goats, catching and moving goats….so many things that just 2 more hands would make such a difference for. Hubby won’t buy Jesse his cigarettes anymore cuz he’s not living here. He just kinda stopped coming home. Unless he needs more clothes or vitamins. If he needs em bad enough…he might come back and I’ll get those extra hands occasionally. When he’s awake or willing. I bred my entire herd with the thought that I had his help come kidding time. WRONG. Ok, well…we’ll see what tonight brings. My exhaustion is starting to show though. Till next time….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…Wordpress is so funny. It’s the first photo I upload that shows on the link on FB….until….it’s the last photo I upload…and now….now it’s the friggin next to last.They don’t like us having control, eh? Now that I know again which slot to put the best photo…we’re good to go. Heheeee













5 thoughts on “Sleepless in Texas…

  1. Those are some beautiful kids. Youve got a good herd going. You are an amazimg, strong woman. I admire your tenacity. =) Hope you get some rest soon.

  2. Congrats on the healthy kids. Mine are starting to come too (I bred my dairy does to a friend’s angora buck) I’ve had a set of triplets and a set of twins, all boys.

    When my youngest went off to college I had to make some major changes to my set up, since he was my main helper. It all works fine now, after some fine tuning. Stick to it, you can do it!

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