Somewhere over the Rainbow Moon…..

I tell ya what. Call me Looney…but I have learned this for the final time. When I speak to an animal…no matter which one or which kind…I will speak in English, in a normal tone…as if I am speaking to a human. Why? Life works so much better that way. I’ve dealt with this for so long and tonight…it sunk…it sunk in. They understand. And….they are grateful. Tonight, Belle had her TWINS!!! One of each! Belle doesn’t….or didn’t…like me. Never has since day one she got here. I asked permission to sit on the lip of the house while she had them. She gave it. She began to be scared and in pain and I sang to her. Somewhere over the rainbow…my version. She didn’t like it when I stopped so I just sang it over and over. It is a full moon! She delivered the babes but she didn’t want them anywhere near her backend. She was very nervous and issues arose…other baby goats, their moms….the damn cat came in the pen….to hear the singing. So…I left her to get to know her babies and hopefully feed them. Eventually the babies said…we’re hungry!!! NOW!!! So…I went back down. I prayed…told her the babies were hungry and needed to eat…then picked one up and placed it near her teat. She tried to walk away…but let me stop her….and hold on….then I got one latched on. It drank!!! Then…I tried to latch the 2nd and she said no…and she laid down…so, I latched it on while she lay there. I then rubbed the lil one as it ate…and she cleaned the other. Switched em and did the same. Full bellies…my job is done for the night…as far as they are concerned. Nobody else is showing signs though, so…heavy wonderful sigh of relief. Belle. Twins. A first timer. Twins. Thank God, not triplets, Tracee had me concerned. But it’s over. Yayayayayayaaaay. She even let me run my hands on her while she lay cleaning and feeding. AND……both are dirty dirtyyyyyy…..but they sure appear pinto to me. Can’t wait to see em all cleaned up. Rainbow around the Moon. Full Moon. Rainbow…and Moon. (partially in honor of my Moonie). Also…the coloring on the one…the doe I think….oh man…let me see, let me see!!!!!

The show was awesome tonight…again! Gosh I loved those chickens! Especially the Blue…hehehe, of course. I raised 50 exotics once…lots of tophats, etc. All dead to wildlife. I quit. But, man….so gorgeous. And her chicken…lol….MyChicken…..too pretty and too funny. She named her chicken…My Chicken! And the poor lamb. Been there. So sad. Todd…that big huge ram…man…glad it’s not me. So glad it’s not me. Ya….I am so diggin this show it’s ridiculous. What will I do when the season is over????? Oh….I prayed that Belle would wait until both the show and Spreecast were over. Well….I closed that browser window and then…..Belle cried. Thank you Father. Oh and before I went back down…I visualized them both drinking milk. Ahhh, they’re awake! :=)) Ok…night night….time to wind down…ya right! What color are they????? What color is that doe???? 2:10am = 3 = HOLY.

Ugggh….who knew it would be so hard to get good photos of these wee ones??? Took some this morning but it was dark and dismal. Went to town after realizing nobody was showing labor signs so we went for that 2nd camera! Oh yayay Its so much better! Then I let all the non preggers out of the one pen, too much worry over mean non mommies. After feeding, I went in for play session/socializing. New babes already used to my touch cuz I handled em right after birth. Sasha…getting used to it and maybe even liking it….Sunshine, little slower and Sochi….nope. They’re eating well…thank you MamaSheri….for the two lessons last night!!! Have to take the new camera back…its broken but will work well enough tonight. Shoot….with the pan….I can even see into the other pen…which could make one unnecessary…but dunno yet. In the end…letting the girls out was not the right solution so I put them back and all it cost me was half a scoop of food.

Ok…..back to the new babies!!! My lottery babies. That’s what it feels like…I won the lottery! I am soooo over the moon. They are small. They are loud. They are freakin adorable. Silver messes, both. Hehehe. He’s sorta fluffyish. Still patches of dirt but wowza the markings are cool. Rainbow….comes to me. Might be my Kya….remember, she said she was coming back as twins. She really feels like Kya too…emotionally and spiritually. Just the….recognition….you know…soul to soul. Bonds go through time. My heart feels close to her. The MoonBaby is so stinkin cute and partial spitting image of his dad…I know….double negative or something. Did I say I’m keeping them? Heheheheeeee. Mea said…..look how happy you are…remember how you were just a month ago? Ya…well, lots has changed. The endless draw on my energy from the stalker is gone, TWO highly respected fiber artists have said my art is their favorite, and I have a TV SHOW TO WATCH ABOUT SHEEP, GOATS AND FIBER!!!!!!

Who else loved Shear Madness this week??? I truly wish Natalie could stop stressing the trolls. There are always trolls. Trolls at the Rainbow Gathering website where you go for news….telling you lies to scare you cuz your family member or friend is there….lies. For fun. Fires. They all burned up in a fire, etc. Cruel people. And when I was an internet model…lol, ya, that means naked……we had em there too. One day I will tell you about it. Jesse always tells me not to…but it was so different then…from what it is now, it’s ridiculous. Lol…I digress. I couldn’t get into the Spreecast. Kept getting the archive then someone threw me a link! YAY and thankYOU. Ah man, that blue chicken…I know, I know….I have enough on my hands. Ah well…..I guess it’s time to go now. I could talk about these babies all night. I wanna know what the experts say…course they’ll wanna wait till he grows out, which is odd…since it’s birth color that goes on the paperwork. I know what I am callin their patterns, lol. Ok…signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


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