flowin like a river of CHOCOLATE…

It’s very late. I should be sleeping. I’m too excited, but will lay down in a minute. Everything else is done, so I can. I painted!!! I finally found a photo that inspired me but it was more than that. Tonight, while listening to Natalie’s BlogTalk, the guest speaker was talking about fiber art and Natalie mentioned me. Asking him if he’d ever seen my art. He had! Then she said….are you ready for this? She said…..it was her favorite kind of fiber art!!!Holy Toledo! Bless me Mother Mary…ya…I finally feel the feminine aspect of God! LOL…apparently! Her favorite? It shifted something in me. I sprang into action…grabbing the first white mohair I could find…lol…a mystery bag…somehow freakishly didn’t get labeled. But…I went to town and it flowed like a smooth river of chocolate. The coyotes were severe tonight. I need to put a big pup in with the girls tomorrow. Right before they went off so big….and so very close….one of the girls began banging the fencepost and it was jiggling the camera! She knew! Goats are smarter than you give em credit for. Still nothin. A sound or two here and there but nothin. Ok…night folks…it’s late, as I said. 3:53am= 11 = MASTER number! Free at last…God almighty….Free at last. Night night!!!!

Well….I had not planned to blog last night, but I had put the painting up, did cat litter…all the night things…was about to climb in bed…and next think I know…I’m blogging…then I’m putting in a background on the painting!!! After 4am sometime…I laid down. Every time I fell asleep…someone would make a sound and I’d wake to listen. I even thought I heard a big splash. Nope…just a sound alike sound. I knew that cuz I only keep a short amount of water in the pen with the babies…so no one can jump in or be born in…..same for the other pen…but no tiny baby bowl there yet. At 8, I went for check, then same thing…sleep, wake, sleep wake…till I hear…Mom…..MOM….at my window at 10. Ya…I’m up now. :=)) I’ve been working on the painting again since 11am. It’s nearly done already!!!……and…..I’m happy with it…or I will be. Tiny touch ups. It’s a gift, so I want it perfect….or….at least humanly perfect.

Ahhh gee…..the difference a few days makes. New babies! No monkey on my back! The highest of compliments….and….a BABY ON my back!!! Hehe, yup…..Sasha was the first of 2014. All I did was lean forward and up she went! And down. And up! And down. Lovely. Little Sunshine escaped a lot today and even Sochi did for a minute. He’s so dang scared of me, but Smurf is getting braver…so that helps. Maybe he’ll see the jumping beans on my back and come try. Einstein had his horn stuck again…they lay down on their side…the horn sinks into the dirt…and they are stuck till someone finds em and pulls em up. Petunia ate today….musta been baby shifting or something. Same with Star.

Hehe….itchin to get back to the painting. Then need to decide whether to surprise the person with it on their FB all….or try to get an address and mail it. Leaning towards FB, but dunno. Funny…I said I was happy with it. Thing is…it has no eyes! Seem to have saved that for last! Ye know….I think I just might have pulled this off! I was struggling for inspiration….and yesterday I saw a photo that leapt off the screen at me. I said to myself, self…….this is a challenging photo….we should do it! And after that high compliment from Natalie last night…I was ready baby! Clicked off Blogtalk and away I went…till 4am. At around 10-11 hours right now with this one. That’s pretty fast…but then again…it’s still not done. Well….I guess that’s about it. Short blog…but then again…it’s a blog I hadn’t planned! So….I hope you all have a swell weekend! Enjoy! And don’t forget to watch Shear Madness Saturday night at 10/9c on NatGeoWild and Spreecast right after. Just go to www.spreecast.com and type in the name Shear Madness. See, easy peasy. Ok…..later gators! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













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