Goodbye emotional STALKER…I take my life back

Attention so and so…this is the one and only ….last time I address you. I will not call you by name because I think I’ve just figured out…that’s what you wanted all along. To me…you are a stalker. And I have blocked you from my FB and if I need to…I’ll try to block you here. You prey on people. You think I’m weak. You showed back up again…wanting to be friends again….when you saw that I was down about my art. The first time…you showed up when I was about to start a new art project….you wanted in, but you fell through and that art project lays by the side of the road….run over….. But God told me to accept your friend request again, so I did. I didn’t understand why God would want me to allow you back into my life….nobody did…but I did it. If I’m nothing else…..I AM Loyal to my GOD. You proceeded to repeat your typical behavior….. Folks….BEWARE of people wanting to grant your wishes or make your life easier. You ordered many paintings….once again getting my hopes up…to diss me once again. Today, I realized why God wanted me to. For this. For this feeling of….completion. I so badly needed it. I never did get answers, but I guess you don’t get answers from a fake person. So. This is the end. Read the blog…don’t read the blog. I don’t give a rats ass. I’m so done with you and your phony ways. I wish I could tell your name. Oh how I wish. But no. I already know I wasn’t the first. You should seek help. You always wanted me to keep you out of the blog. Ha. Right. You dare me to all the time…and I don’t do it. This…is our last communication. And NO….you get no sayback. Why is that fair? Cuz I am your victim. I WAS. I’ll say a prayer for your next victims. And…..we are……out of here!!! YeeHaw!!!! Oh wait…two more things. My son was thrilled with me when I told him(you hurt him, but I think he was more saddened for me… day, God willing, I will get a FeltLOOM, maybe even with my own money!!!)…….and….yes I have a new FRIEND….it’s none of your damn business. Please…be well….Goodbye.

Ahhhh….that felt sooooo good. You have no idea. Will it appear in the blog…dunno! :=) OH but it felt good. A release. This has been going on a whole year. OK….on with better things to talk about. Babies! No…lol….no more new ones as of yet…..but they be a comin. Just needed to get outta there! I’m watching Gravity again. Great movie. I have some favorite parts but I hesitate to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet. Let’s just say this….the wolf scene, the lullabye scene and the baby scene…hehehe…ya, they all happen within a few minutes of each other but still….I just love each one! Differently, uniquely. Gosh, I haven’t talked about a movie in awhile. I have another movie going on to my left. It’s a tiny thing…looks rather like a smartphone, but it’s showing me my goats. Every now and then, I have to move it around for a better signal…just like my Iphone. Ohhhhhh….we’re at that scene now!!! Oh. Ok…get a grip, you can’t tell them! Anyways…..I hear everything….as long as the wind isn’t blowing. Wind is the worst. BUT…I still hear the goat sounds over the distortion. See…the distortion is the problem. So…if you can handle the extra sound during wind and rain….it’s the most awesome thing since sliced pizza!!! You guys know me…I can’t say bread. That would be expected! Got up at 8 again this morning to check…then had a difficult time getting back to sleep. Yuk. But worth it. I mean….can’t believe I slept through Lila giving birth…that baby was dry! Night night folks….don’t worry…if a goat screams….I’ll hear that…musta been an easy birth. Night. 2:38am = 4 = ANGELS…of course!!! Night night Angels…thank you for helping me….and everyone else!!! Ps… Do they know I’m listening in? Do they feel me? Do they feel how much I love them and want only the best for them? Do they pose for me? Do they know me? Do they wanna know me? Goats.

Lots of noises in the night, lots of checking and thinking I missed one. A fitful nights sleep. But…..upon waking…and remembering the events of last night…for the first time in I don’t know how long….I smiled. A sense of….peacefulness. Completion. It truly did take weight off of me. I talked paintings with Cathy all afternoon while we listened in on the girls. And books. I came to an understanding with myself about what I truly wished for my childrens books. I now realize…I don’t want to be Published. I don’t want an editor changing things, or telling me where I have to fly to, etc. The commitment required by those Publishers is not what I want. SO….that freed me. Yup…a big night for me. Amazon….that’s the way for me. Maybe I’ll go ahead and edit them now, eh? And write the last segment? They really are good, if I say so myself. I should put them out there. Shoot…they’re Environmental fairy tales….lol…..could be a need! So ya….lots on my mind right now. Reevaluating myself. My art, my beliefs about my art….ways to expose the world to it….etc. Hard to see….what I rarely show, eh? Hard to buy what you don’t know is for sale! I just need to figure this all out. What’s the right way…for ME? Thinkin I’ll paint tonight. Please do Sheri. If I do….I’ll be painting while I listen to Natalie’s BlogTalk.

Star cried most of the first part of the day and morning but nothing since. And now Petunia didn’t eat. Not a bite. Not a bite of hay either when I put it out. Yay for light sets that work…I now have 3. I had a grand day playing with the babies and socializing them to humans. The 2 new ones are beginning to like me and don’t have much fear of me either. Oh…and that Sunshine!!! She is a little adventurer. She likes to socialize and meet and greet and check out everything under the sun. Today, she even escaped….twice! Yes…I allow them to. Happy tossed her once today. ARRRRGH. And Milky is in rare form…shoot, they all are. They all want it over and are grumpy. In my experience though…..the goat who won’t eat….is fixin to birth a baby. Oh man….not while Blogtalk is on!!! One day I may get my own Blogtalk. I’ve kicked that idea around for years along with the livestream. 2 different things tho for me….livestream my goat stuff and blogtalk…spiritual/life/earth type thing. Will anyone go? Hehe…..thats what you wondered about the blog. Oh heck. I’m over. I won’t say sorry for subjecting you to the top part…it was so needed its ridiculous. Some of the backstory in the blog Somewhere…no idea where or even time frame…..maybe last summer or fall. Don’t bother. It’s over. YAY and YEEHAW….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















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