Ahhhh, the excitement! Stirs my blood, it does it does! I woke hearing a goat holler on the monitor. Grabbed a sip of juice and ran out the door. Little Sunshine was standing and dry, next to Lila. Hmmm. Hung around for the usuals. Waiting for baby to sleep, so I could then wake and stand. Yup….nice big stretch! She then went to mom and…no worries….the sideways turned teats….no match for little Sunshine. Oh….I used to be Sunshine to some people…so…this baby, I named for me. It was that kinda mood. Sweet sweet little belted baby, with white wisps going up the legs. While I’m checking Sunshine, Tika starts to holler. Oh heck no……not the ONLY friggin goat left to shear! We were set to shear her today. Crap. Called Cathy…no answer. Hmmm. Came back to the house and continued trying. Finally she answered and sure…lets shear her. I’ve never put a doe in labor on the stanchion…and….Tika is a Pretty…..which means she is from the Pretty group that came on a trade for my Teeswater…..which means…..she will dance and bite and kick and everything you can think of…on the stanchion. Tried shearing her on the ground but no difference. So….needless to say, we were hesitant but determined.

I have no explanation for what transpired. By the time we got there…she had stopped hollerin. Got her on the stanchion and began the shear. Was only planning on shearing the back half…not a crutch…the whole back half…so she would know it was cold….because…I am not heartless….to traumatize her while she’s in labor? NO! But….she is a Pretty, which means she’s very dense. Everything was connected to everything it seemed. In the end…the whole goat is shorn. No hollers. There was a moment when I was working on the backend that I thought….oh man…a foot is fixin to come out any minute…that’s how swollen she was. Obviously, I didn’t do her feet. Ok….so here’s the weird part. The downright Miracle part. She was a perfect angel on the stand. Not a single twitch. Labor made her do it? Or she understood my words that her baby couldn’t survive unless the curls were removed to reveal the milk? I dunno. Pretty cool though!!! Got her back in the pen and oh crap crap crap. Just the other day, they beat up on her cuz they were all sheared and she was the stranger with the coat. Yup….they hammered her. Finally, nothing I did was helping so I said…let’s go so they can get it over with. Moments later, from my monitor, I saw that they had indeed quit. I began to hear what I thought was a mommy talking to a baby. After a few minutes I thought…or…..it’s a grunt. Went down and….got there seconds after the splat. Little white baby Sasha, Tika is not a color carrier…..but Sasha will be now…and pinto blood to boot.

As you can imagine….I was then all primed and ready for more! Alas….not yet. Petunia was in the house while others were eating so I went to sit with her. That’s a sign. She likes me, so her coming to me was not a surprise, but she wanted me to pet her all over. Yup…another sign. Ok ok, enough about the goats…I have to share this! Natalie shared my blog post about the show and the stats are going crazy!!! Never did figure out why they spiked that one day….though for a second I’d been Freshly Pressed….Seriously, 45 views in one hour??? But no…cuz it didn’t happen again. Just a mystery. But tonight……45 minutes before midnight cutoff and I have……111 visitors and 172 views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A typical night is in the 20’s for both. Ye know…that aspect didn’t occur to me. I was just worried if SHE would like it….and I wanted to inspire people to watch the show. I swapped out the original blog I wrote for Hoegger for one about the show. It’s similar…but less personal and more professional. Same vein though…women. Well, I’ve gone over my night limit, so…night night sweet ones! 11:27pm = 11= MASTER number. Ps….I hope Sasha’s cry sounds the same tomorrow cuz I have GOT to record it for you.

So far no luck on the recording. I’ve gotten plenty but the rest sucks, so I trash em. Nearly 2am a goat hollered. It was Lila and she lost the baby. I found the baby but didn’t show her. They need to rely on each other. Then today, a goat is hollerin…..it’s Heaven and she is stuck. Took me a few minutes but I freed her. Just took the day off and have been chillin in the goat pen. Letting them all get to know me again. They’re all coming near to sniff and Heaven even came to say thankyou. She hasn’t voluntarily come that close to me in a long time. Petted and held and chilled with the newbies…but Sochi still runs away. Little buck is growing so fast. Took a crapload of photos, man what will I do with them all? Hubby fixed the flood lights for me and brought me another set. Yay! Nighttime delivery….no problem….lol, unless it’s close to bedtime and by that time I’m beyond tipsy…..but very capable. Ask Etta and her young’un Star. I was even quite sick with flu to boot….and alone. Baby Sunshine is already wanting to play and jump, while Sasha is still mostly sleeping. Star is due 10 days from now but she’s been hollerin a lot today. Ligaments very close. Man…I just came back from down there…but gotta check. I will in a minute.

My Hoegger editor wrote a blog herself about Shear Madness and Natalie….after she received mine. Far out!!! Way to go Katy! Really appreciate that!!! Oh….need viewers in the younger demographic…..20’s and up….please, share and encourage people to watch. Well….I gotta load a few bags for each pen and get them delivered….and a check while feeding. I’m sure they’re just hollerin for food, but gotta check. Yup…food. Had to drive 15 minutes away for gas to deliver the feed bags. Yay…no babies while I was gone. All are happily munching now at 6:30pm. So…..guess that’s it for today. Thank you Natalie and thank you Katy. Ps….and 72 visitors and 97 views today!!! Both…all time highs! Thank you all so much for reading! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Pss……Shear Madness, episode 2 replays tonight 10/9c and immediately after at 11/10c.












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