For Natalie….and Shear Madness

I wanna dedicate this night portion of my blog to….Shear Madness. Well, no. Without Natalie…there would be no show, so…I dedicate this to Natalie. Natalie worked to get this show. She tried to sell the idea for a long time but they kept telling her that people didn’t want to watch a woman…working hard. Or a woman in the Agriculture business. A woman on a farm. They all said nobody wanted to see that, but she persevered. I’m ever so grateful that she did. As each show appears before my eyes….I learn something and I just sit there with this huge smile on my face. Geese. She has geese. I have geese. I like the ruffled feather kind she has. Watching her treat that goose as if it was any other animal…wowza. Inspirational with a strawberry on top. Oooh, and some whipped cream to boot! Fatface lamb has stolen my heart and as most of you know…I’m scared of sheep. I’ve been kicking around the idea of babydoll southdown cuz they’re small…….but Fatface….has my heart. In last nights episode, the dog, Wonder….had leg problems. Made me think of my Bubba, who moves so stiff. Surgery though??? I don’t have that kind of money. Wish I did. I mean….there really isn’t an aspect yet to the show that I don’t relate with.

The elder son…to help mom or not to help mom issue….yup. The chickens being stolen and killed by animals…. Yup….lost well over 100 birds and quit raising them. Hubby has to now if he wants eggs. Shearing large bucks and rams…yup. Hehe, no rams… here anymore though, but there once were 3. The fiber, the lice, the cold, the heat. The babies. Loved seeing her hear that sound and go running. Been there. You see Natalie… give us hope and you give us….well, credit I suppose. Acknowledgement. We do this work day in, day out, 365…with very little recognition for what all we do. The majority of people with sheep and goats…small farms anyway, are done by women. Like Natalie, like me, like Judy, Mea, Kimberly, Lisa, Greta, Carol, Tracee……..gosh….I could go on for so long! All women…all doing this work. All, doing it with little or no help. Granted, some hire shearers….but I won’t discount them from the hard work for that. There’s plenty hard work to go around when you have animals. Like here right now….the kidding is about to begin. The stress alone from that… heavier than any know….unless they’re one of us.

Hey….she didn’t take the horns from a baby angora….nope she sure didn’t and I should have known. I should have trusted that she knows this stuff. It was a cashmere baby. So sweet. And….when they are of a breed that is acceptable to disbud……when done within a few weeks of birth…is not nearly so painful. Their bones are supple. So……yay! Forgive me Natalie…let’s call it a brain fart. Let’s all face it….the Lady has a head on her shoulders and she uses it. Her business acumen is stellar. She’s done so well with her fiber business that she leaves most of us in the dust. As she said on the first episode, she can’t grow enough fiber to satisfy her buyers. Amazing. Once upon a time, I was told she bought Teeswater from outside her farm….I didn’t understand it then…but I do now. She literally has that many people wanting her fleece!!! An amazing lady all around. Ok ok…..I don’t mean to leave out the rest of the family. They rock as well. All the personalities are just coming out for us to see. And the kind, calm, easy going handsome husband, Sean. Yes. A wonderful cast of characters. A wonderful show….period. I am now done gushing. Thanks for listening.

Ok…a teeny tiny farm bit before I say goodnight. I got a SUMMER brand baby video monitor. I rigged it in the alley, sitting on the stanchion. It rained that first night ALL night long and even then….I could hear the goat sounds. Well, Sochi and Smurf. Today….I moved the stanchion closer to the fence. I got the wrong cam tho. They had 4 choices. The most expensive one…$169…is the right choice. Nope…I got the $139 one. Can’t take it back either after using it in the rain. Why get the higher priced one? Well, it turns out….zoom, and tilt/pan are things I need. I really thought I would be using it mostly for the sound aspect, but no. There is a 2-3 hour window around feed time where they make a lot of noise and if you can’t move the cam, you can’t see if it’s just hunger or if it’s labor. I want another…for the other pen, even though this one…lets me hear both pens. So….listening in, I am, I am. Night night folks…..babies coming sooooooon. 9:53pm = 8 = Infinity. Ps….did I tell you Joy has mites bad? If you’re wondering why she’s still there….cuz her baby is about to give birth. Her baby might get scared and need moral support from her mom. Hehe, the difference between commercial farms and small farms. We know ALL their names. :=))) Night. 3:43am = 1 = GOD…Beginnings. Pss….heal my eye….it’s swollen.

It’s a Monday which means I’m here alone. The birds and goats are talking away on the video monitor, but mostly the birds. I’m ready. I’m really ready. In fact, I may have to reclip my right hand nails cuz it’s been so long now they’ve grown! I have plenty of time today to dedicate to births…so, lets go! Did I mention I’m ready? Hehe…ya, I got it bad now. I am so ready to begin the onslaught of teeny tiny little jumping beans. There hasn’t been a goat on my back in far too long! Tika will be sheared tomorrow…the last bred girl to be sheared, then the 2 yearlings….and we move on to another pen. Sat with the girls today. Watched the bellies roll. Listened to all the big belly grunts as they try to breathe. Talked and talked to soothe the newbies. Fun. Beautiful day but couldn’t convince any to go in labor for me. Ok…signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with a big ThankYOU to Natalie Redding and Natgeowild. Go Shear Madness, GO!!!











10 thoughts on “For Natalie….and Shear Madness

  1. Great blog, Sheri! I really do admire Natalie and everything she does. Rod has been approached by a casting director about Belfire Botanicals and I didn’t know who else to ask about that but Natalie and she really helped me put perspective on it….pm’d with me on FB for a good while. She’s a good person and has her heart in totally the right place. What an inspiration for us newbies out here in goatland 🙂

  2. Great post and thank you for sharing it. I know that feeling of being a woman and having to buck up and get things done–alone. It’s hard work to run a farm. Heartbreaking, rewarding, hard work.

  3. Thank you Traci! My husband usually does nothing whatsoever to help….(except buy feed, lol) but a few weeks ago…I had words with him. He has unloaded both sets of feed this week…34 bags!!! AND, he took the trash out! Miracles happen every day!!! Thanks for stoppin by to chat! ❤

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