things unspoken……Screw that….I speak em.

Hard day on the farm and sensitive subjects are covered. I’m tired of searching google for how to’s when I know damn well fifty million of my farm friends have already dealt with the issue and could help me….or/and…others. SO…..if nobody else will discuss these things, I guess it has to be me. So….on with the story….. Sheared 2 pregnant goats, Mimi and Etta. I was alone. Mimi is back leg shy and Etta is head shy. That….causes dancing….which can cause them to dance right off the stanchion hanging by their necks, as recently happened while I was shearing alone. Mimi seemed to understand when I fully explained to her what I was doing and why. It wasn’t a perfect shear but it’ll do. Next was Etta. Really fought me and danced on head and face which was loaded with stickerburrs so I had to get it. Etta is definitely bred but Mimi’s udder hung low last year and so she still has one. Nothing is in it but that doesn’t mean she’s not bred…but she’s an I don’t know….along with Milly.

Next, I broke bread for meatloaf and peeled potatoes. At 5, I fed everyone. There are a lot…..of everyones. I hauled 2 feed sacks to the Blazer, but was able to feed without them. Jesse was supposed to come deal with Hannah for me. Come 5:30, I decided he wasn’t coming. We now do the open burial…which means taking them to the woods and letting the critters dispose of it. This place is on iron….and I can’t dig deep enough to bury them properly. So, this is the best compromise. BUT…..I’ve never had to do it myself. I usually bury them. So. I got the death tarp and laid it outside the pen. Then went in and having already had experience pulling dead goats by the horns…refrained. I pulled her by her hair. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to…too heavy. But I knew I needed to so I got determined and it wasn’t so bad. Got her on the tarp…..already had the Blazer backed up to it. Then, I take a rope and thread it through the tarp. Draw it up, tie to the bumper and off I go. In the Blazer, quiet, so the cows wouldn’t think food. Ya right!!!!!! For those of you who don’t know….I’m terrified of them. 1,000 and up lb animals!!!! NO WAY…, I sneak, with my quiet car. Drive down the path and through the woods…..go around one in the road……find a spot and rush and I mean rush to untie….untie so the animals have access to the carcass………and since I’m scared, my fingers are having difficulties undoing the ties. Finally, I get it… her by a tree and away I go. Hoping to sneak past them once again…they were only a few ft away while I did all that, but hidden by woods. So…………..away I drive. Down the wooded lane…………holy shit………..the entire herd is racing to catch me!!!!! I speed. I get to the gate, throw it in park, grab the keys and run to the gate, yelling. I made it in. Yay….but my car, did not.

All I could think about while this was happening was the movie Spy Kids2, where on a secret island, a scientist has created new animals, combining species. Some are tiny, some are large, the tiny he keeps and the large, he put outside and has hidden from ever since. In the end…he is forced to be with them and they lick him. Hello Daddy!!!! Hehehehe. Yup, that’s me…running from the animals who love me. All of that being said….what you don’t know……..I loved my Hannah. We went through a lot when she got mastitis. She raised her baby but I fed him. Angel. Beautiful Angel. Oh…and Jesse did arrive….too late. Also……I want to bring up the topic of euthanasia. It needs to be discussed. Why are my only choices……shoot it, pay $125-150 for a vet to come do it, or let it suffer and die. This is ridiculous. There must be ways to do it other than this…but nobody talks about it. This too, is a taboo subject I guess. Let’s open it up to the light, eh???? We farmers need to help each other out!!! Oh well, Night night. 2:46am = 3 = Trinity.

I asked Cathy why I feel dirty that I’m now doing the open air burial….her accurate response was… loved them. You cared for them their whole lives and the digging of the hole is the last gift you can give them. Makes perfect sense. Well…….and now…to balance the story out. Today, we sheared Lila. Intended to shear 2 or 3, but whoa. Last year at this time, Lila had barber pole worms. She was at deaths door. She was ‘down’ everyday for a week….we’d pick her up….then pick her up, then pick her up…….lots of meds. Oh what the heck…since this is the blog that goes there…..well, she had lots of diarrhea. When we sheared it off….there were maggots. Yup…she was in dire straits. Fast forward one year…….and Miss Lila… gorgeous. She was a perfect lady on the stand….but……she now has so much hair. SOOOO much hair. Rolls all over the body where hair grows inside…..i was exhausted and simply couldn’t do another even though I needed to. So there is the balance. One goat gone to heaven and another raised from the dead. It’s important to keep balance. Without it…..I would be too hard on myself….and too devastated at losing Hannah.

Oh…got the car outta the field!!! Also, opened Donna’s door. For the time being, she can do as she wants. She’s still got the mites real bad though. Many more treatments. Oh ya………….re-penned the girls. No more wandering the fields. Nope. Stuck in the pens while we wait for babies. More work, but necessary. Hehe…and opportunities to bond with Sochi. OH….LILA is most definitely pregnant too!!! So, not only back from the dead….but giving new life. YeeHaw!!! Big udder…..teats go towards legs so could be an issue…..if baby can’t get to them, may have a bottle baby. We shall see. That leaves……Joy(no idea whatsoever if she’s bred), Tika(a pretty who has dense dense dense curls and is a bitch to shear), and Valey(also no idea whatsoever). Tomorrow, we will catch all 3 and check udders….and shear the fullest! Then it’s just the 2 yearlings, Flower and Crystal….and Smurf. We crutched her. I also asked Cathy to help me not forget that Pirouette will kid in June. That could be an easy one to miss but it’s not her first time so that’s good.

Wow…it’s a goat only blog today! Oh, and now Darwin is looking ill while his twin Einstein is recovering. Got ya a photo of him. Darwin will be wormed tomorrow, granted he lives that long. He’s still up, he just didn’t come to eat….but I can’t do him alone….he is one of the few goats who won’t come near me. From day one…..when I bought him….and the other 5 Beautifuls. Einstein will. Hehe…..go figure. Ok….I hope I haven’t upset anyone by talking about these things….but maybe someone else is in my boat…alone……not strong…….and needs to know how to easily move a dead animal. Not pretty….but it’s life. It’s death. And……it’s time to sign off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…I was gonna caption the one photo, something like….look, it’s GIRLS! But when I opened the caption app….it had Boobs!!! On that photo…very appropriate. :=)))














10 thoughts on “things unspoken……Screw that….I speak em.

  1. WOW ~ there is NO way I could shear as many goats as you do!
    I always wondered why you didn’t use a “milking” stand. One that has a solid side so they can’t fall off. Then the side is lifted and switched so you can do the other? You could even (I am gonna piss off some folks – but better a goat that is not injured) screw in a length of heavy duty velcro strip on one side in the back. (or both) and tie down a leg?
    I have had to milk goats that I swear are half broncos!!
    As for putting them down… did you know that starter fluid is primarily ether? Ether was used for a long time as an anesthetic. If you pour or spray it on cotton balls and put them in a plastic bag… then place this over their muzzle – they will just go to sleep, and hold it long enough… they will not wake up. Some may struggle so short sessions may be necessary ( while you lay on them or have assistance) to get them calm enough to take them into a deep sleep. and be VERY careful you do not inhale it!!
    I am not too active on the angora list anymore – message me if I can help!

    • Oh!!!!!!! You just saved the day, week, year!!! Thank you so much for that cotton ball thing!!! Yay! <3. Also, that Velcro strap sounds possible. Lemme check it. Yay!!!! Bless you!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Sherri, no issue here. I would love finding a way to euthanize with out trauma the goats when they need it.

  3. I have blogged about dealing with the animals that don’t make it, and I now do the open disposal as well. I used to be able to dig holes, but my back won’t allow that any more. I have to take them to open land, and I am always surprised at how quickly they disappear (less than a week at times!). The few times I have had to assist an animal across the bridge I have used a very sharp knife. There is no real struggle and it is fast. But it isn’t easy, and I don’t think it should be!

    • Thank you for that. I’m glad it’s over pretty quick even if they are already dead. A friend told of an alternative. Easier….but putting an animal down is never easy. I wrote it in tonight’s blog or its in comments from last night by Michele. Hugs and thanks!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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