No more DAILY Blogs…..just Blogs

I’m blogging too much. I don’t care about the past and I don’t know about the future, all I know is…I really don’t wanna be doing this everyday anymore. Like I said, it’s not a paid gig and it’s all from the heart. The heart apparently wants a break. Wants to space the blogs out some. There aren’t many faithful readers, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Mea of course will miss the dailies, but Em…well Em, you’ll have to find something else to read at bedtime now or maybe I can make you a quickie FB recap of the day. Who knows. I just know that every stinkin day for at least a few months…I’ve wondered why I keep doing it. Honestly…every day….that’s not good. I’ve wondered why you keep reading it. I just don’t understand. It must be just the sameness factor. Some of you have farms of your own yet you read my blog. Go figure. I dunno folks. I feel like there’s nothing to say these days so I think I’ll just space em out some, ok?

Bacon bowls…tv ad….why not just turn your muffin pan upside down? For the life of me though, I can’t see a need. Kung Fu Panda 2. Who do you choose to BE????I choose to be an exquisite human who sometimes writes for others, who sometimes paints with fiber, who sometimes spins with fiber, who sometimes midwives to goats, who sometimes crochets their coats. I am so diverse. I astound myself sometimes at my diversity. I honestly think I could hold my own in any circumstance or situation, be it fancy and elite or poor and ghetto…as long as it was in my language. Like I said…I can cop a squat anywhere….anytime. Cop a squat, pop a squat…all the same. You gotta PEE!!!! No tp needed these days…just a wiggle and a shake. You see…I stress the blog…and yet, here it is, 1:44am and I’m writing away. I forget that I have that ability. Every friggin night, I forget. Also….the boy is messing with my schedule. I’m not painting so I’m back to my regular schedule of hours and beers. But the boy comes home so late that I end up goin the beer limit. Sucks bigtime. So much for rescheduling, but I am still going to bed earlier. Not painting though…that will change everything once again. Why aren’t I painting? I dunno. Not good enough? Not a good idea to paint? Pissed that the last one was posted before it was right? Who knows. Not painting. Bottom line. No renaissance? Who knows. I’m an artist in a mood? Heheheheeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya! Night. 1:52am = 8 = Infinity = GOD.

Ok, well, the proof was in the pudding. I read this to Cathy and ya….I’m done blogging on a daily basis. When I have something to say….I’ll blog. Talking about peein and a wiggle and a shake. Oh ya…..thems good writing skills. Hehe. Basically, it’s become a chore. It’s no longer fun. NOT QUITTING….just not doing a daily. I know I know…the timing, right??? Just at kidding time. Sorry.

Well, today was extremely productive. We sheared….4…goats!!!! WOWZA! Happy first, and she’s a Pretty, so LORDIE……had to call Jesse down so we could finish her up by laying her down. She did well for the first half then went to crap. So, we laid her down….and as usual, Happy has shaggy legs. Belle was next and was a very good girl. Then Petunia….also a good girl….and then the last good girl…Miss Heaven. And yupppers…………every shear so far has a bag! Even lil Heaven. I took a photo of hers close up for ya. Only closeup of an udder, so it’s Heavens. Belle looks to be having twins even though this will be her first. Unfortunately….it’s a weekend. Gonna try to do some anyway over the next few days. Seeing all these udders really has me freaked out now. Gosh I love love seeing the naked preggo bellies! Love it!!! What a treat for me. Hehe…just went out and tossed peanuts to them. Loved watching the bellies run! And the baby….running in the thick of the herd…Jumping and playing and maneuvering under their feet. What a big boy…and such a loner. Runs from me. Course he does…he’s not been raised in the pen. It’s ok…he’ll be in a pen soon enough…any day now actually. Coulda penned em today but I’ll give em a few more days. Happy got very stressed. Especially when we laid her down. Her breathing was labored so we rushed as fast as we could. I’m keeping an eye on her. She had a premie dead baby last year. Baby Hap. I told her I’d name this one HapHap…lol, sounds like PapPap. She may have 2 since this is technically her 2nd time. It’s all getting very exciting now. Tomorrow is Saturday…will I take paintings and my wheel to Sherwood Forest??? Who knows. And no, I still haven’t written that email. I will, I will!!!

I gots a Sneezy baby in my lap and a Smooch to the right all curled in a ball. Guuci is in front of me, curled and Blue on the floor….sacked out. It must be naptime. No naptime for me. Well folks….this is indeed the Last Daily Blog. Not the Last Blog. I’ll talk with you again soon. The easiest thing would be to sign up to receive notification by email. So……………..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….until………………..until next time I BLOG!!! Love you guys, really….I just am boring myself. Later gator!!!














4 thoughts on “No more DAILY Blogs…..just Blogs

  1. Oh Heaven is going to have a little cloud soon!!! how exciting. The goats look great. I guess you will have to put your pictures on tumbler. Sochi is a great jumper, love him. Miss you night owl

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