ahhh CRAP…..duedate ERROR!!!

I’m just going to exercise my mind. I’m going to think out loud. If I were to go to that castle area, where Jesse worked, I could just park there and open the back hatch…oh ya…it won’t work lately. Hmmm. If it did….open the hatch and paint right there. It would probably draw curiosity seekers and hopefully the one man I want to draw. The man with the power. I dunno. I wish I could make myself do it. My friend Colleen recently went to South Africa and while there…sold the idea of my art to a shop owner. She gave me the email. There is no real web presence for this particular business. I’ve done nothing. But today, she made me promise. I take that word very seriously. So I shall. I shall write them and send a photo or three and see what happens…as she said today…no, never mind what she said, I don’t do that phrase……see what happens……after all, whats the best that can happen???? Am I up to the best that can happen??? I finally got off my butt and called about the alpaca batt…but they didn’t call back and I didn’t push it.

I move very slowly…have you noticed? I have several paintings to mail out, haven’t done it yet. No rush, but still. I’m foggy right now again….so I now forget the purpose of the paragraph. I have decided that the new meds are not right for me. I just need the regular old kind. Too groggy. Not getting the mix right. Gonna try it separate now to see…gonna give it a full chance. Oh LORDIE….not only are they getting a shuffleboard table at the bar….but last night they said a stripper pole??? I couldn’t get a straight answer out of them as to whether they were serious. Lordie Lordie…don’t let me in there drunk!!! I still can’t dance but I would probably still try! Oh but the shuffleboard. It’s a real thing. I know this cuz it had dings and they had to revarnish it. Yeehaw! Well, as long as it was done right, that is. I love that thing. It’s the only sport…only competitive thing I’ve ever done. This could be a problem. :=))) Yikes! Ok…night night peoples. Gotta tend to an overneedy kitten…Pele…Kokapele. 12:18am = 3 = HOLY. GOD. TRINITY. night.

Uggg, well, it’s not happening fast enough for me. It was bugging me so I went back over my book again…and yup…I forgot to write down the date the buck was first put in. So……….I am lacking a start date. Needless to say, mad rush to get the girls sheared. 3 down, 14 to go, cuz one already kidded and 2 are babies and not preggo. Today we did Georgia, Star and Pearl. I feel a desperate need to uncover teats. It is just not happening fast enough for me. Was pooped during the first goat but got a second wind. Was glad when Jesse showed up cuz that clipper was getting mighty heavy for me. The lice are really bad this year. Ha…and Pearls bag of fleece felt like it weighed 20 pounds! Stars fell off like butter and Georgia, well….it was very thick and dense. So, not enough naked teats for my liking…but it’s a start. Try for 4 tomorrow

Another beautiful day. I’m taking the opportunity to thank God for the nice weather cuz here in Texas, it’s rare. It’s either too cold or too hot…too wet or too dry…but…it’s been nice the past few days and I am very grateful. Braved the buck pen alone yesterday cuz I saw a goat who needed wormed. Fed them, then went in. Walked up to him…grabbed his horn and he just stood there. Granted, he didn’t want to open his mouth for me, but unlike the girls…he just stood there. I eventually did get him to open wide! I generally don’t like to go in there alone…even though none have ever come toward me with anything other than LOVE. It’s just a safety measure…ha, that I ignore when I gotta. Big ole Sochi is such an adventurous little one…so brave, such a big boy. He goes where he wants when he wants. So cute and already emulating mom by pretending to eat grass. Ha, he did eat dirt!!! Typical kid.

Ye know……all this talk about the gov and what they’re doing or not doing….well……it’s leaving out the good stuff. The people. What the people are doing. The world and it’s leaders may be going to shit…but man, the people. The people are good. Every single day, I see what people are doing. Wonderful montages of good deeds. Todays was an experiment in another country. They put a shivering boy on a bench and wanted to know what people would do. Well…here’s what they did. They took the coats off their own backs and put them on the boy. They took their scares off, their mittens, their gloves…their under coats…you name it…they gave it. Yesterdays was animals in need. Ahhh gosh…tearjerkers!!! Bottomline is this…..Rulers are one thing…but the people they rule….are very compassionate beings. Thank you people…for your random acts of kindness around the spinning ball.

Well, I gotta take the boy to the bar soon and I haven’t fed yet so best get after it. Enjoyed the chat with you! Y’all have a great evening now! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













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