useless fleece…………

Still floating on the high of yesterday….up way past my bedtime since I only got 6 hours of sleep. But I was thinking and I remembered something else we talked about last night, my friend from another country and I….and when I remember it…I’ll insert it. Old age and meds, what can I say. Yup…I’m still floating…..didn’t go tonight, but thought about the place continually. What were they doing? What was I missing? What conversations was I missing? Hmmm. That sentence seems wrong. Oh well. I can only be as bold as I can be. How bold CAN I BE???? That my friends, is the question. I heard while I was there….something to the effect of if it ain’t workin…change it….but with different words. I heard it better. I just can’t remember the words. They seeped into me, without the words themselves, just the feeling. The feeling of…change it. Change your life. Whoa! That could mean so many things…but I’m gonna take it to mean…prepare to go….RENAISSANCE! I swear to you….not much difference between this and Rainbow…cept there’s raptors and jousting! I’m telling ya…it’s me. More me than fiber festivals, that’s for sure. This…is fun. FUN FUN FUN! So up my alley it’s ridiculous. I just gotta print out the dang form and fill it out. Hurry Sheri.

Yup…it’s time to shear. Got it on my brain now. In fact….I’m shearing right now, as I type…in my mind. Mimi first, then Maya. Mimi cuz she’s the queen…so less fighting…and Maya cuz she’s her 1st daughter but more cuz I felt for her udder and know she’s got wire up in there. Gotta get it out. Hair collects everything from twigs, to hay to burrs to wire to sticks to heck…you name it…seeds, food, bugs and of course ….dirt. Dirt accounts for ¾ of the wash process here. In fact…I could soak it in straight water, lift it into fresh and repeat 50 gazillion times and the water will still not be clear….even after adding cleaner and shit. Salt. Whatever. Sometimes I do 8 buckets to rinse and it’s still dirty. I say screw it. :=)))))) lOve ya! Ok…..bedtime for this artist writer goat wrangler and spinner. Night!!! 2:10am = 3 = HOLY!!! See? You gotta think of yourselves as HOLY to be HOLY. Love ya more.

Well……….at least I accomplished something. This is for the birds. Jesse woke up with one thing on his mind…the bar…get me to the bar. So, I got him to the bar. Cathy out with her new friend, so….no shearing. I was able to delice every girl and the baby boys as well. They, are out in the yard right now, eating greenies and every now and then, Bentley cries. Bentley is the loud goat. Think he just doesn’t want me to forget to feed them. I had to do some sneaky stuff to get all the girls. Mostly I jjust walked up to them and squeezed it on, but there were a few who wanted to say no. Heaven, Mimi, Valey and Maya. Oh….but then I fed them and snuck up behind them. Hehehe…all except Heaven. Little buggar tried so hard to evade me…but I won!!! Tomorrow I Shear!!! It will be exciting for me…to see the varying stages of pregnancy growth when they are sooooo naked that you can see every bulge, every movement of the baby! Cool beans! And to see the udders! Yes…..not typical here, but this year I get to do this. Usually I am only crutching them…but this time….they all need their full fleeces off. Yippee!

And the boy has lost his wallet. Up to the 4th floor I just went. Went outside to look for it and the baby boys flocked me. So….ran em to their pen. So cute. They were doing the high twists and kicks today. Baby Sochi has figured out that at feeding time…he just amuses himself, sometimes with me…sometimes by himself. Quite the little loner and quite the brave one. He’s bold. Oh man…so much hay in the fleeces. Won’t be selling any this year again. This sucks. Why oh why don’t they invent something we can cover them with that won’t felt them???? Or overheat them in summer????

Ye know…I’m kinda proud of myself. I have developed some deep routines. I have this new medicine right now but no………..I’m not in bad pain and it’s daytime, so NO. I don’t get to take any. I applaud myself for that. Well, someone needs to. :=))) I have my rules. NO alcohol except beer. NEVER! Liquor and I are bad enemies and when I’m on it….anything can happen. So, it’s MY RULE and I’m the only one who can enforce it and boy howdy, do I!!!!!! And the beer itself…rules. 9pm or 8pm, depending on daylight savings time. 5-6…7 max. spread out over all those hours, it’s not bad. It’s my way of taking care of me. Hubby is still trying to figure out his immunizations for India. Kinda confusing. He will be gone while the babies are being born. No biggie though cuz he plays no part. Oh wait…he did dry off a baby once when I shoved it in his arms and said here…dry it and keep it warm. LOL.

I haven’t painted in a bit. Ha, not since that last owl that just didn’t work. I redid the legs but I’ve not reposted it. Need to start a new one. Not sure yet. Put a call in to the alpaca batt people. See if he can mail it or if I need to drive there, 2 hours away. Need it to finish off some I’ve already done…and for future paintings as well. Saw how Marie framed hers and it’s not all that different than what I was planning. Still no source for what I want so may have to alter that, but should have one framed soon. I have a feeling each painting will be framed according to it’s own wishes. Lol. Ok…well, time to sculpt a meatloaf. See ya in the ethers. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…..Sneezy is resting alone. Poor baby. Misses us.
















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