Sneezy lost his manhood…and an irate neighbor

I spoke with a man from another country for a couple hours tonight. It was glorious. So many words, such familiarity. We believed in many of the same things. Raising children, life in different countries. He says when you go from country to country…it all changes. When you’re in America…you drive from state to state and all that changes is the license plates. Every place is the same. Same ole Walmart and everything that goes with or alongside that. Animals. The bible. Animals being ruled by man and whether that was intended. Meat vs. vegetarian. We talked of them traveling from place to place and therefore really having no rules. Very different from the lifestyle there. I said…oh my Gosh….it’s so dangerous there with all the bombs going off….he said nah…no bombs. Used to be. Said it is all hype. Wowza. I’m racking my brain to remember all we talked about. It was fascinating. My brain is not cooperating. Then again…I got some new meds that are pretty strong. I won’t be on them for long thank goodness, cuz they’re very expensive and rare. I spent my peacock feather money. :=)))))) But oh….it’s worth it. It’s even basically designed for me with my pain in mind. Never had that before.

Yes. It’s been a really cool night. I didn’t get home until 11pm!!! Jesse was with me for part of the time but not for the long talk with the dad. They’re coming in the wee hours to hunt…hahaha…Jesse has to wake up real early. They are only allowed to kill coyote or hogs. In the end…since they are wanting food, I told them they could take a deer if and only if they saw no babies nearby. No orphans. He mentioned rabbits, I said sure…love them but hey. In fact, the pups think rabbits and baby rabbits are a horrid enemy!!! Lol. Good grief this medicine is strong. I’m so not used to that. Recently I had to take codeine cough syrup and that was horrendous for me. Just lingered in me forever. This new stuff, I’m hoping and it’s looking good so far, but I’m hoping that it’s pleasant with no harsh downers or side effects. We shall see. OHHHHHH…….an owl swooped in front of my car again! Not too low and I said a thank you to God for me not killing him. Or her.

While they will be hunting….I will be taking Sneezy to the vets. Pray God I don’t run him over like I did Wiz. (rip). Haha…not from me running him over though. Guess I should explain for any newbies. He spent the night at the vets to get fixed and we retrieved him, had him in the rabbit carry bag that I bought but never got a rabbit. Anyways….Jesse was so freaked out that Wiz might be in pain, that I guess he thought carrying him with him to get the gate would cause him less pain than placing him on the seat and me driving. Anyway…he got the gate and swung it open and I drove through but as I am…I see the most horrified face I’ve ever seen. I knew. But do I stop or do I go or do I backup????? Oh hell. IN the end……he somehow…thank you GOD…..God’s name is somehow…sometimes. Anyway….the cat was found in a corner of the bag….unharmed. So…this is the next boy cat to go…lol. OH ya…I’ll be alone so it’ll be on me this time. Night night my friends. Fun night for me…each day is new. 12:59am = 8 Infinity!!!

Well, Sneezy has been worked on and is waiting for me. Few more hours though. They did indeed come to hunt but only saw one coyote. The man wants to teach his boys how to provide for themselves. Had they found something, they would have had to clean it and butcher it. Well, they each fired off a few rounds when they realized they weren’t gonna find anything and Cathys hubby went out there screaming at them….then called me and when I told him they had my permission, he hung up. Boy if that didn’t irk me. Can you imagine? Said they could ricochet and get his horses. Good Grief. Haven’t heard from Cathy yet either.

Gosh, I still have a whole month to wait for the babies. Topknot Angora has begun kidding. Always look forward to that each year. Where I got my pintos. She got one that looks a lot like Wywy this time! Yay. I remember when I sheared him and revealed those dalmation spots everywhere…she was shocked. I kinda felt bad, but he was mine now! Lol. Ok….just got back home. The Sneezy is doing great. Very affectionate. Love that boy. Yay. Hubby is bringing catfish for dinner, yay! Oh…checked Heaven, seems she may be getting a bag. Think I’ll start shearing soon. A months growth won’t interfere with birthing I don’t think. Better safe than sorry. Oh ya…Cathy came over…as the Peacemaker…lol. From what I now understand…it was silly. They were shooting at a stump in a pond…far far from their land. Good grief. Anyways…shoot, they might come back. Hehehe. Not sure whats on tomorrows agenda….maybe shearing, maybe a trip for fiber. Who knows. Maybe nothing! Alrighty then…I’m ready for me some catfish!!! Later chickies! And roo’s too if there are any! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













4 thoughts on “Sneezy lost his manhood…and an irate neighbor

  1. Watt is beautiful, glad he went to live with you. I bet you would let me buy a kid back someday if I needed to. It’s like “goat security”

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