Stepping past a fear…

I don’t know about you all….but for me to step past a fear there must be passion involved. What a strange word passion. Describing both the sexual aspects of the human body and the human body coupling….and also the drive, the fire, the need inside us to Create. To DO.I personally…don’t know about you, but I’ve been stepping outside my box more and more and more….oh wait…I’m no longer in a box as of 2006…but anyways…,my societal constraints. Have you noticed? Shoot, the kid n ewe was a Huge step out. Going to the gallery???? Driving in ice? Driving at night? Tonight, this normally safe in my own home at night lady…..went to after hours at the Ren. Well, in the end, the Patron parties were done by the time we arrived, but it didn’t matter. We visited a Renny and his family. We talked of spiritual things and even my son was impressed. I think he’s starting to get a clue as to the depth of my knowledge. Which in the grand scheme of things…is nothing, nada. But in the personal here and now….wisdom is wisdom. Period. So…..then, we did the thing you do when you’re a teenager or thirtysomething…and sneak between a fence where someone has to hold it open for you to squeeze through. We were hunting for the party. There was none. Well, not at the patrons camping anyway…the party was definitely going on for the Renny’s themselves….you could hear the music, the singing, the raucous laughter, and the smell of a bonfire. My favorite smell I think….next to skunkweed and gardenias, of course. Well….and roses too if you can still find one with a scent. To my knowledge…Mr Lincoln still has a beautiful scent. Hybrid this, hybrid that…they hy brided the smell right outta them flowers. I’m curious. How many of you old folks like me….are comfortable popping a squat and peeing when you need to? Hehe….I can pee just about anywhere. :=))))))

I’m invited to go in the morning to the bizarre bizarre. Can you tell I come alive with this type thing???? Early morning, kicking off to the better parts around 11am! Ha…and I’m thinkin I will! Better not stay up til 4. Hehehehe. I’m just astounded that I have such desire. After hubby decided not to go today, I told him. Would you believe I’m scared of parking…and of not being able to get out of my parking spot to leave? He just looked dumbfounded. I said….ha, no, I just want you to realize what I go through…and how stupid it is. It’s warm so if I get stuck, it’ll be ok and hey…they’ll eventually move so it won’t matter! LOL. In the end…we didn’t park where I though…but in a normal parking area…no fear. AND, in the end…I wasn’t alone…Jesse was there…both times. Ha…we snuck in tonight…it was a fake lock…but when we went to leave…it was a real one. Strange. Hehe. Ya….I’m hyped. Bedtime soon though for this Bonzooooo. 12:57am = 6 = EARTH!!! Hehehheeeeee.

Nope…no bizarre bizarre today…next week. Jesse didn’t have to work so we slept in. I fed nearly everyone before we went to town. As I’m approaching the L to the girls…I hear the baby scream…I see smurf run towards the pole barn and I do the same. It’s quite a distance but I ran the whole way and it’s so unusual, that the girls came and ran with me…as a herd. Got to the barn and the baby was unhurt…but possible stuck. At least in a predicament. He was between some posts that are piled there. Like he went between some. Plucked him outta there and straight to the milk he went. Forgot to tell ya that yesterday he was racing Pirouette to the feed area. Not sure who won. Ha…still haven’t fed everyone….doing it in installments. One pen left, then I will cook dinner early so it’ll be ready for hubby to reheat….and Jess and I will be headed back to the forest. Yay!!! Not sure how to tolerate doing the dinner….something has died in the kitchen and it is unbearable. Can’t find it and trash gets taken out late tonight. Hope the smell is in the trash bag and goes out the door with it. In the morning, I gotta take poor Sneezy. Also gotta make sure he has no food between 9pm and morning. Not an easy thing to do in a house full of animals.

I asked these kids where they’re from. They said everywhere…they have no home base and they travel from Ren to Ren. School? No, they are being Uneducated they said. Smart. One boy was making very intelligent conversation till he said he was gonna wake up and invoke Thoth any night now. I asked him about Thoth and he didn’t know a lot. Interesting. Had only just recently read The Emerald Tablets. Interesting. Hehe. He was talking about a ship under the sphinx. Hmmm. Don’t know about that one. Or maybe I do. I only know that when I went to the Sphinx during a meditation….I went straight down…way way down… his merkaba…but this boy is talking about a big ship. Hehe…I dunno. Still, a 17 year old knows about this stuff!!! I LOVE IT.

Oh ya…one more thing. It confuses me. Twice yesterday, I was mistaken for someone young. First….someone told us to go sit on a bench and have a romantic moment. I said…with his mother???? Then again last night. The reason I don’t understand it is this…………I now have very visible wrinkles on my face. From smoking most likely. But seriously….I don’t look young? How can you mistake these face lines for someone young? Weird, very weird. They even said I would need my ID if I wanted a beer. Go figure. Well….guess I better go feed that last pen then start on dinner. These are exciting times for me. What fun!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













2 thoughts on “Stepping past a fear…

    • Yup. I forgot to post it. For some reason I thought I already had. :))) huggs lady!!! Wishin you were here right this minute! Big green hugs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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