Sherwood Forest…

Am I the only one with an obsession with the intelligence of animals? Get this…. As I’ve told you, Gucci has taken to wanting to go outside. She has spent many an icy night out there lately yet she still darts out when you open the door. If you call her back, she just looks at you. Well….tonight I heard the telltale sound of a cat scratching. When I hear that…I think potty. They love to potty in my room and I now forbid them from the other half of my room. Well, this is where the sound came from and in fact, I’ve heard it before and each time, I jump up and run over there to see who is peeing in my room…but nobody is there. Tonight it happened and I did the same and as I stood there with no kitty visible….it occurred to me it was underground. Gucci…………….knew where in this house I was…from underneath it…..and scratched on the floorboards to tell me she wanted to come in. I went to the door and she came running. WOW. WOW!!! How in the heck did she know where my room was? Hubby was home and running his tv in the room just ahead of me. But she came here. WOW. You see….until recently…..the last decade or so…it never occurred to me. It never occurred that an animal was anything other than almost a remote control thing. Push the button and it does what you want. Now though…I see things differently and I see animals differently. They seem rather equal almost. Rather scary, being a meat eater. That’s one thing I’m angry with my parents and the previous generation for…not telling us kids what we were eating. How in the heck were we to know? Now I’m hooked. Hooked. The word vegetarian turns my belly into a quivering fool. Anyway….my Gucci is one smart kitty! And she’s not even a year old! Night night on Friday night, I know, I’m off till Sunday, but I had to say that. 1:49am = 5 = change.

Yesterday was typical Saturday stuff, not worthy of chat. Today, I was going to the Sherwood Forest. At the last minute, hubby decided he didn’t have cash, he was hungry and I forget the 3rd reason. So…I went alone to pick up the tickets from Jesse. He didn’t want me going alone so he canceled his plans and went with me. Ohhhhh how I love it. Every sight, sound and smell was heaven to me. The little girls with fairy wings, the men and women with wild half naked outfits. The wieners on sticks…the turkey legs with their many many ligaents hanging off……the sounds of the jousting, the music, the wild clothing on the people and in the shops. The lady dressed as a horse…pulling a cart with men in it…stepping high with her tail swinging. The New York style pizza slice for 5 bucks….and I didn’t get a funnel cake…next time! And the best part of all…..the falconry show. The Harris hawk who swooped over our heads many many times….the eagle owl, who wouldn’t come out after his earlier adventure which scared him and he flew all the way to the front gate. The barn owl……….the size of a baby but is European andmuch smaller……who flew…when he wanted to. Beautiful. And the vulture…lol. Not much to look at but they can tolerate nasty stuff like salmonella and digest the food and poo clean poo! And…the falcon. Much smaller than I figured them for. An awesome time and one I intend to experience again. Oh…and Merlin….the owl is too new to use yet but this time…I hooted to him and he hooted back…lol, and ruffled his feathers…so cool. I love raptors. Can ya tell?????

So….they have things each Sunday night kinda like a party for the vendors…might go…..depends on Jesse. Shoot…after 2 hours, he was done so I had to leave. Seems we might go!!!!! :=)))))))) So……… Sochi is doing great…his little white boot on the front foot is now red clay colored. He’s running with the best of em and bouncing!!! Love him. Hauled a bunch of feed bags around. Getting more used to it again. Not so hard on the heart. Excited. Think we’ll go in a few minutes. So…………..hehehe….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!















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