haha…footed jammies

I remember one time blogging about my red cup. My red plastic solo cup. Now, I’m blogging about my blue painters tape. Hehe, I bet they both say that once upon a time I lived in California and everyday, I drove ½ a mile to the chevron and got a 32 oz fountain coke. I would sip it slowly for several hours, then drive back to the chevron, dump it and refill. I was using paper towels and blue tape even back then. I hate water on my hands. Possibly a child sex abuse thing, at least that’s what Primal Therapy said. Anyways…..so I take 2 paper towels and fold em just so then tape it on my cup. Well, now I live in the country. So…I do the same to my solo cups. Here lately though…I haven’t. For the last 2 weeks or so. The funny thing ind the reason for this story is…my brain has found a way to fill in the gap. I now wrap and blue tape my lil ice cream cup each night…hehe, so my fingers don’t get cold. I’m spoiled. And….the blue tape found a way!!!

I got my days mixed up and this morning as I was driving home from taking the boy to work…I remembered Valentines Day from my childhood. I realized that I really really loved that day. Looked forward to it all year long…the passing out of the cards…who would you get a card from….how many cards….oh it was just a blast. Then I wanted to sink into it so I did. I saw the red and white doily cutouts and indeed the red and white doileys too. Candy too but mostly the cards did me in. I am an emotional human. I dunno…maybe I’ll remember it even more clearly in my sleep. I do know it delighted me. I wasn’t easily delighted as a child. So…yay Valentines! Lol. Night nigiht sweet friends! 12:08am = 11 = Master Number.

Well……I blinked and it’s Friday again. That was a mighty fast week. After finally waking for the 2nd time, I went out to holler for Baby Girl, hoping the girls would stay laying in the group as they were…but no….they came running, all but Smurf and Sochi. I went up to them and visited with all the girls and as I was standing up to leave…here comes Baby Girl. She’d been sleeping at the pole barn the whole time. I then went to town to get Valentines gifts. Decided the best gift for hubby, against my usual way…..I got him…………a teddy bear. LOL. He actually likes that kinda stuff and rarely likes what I get him that I think will be useful…so, let’s see how this goes over. I also grabbed a bacon ultimate cheeseburger plain and dry from Jack n Box…and of course my smoothie. Hubby just texted me saying…not to cook. YAY!!! A goodie for dinner! Oh, and I got Jesse a Stanley measuring tape….the good kind….so he won’t be embarrassed with an off brand…hehe,,,that matters to the boy.

Came home and went to feed. Same exact scenario. So, I holler for Smurf and Sochi. NOthin. So I walk over there to wake the baby but baby is awake! Silly girl. So, I approached him and he got up, wala…off to dinner. While she was eating, I wanted to hold him. He knew it. I’d take a step and he’d take a step….lol, till he found himself among strangers and he stopped to look around and snatch and grab!!! He cried. I petted. He cried. I petted. He stopped crying. I petted. Cool beans. Love me some Sochi. Made an appointment for Sneezy for Tuesday….poor boy. $66 for a boy….$108 for a girl and I have 3, so….Sneezy first. (spay/neuter). Thinkin it might be too late for Isa….Previously known as Mona Lisa. I’m thinkin Sneezy figured it out in time cuz she quit hollerin right after they were “playing”…in other words…she could be preggers. Yikes. IF so….the only hope is…a small litter!

Ok…sorry this is so boring on this scrumptious Valentines Day…..but my dinner surprise has arrived. My favorite…Chuy’s!!!!! AND…my gift…was 2 pairs of footed jammies from pajamagram. Hehehe. They’re so cute!!! I gave him his bear and I was right. I got the best reaction than I’ve gotten in years and years!!! Simple is sometimes better! Oh…..and I stopped at the Yarnorama for some silk sliver to finish off tiny owl. She didn’t have any and thought it was an odd thing to be slivered. Got some on EtSY and while there…for $4.50 more, I sprang for some of the prettiest purple mulberry silk sliver. Sliver means very short staple. Very short. Works for me though in some of my paintings. Don’t know that I’d wanna spin with it though. So….2 products, $13 comes to $17 with shipping. Not bad though….2 things, under 20 bucks. I like that.

So. Im now sitting in bed eating my Chuy’s and my chips and queso. Yum….watching a VDay movie. What could be better than that? Ya ya…shhhh. Now…to find a good movie lineup and I’m set. Nice weather so no worries. Happy Valentines m y dear dear friends. If you’re lonely…holler! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with hearts full of love.













4 thoughts on “haha…footed jammies

  1. I love the baby in the rocks, don’t remember seeing the rocks before. I am glad you had a good day. Biggest hugs. Thought about you today when I was looking at my fiber. Let me know if you need some Buffy or whomever!!! Night Owl

    • Night Deer…I will. Ya, the rocks are under the far tree. I’ve taken many a photo there. I love him already of course! Whatcha doin lookin at your fiber? Gonna make something???? Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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