goat play……as Balance

On Avatar, it says… every person is born twice. The second time is when you earn your place among the people….forever. I was born twice. Does this mean I’ve earned my right as a Native of Earth? It’s that word forever that scares me. That word was woven into the tapestry of my spiritual journey so many times that it was its own color. A color with no name. Apparently I was born with a wish to not have things be forever. Forever…reincarnation…immortal. But….that is what they say….over and over with no end. I require an end. Ok……I desire an end. I remember so clearly the feeling that there had been a mistake made….that I wasn’t supposed to have to come back here Again!!!! No! Not again! That’s either a newcomer or a person so weary of being….that they long for a stop. I always felt that I was the latter. The weary one. Oh…and you do know that Avatar is a pun for Earth, right? Of course you do. Just checkin.

I wonder how that baby is doing tonight. My guess is that they didn’t go back to the houses but instead up to the no walls barn. That is fixin to change soon though…it will have walls. Tin ones. I digress. I hope he’s all snuggled up next to his momma and she knows where he is at all times. Most likely that is exactly what is going on because she has been an impressively good new mother. She did everything right….and still is. Even though I just acquired her….I’m very proud of her. And that baby she birthed…..is way too cute….I just wanna scoop him up and squish him to me!

Tonights pain is in the legs instead of the hand. Left leg mostly. It’s pretty dang strong tonight. Give yourself another pain…any other pain…kinda pain. You know…something to distract you from this pain. I don’t feel like it tonight though…too lazy feeling. It’s cold and I’m tired. I plan on going to bed really early tonight. Course, it’s just about midnight so maybe I don’t know what really early is anymore. No painting tonight. Ha…Jesse liked the revisions I made and then suggested another thing to change. Oi ve. We’ll see.

Haha…leave it to me to say this…but if not me…who? So, I’m watching a movie…Jersey Girl and the gal says…I was just gonna give you a mercy jump…..referring to casual sex cuz the guy hadn’t had sex in 7 years since his wife died. Mercy Jump. I wonder how many of you know exactly what we are talking about. I know I do. I’ve done mercy jumps many times. Most of which I do not speak of. Mercy jumps are never good. I really have no idea how the recipient takes it. Does it help? I wonder. Can’t change it now…but I’d have to guess…yeah. Haha…what’d I tell ya…I bring up weird topics occasionally. I’m watching Tinkerbelle, Secret of the Wings…again…maybe there’s a collection I can get. This one is getting old. I love it, but ya…getting old. Well…night night sweet ones…may the fairies visit you! 1:53am = 9 = endings.

Ahhhh, first thing this morning after Jesse woke me…I looked out the window to see if I could tell about the baby. First goat I recognize…it’s far away, is Smurf…and there’s this little black blob next to her. Yay! He survived his first night in the wild!!! LOL…the L. But then again….Cathy heard coyotes from that direction last night. Gonna see if one of the pups will stay in there for the night. Poor Smurf won’t be able to relax but hey….protection is better than relaxation. Oh LOrdie….just saw that the power may be off for a whole week in South Carolina!!! A week! With this cold???? Oh man. Not much accomplished today. Got a late start cuz Jesse left late which throws my whole day off. Anyway…..the little one is doing great! Cute as can be.

We are having a Nice day. It’s in the 60’s and no rain….so whatdya know…it’s nice out! Rare lately. WOW…just saw a live photo of the Capital building in DC. Man is it snowing!!! Glad I’m here for a change! In fact, I’m real glad I haven’t been on the east coast all year! They’ve had it rough. Well………since it’s such a noonday….well, I did laundry and the kitchen…..but thinkin now that the girls have eaten….I’ll go either walk with them or sit with them…whichever one they’re doin. Well….they were walkin but rushed to greet me, so I took em over to the rocky area and I sat down. They surrounded me and most of em laid down. I got to hold the wee one for a minute and teach him what fingernails on the head feels like. Just moments….and more moments…and eventually he will love me! What a nice day…a sit with my girls and my daughter called to serenade me earlier today…two songs!!! Love you Summer Girl. She sings like a little bird…so beautiful.

Cathy was telling me today that maybe I’m outta balance. All goat….then all art…..and I sink when things go wrong. She said I need more play with the goats to counteract the full passion art and that might balance me to where I don’t keep crashing so hard. Makes sense to me. Actually, she said spirit…I said how do I get that extra spirit? She said….you already are with the new baby…and she must be right cuz I also just sat with them. Getting back into the groove. Well hells bells….it’s been winter!!! Who wants to go play and hangout with goats in the bitter cold? Not me! Well….time to peel potatoes. Gots to go folkie olkies!!! Later! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














6 thoughts on “goat play……as Balance

  1. what great pictures, is that Piroette leaning on you? and the cutest baby smiling for the camera, and your daughter, is she there? And is that a pig in the road? I want Heaven, that is her in the picture with the baby behind her and your shadow right?

    • Yes. That’s Heaven. Beauty. Yes that’s a wild hog. Picked Jesse up one night and he crossed the road so we raced him with the car to get a good photo!!!! Dangerous critters. Summer is in California and Flower was the hiding baby. Yes!!!! That is Pirouette leaning in me and nuzzling me!!! Amazing! Such a short time and she trusts me. Smurf still snorts. Lol recap!!!! Hehe

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

    • Ha! I don’t recall saying she was ugly! Just that she’s not a real pretty goat. She reminds me of my older nanny goats, with the straight hair, ye know? Not all goats or humans are beautiful. She seems to have decided I’m ok though! I didn’t put that photo in but she and the baby were neck n neck at feeding!!!! The race! Lol.

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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